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  1. Star Fox Adventures No Void Traveling TAS Route:
  2. Written and Tested by Lobsterzelda
  5. First Krystal Segment:
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 1. Kill ship.
  8. 2. Get gold key, hit Scales cutscene.
  9. 3. Go through KP, get K1, and release K1.
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. TTH Intro Segment:
  14. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. 4. Fly to DP, and pick up Krystal's staff.
  16. 5. Kill the 4 sharpclaw (and do magic gem cutscene skip).
  17. 6. Get the fireblaster and a red mana crystal, and savewarp out.
  18. 7. Grab 10 scarabs and 3 bomb spores, then open the gate to the queen and watch the cutscene.
  19. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. TTH Farming Segment:
  23. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. 8. Grab the fuel cells on the ledge near the arwing, open the gate to CC, grab the 2 fuel cells on the pillar, and grab 3 more bomb spores.
  25. 9. Buy the rock candy from the shop, and savewarp.
  26. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Second Krystal Segment:
  30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. 10. Create a new file, and kill the ship.
  32. 11. Get gold key, trigger Scales cutscene, and savewarp.
  33. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. Upper Ice Mountain Segment:
  37. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. 12. Get red mana crystal, and get 4 fuel cells behind waterfall.
  39. 13. Give warpstone rock candy, and warp to Ice Mountain.
  40. 14. Kill the 2 sharpclaw, and grab a red mana crystal while the cutscene plays.
  41. 15. Do explosive barrel clip, get the camera OOB, grab the 2 fuel cells in the garage, and start the race.
  42. 16. Win the race.
  43. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. Lower Ice Mountain Segment:
  47. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. 17. Grab 2 blue grubtubs, turn the switch, and death warp.
  49. 18. Feed Tricky (x2), grab another blue grubtub, and dig the tunnel.
  50. 19. Grab another blue grubtub, and kill the 3 sharpclaw.
  51. 20. Dig up the first alpine root.
  52. 21. Grab another blue grubtub, and feed Tricky (x3).
  53. 22. Dig up the 2nd alpine root, and while Tricky is digging, grab 2 blue grub tubs.
  54. 23. Dig the first mana upgrade hole, and while Tricky is digging, grab a blue grubtub and a red mana crystal.
  55. 24. Get the first mana upgrade.
  56. 25. Turn in the 2 alpine roots, push the block, and climb up.
  57. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. First Snowhorn Wastes Segment:
  61. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  62. 26. Do DIM early (reach Garunda Te).
  63. 27. Do frostweed event, and shoot tree as Garunda cutscene begins.
  64. 28. Grab 2 blue grubtubs and 1 red mana crystal.
  65. 29. Grab the 2 fuel cells on the edge, and shoot the switch to make another fuel cell spawn.
  66. 30. Grab the fuel cell at the end of the river, and get a health refill (of 1 heart).
  67. 31. Grab the 3 fuel cells on the top of the hill.
  68. 32. Shield hover into the cage by Garunda Te, grab the 2 fuel cells there, and savewarp.
  69. 33. Do BribeClaw skip, take damage of 1/4 heart on the bird in TTH, and enter the arwing.
  70. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. DIM Segment:
  74. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75. 34. Fly to DIM.
  76. 35. Hit the ESW point, and RESW the krystal file to DIM.
  77. 36. Dig the tunnel to the key, kill the 2 sharpclaw, grab the red mana crystal, and grab the key.
  78. 37. Free the snowhorn, get the cog, place it/activate the switch, and go up to the snowhorn being attacked.
  79. 38. Kill the 2 attacking sharpclaw, and feed Tricky (x5) on the same frame that you enter the range of the flame cutscene starting.
  80. 39. Walk back to arwing (if we could skip save trigger by snowhorn and savewarp, that would be faster).
  81. 40. Fly to DP.
  82. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. TTH Item-Collecting Segment:
  86. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. 41. Hit save trigger by shop, dig tunnel to well, and grab the rocket boost upgrade (along with 1 red mana crystal).
  88. 42. Grab the 2 fuel cells by the rocket boost pad, and then deathwarp by jumping off the edge (will respawn in front of shop with 1 heart).
  89. 43. Grab 2 fuel cells by 2nd mana upgrade, and then grab 2nd mana upgrade.
  90. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. K3 Early Segment:
  94. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. 44. Do K3 early trick (avoid taking damage along the way).
  96. 45. Once at K3, grab the red mana crystal at the start (getting 1 yellow crystal later will get us to full mana), and take 2/4 heart of damage at some point while getting K3.
  97. 46. After getting K3, ESW back to DIM, and fly back to DP.
  98. 47. Hit save trigger by exit to CC in TTH, and then deathwarp on the mushrooms to undo the arwing-glitch.
  99. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. Cape Claw 1 Segment:
  103. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. 48. Do CC early glitch - cancel airswim at the end of the CC well.
  105. 49. Hit CC loading zone, go back down to well and hit loading trigger for link map, climb back up ladder to hit save trigger in link map, grab the 3 well fuel cells, and savewarp.
  106. 50. Shoot the switch for the waterfall platform, and grab fuel cell on platform near waterfall in CC. Climb up ramp to get to first gold bar faster (by the queen).
  107. 51. Have Tricky dig for a gold bar, and grab 3 grub tubs while he does that (should be able to get them and get back before he stops digging - with no effort and not rolling, I got within ten frames of making it back on time. Just make sure to move in front of the last blue grub tub, so that it jumps towards Tricky instead of further away. Also, get the grubtubs from left to right when facing them).
  108. 52. Dig for fuel cell, and grab yellow mana crystal while Tricky digs, which will fully refill mana bar. Also, we can make it back before he stops digging.
  109. 53. Have Tricky dig for 2nd gold bar, and grab 2 more blue grubtubs while he does that (the last 2 of the TAS). Also, kill the big sharpclaw with the fire blaster (takes 6-7 shots) while he does that. All of these can be done before he finishes digging.
  110. 54. Tell Tricky to flame the wall, and grab the 2nd gold bar while he does that. When Tricky is done, feed him for the last time in the TAS (x5).
  111. 55. Kill one of the sharpclaws (6-7 shots), and have Tricky dig for the 3rd gold bar and get it (we will fully refill mana later - provided that Fox only kills one sharpclaw here. If he kills two, then IDK if that will work).
  112. 56. Rocket boost to hightop, and have Tricky dig for and grab the 4th gold bar.
  113. 57. Turn in the 4 gold bars, and then climb up the ramp, turn the switch, and beat the gas chamber puzzle.
  114. 58. Unlock CRF.
  115. 59. Save, grab the fuel cell on the ledge by the beach, grab the yellow mana crystal at the CC entrance, and walk back through the well towards TTH.
  116. 60. Grab the 2 fuel cells using the rocket boost in LFV link, go back to TTH, grab the 2 fuel cells behind the gate to CC, and enter orbit.
  117. 61. Fly to CRF
  118. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121. First CRF Segment:
  122. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. 62. Jump down to end of puzzle, and jump back to start,
  124. 63. Complete ring puzzle, and shoot gate open.
  125. 64. Turn the switch to open the gate and lose staff.
  126. 65. Get and put on disguise, get staff back, get power room key, shoot gate open, put on disguise, climb up, hit ESW trigger, and quit without saving (NOTE: After ESWing, we will be in CRF with the amount of health we had in Cape Claw when we saved, which was 1/4 heart).
  127. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  130. Cape Claw 2 Segment:
  131. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  132. 66. Die in the DIM file, double-back to hit the save trigger in CRF, hit the ESW trigger, and savewarp.
  133. 67. Load the CC file and die, then save and quit to get into CC2.
  134. 68. Grab the 2 gas chamber fuel cells, open the disguise door, hit the save checkpoint next to the door, and savewarp.
  135. 69. Hit the ESW trigger in CRF, load up the CC file, die from falling, and save and continue. As a result of all of this, we should have 1 file in CRF with 1/4 heart, and 1 file in CRF which has 1/4 heart and has finished doing CC2.
  136. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. Second CRF Segment:
  140. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  141. 70. Grab a health refill of 1 heart from the crate next to where you spawn, grab the blue mana crystal (full mana refill), activate left-most switch, and get the first power gem.
  142. 71. Push the right-most switch and rocket boost up to get the next power gem.
  143. 72. Push the middle switch, and grab the last power gem.
  144. 73. Open the power room, and place all 3 power gems.
  145. 74. Go up the wind tunnel, put on sharpclaw disguise, activate switch, and grab green power gem while waiting for gate to re-open (I tested, and we can make it back before the door opens enough for us to pass under).
  146. 75. Kill the 5 sharpclaws (needs 20 fire blaster shots total - 4 for each) to open the door.
  147. 76. Put on disguise, pick up barrel and place on spot, and hit switch to activate robot. Then, take off the disguise, grab the yellow mana crystal, and put the disguise back on before grabbing the barrel (you have time to make it there and back before the barrel gets there).
  148. 77. Jump off the platform with the barrel while aiming right, and then hold left. That way, the barrel will blow up the rubble, but Fox won't take damage. Then, walk on the platform until it breaks, and then savewarp.
  149. 78. Put on disguise, throw barrel through wall, do BCR skip, turn switch, put on disguise/pick up barrel and throw it through wall, and enter SS2 boss fight.
  150. 79. Get SS2.
  151. 80. Fly back to DP.
  152. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. TTH Portal Opener+RESW Segment:
  156. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  157. 81. Go to KP, put on disguise, and release K3.
  158. 82. Do egg event (and damage down to 1/2 heart left in the process).
  159. 83. Hit ESW trigger, and Save+quit. Then, die on the CRF file and don't save and don't quit. This will let us have 2 identical files in TTH right after completing the egg event.
  160. 84. Grab the portal upgrade (along with 1 red mana crystal along the way), and then walk back out towards the waterfall (3 seconds faster than savewarping).
  161. 85. Plant the bomb spore near the warpstone, start an airswim, and do queen earthwalker CS skip.
  162. 86. Grab the queen fuel cell, open WC, grab the yellow magic gem in the queen's house (which will give you a full mana bar), and walk back up to the top of the waterfall (1-2 seconds faster than deathwarping or savewarping back up based on testing, I believe...).
  163. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  166. K4 Early Segment:
  167. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. 87. Do K4E to get to SHW.
  169. 88. On the bottom of the ramp up, go past the red-blue dividing point of the blue and red box, then walk back over the red-blue dividing point and move forward again past it. This will hit a trigger to make the platform load correctly up ahead. Then, turn the switch, and get the switch fuel cell (make sure not to accidentally hit Slippy cold water dialog).
  170. 89. use Tricky to flame the wall, and shoot the tree to knock it down.
  171. 90. Grab the 2 fuel cells near the K4 warp portal, and then enter K4.
  172. 91. Shoot the 2 birds (2 fireblaster shots), and collect K4.
  173. 92. ESW back to TTH.
  174. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. GQ Early Segment:
  178. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. 93. Shoot bomb plant.
  180. 94. Do GQE. Grab fuel cell above MMP gate along the way. Make sure to face backwards when hitting save trigger to enable ESW, and to grab the red mana crystal near the GQ upgrade. Save+Quit out to set up the ESW.
  181. 95. ESW back to TTH.
  182. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  185. Unlocking/Reaching DR Segment:
  186. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187. 96. Go to KP, and release K4 (use portal opener).
  188. 97. Grab the 2 fuel cells by the warpstone (last fuel cells of the TAS), and get 1 heart from the crate (note that we saved releasing K4 until after the last ESW, since releasing K4 causes the dinosaur to move back to its original spot and block us).
  189. 98. Unlock DR.
  190. 99. Fly from DP to DP.
  191. 100. Fly to DR.
  192. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195. Dragon Rock Segment:
  196. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. 101. Pick up barrel, place on trigger, and activate switch. Then, do the glitch to get the barrel on to the top ledge, and break the barrier.
  198. 102. Free the earthwalker, and death warp on the flames.
  199. 103. Get on the earthwalker, break the 4 barriers, and get off at the platform in the center of the map.
  200. 104. Destroy the 4 robots (4 robots each require 4 shots to kill - requires 16 shots total).
  201. 105. Shoot the 4 switches to free the hightop, and grab the yellow mana crystal as the cutscene of him breaking free starts (I tested this, and it works - the animation of the magic gem disappearing doesn't play, so it looks like the gem passed through Fox without him collecting it. However, when the cutscene ends, you can see that it added the mana from the yellow crystal to your mana bar, meaning you did in fact pick it up).
  202. 106. Do the High Top section.
  203. 107. Kill the 2 flame dinosaurs to open the door (each takes 8 shots - requires 16 fire blaster shots total).
  204. 108. Grab the yellow mana crystal by the explosive barrel (gives full mana refill), and throw the explosive barrel through the wall.
  205. 109. Climb up, break the debris with the explosive barrel, turn the switch for the cloudrunner, and use Tricky's flame to free the cloudrunner.
  206. 110. Do the cloudrunner section.
  207. 111. Kill Drakor and get SS4.
  208. 112. Fly back to DP.
  209. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  212. Cape Claw 3 Segment:
  213. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. 113. Do CC3 glitch-loading trick.
  215. 114. Hit the loading trigger at the entrance to CC to make Cape Claw's objects and save triggers load.
  216. 115. Cancel your airswim above the krazoa mouth such that you are half in the wall (in the room where the fire gem door is). This loses 1/4 heart of health, although I need to time it and see if losing 1/2 heart is any slower.
  217. 116. Walk around the room to the save trigger (note: we don't need to hit any triggers in the mouth - we can go straight to the save trigger).
  218. 117. Walk back around the room, and fall in the room below in order to grab the fire gem.
  219. 118. Savewarp back out, and zoom to load the OFPT link map.
  220. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  223. First Outer OFPT Segment:
  224. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. 119. Do Indiana Jones skip.
  226. 120. Open the spellstone gate, do the electric puzzle, and take 1 heart damage from the giant sharpclaw (down to 5 + 3/4 hearts left).
  227. 121. Swim to ledge, turn switch, and do the window jump (1/4 heart damage from water enemy, down to 5 + 2/4 hearts left).
  228. 122. Shoot the switch to activate the portal, and warp to inner OFPT.
  229. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. First Inner OFPT Segment:
  233. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. 123. Lower water, put on disguise to activate trigger, open the door, push the block, raise the water, and enter the next room.
  235. 124. Use Tricky to flame to start the puzzle (last Tricky use of TAS). Use 4 fire blaster shots to win puzzle.
  236. 125. Solve block puzzle (takes 6 shots).
  237. 126. Rocket boost up, grab the red crystal next to where you land, shoot the orb to get to the warp portal, and warp to the spellstone chamber.
  238. 127. Place SS2.
  239. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  242. Second Outer OFPT Segment:
  243. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  244. 128. Open the spellstone gate, do the electric puzzle, and take 1 heart damage from the giant sharpclaw (down to 4 + 1/2 heart left).
  245. 129. Swim to ledge, and do window jump (1/4 heart damage from water enemy, down to 4 + 1/4 hearts left).
  246. 130. Warp to inner OFPT.
  247. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  250. Second Inner OFPT Segment:
  251. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  252. 131. Take damage on big sharpclaw (1/4 heart damage down to 4 hearts left).
  253. 132. Push the ice block, turn the switch, and hit the magic gem plant.
  254. 133. Put on the disguise, grab the yellow mana crystal (for a full mana refill), and activate the sharpclaw switch.
  255. 134. Turn the switch to raise the water, go to the next room, and turn the switch to activate the flame puzzle.
  256. 135. Beat the flame puzzle (4 fireblaster shots).
  257. 136. Beat the block puzzle (7 fireblaster shots).
  258. 137. Rocket boost up to the edge.
  259. 138. Shoot the orb to make the platform come out, and warp to the spellstone chamber.
  260. 139. Place SS4.
  261. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  264. Traveling to Walled City Segment:
  265. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  266. 140. Do fire gem clip.
  267. 141. Grab the yellow mana crystal (gives full refill) at the start of CC, and walk back to ThornTail Hollow. Take damage on mushroom on way back (1/4 heart damage - gets us down to 3 + 3/4 heart left - the exact amount we need).
  268. 142. Fly to Walled City.
  269. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. Walled City Segment:
  273. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  274. 143. Do moonstone early glitch. Use portal opener and fire 3 shots and jump for extra distance as the cutscene starts to get the moonstone, and then savewarp back out.
  275. 144. Shield hover to the sunstone ledge for sunstone early.
  276. 145. Use portal opener, fire one shot, hit the plant, fire another shot and collect the yellow mana crystal (our last refill of the TAS), go to the edge of the platform, and then fire the third shot. Jump off the edge as the cutscene starts for more distance. Then, roll through the spot near the exact middle of the flames to avoid taking flame damage, grab the sunstone, and savewarp back out.
  277. 146. Do the airswim glitch to place the sun and moon stones, and savewarp back out.
  278. 147. Do the airswim glitch to skip the king earthwalker cutscene, and enter K5.
  279. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282. K5 Segment:
  283. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  284. 148. Take 1/2 heart of damage on flames in first room of K5 (down to 3 + 1/4 hearts left).
  285. 149. Do K5 flame skip, and shoot the switch (this will do 1 + 1/2 hearts of damage, which will bring us down to 3/4 hearts left).
  286. 150. Take 1/2 heart of damage in next room (can take 1/4 heart of damage instead if needed). This will get us down to 1/4 hearts left.
  287. 151. Do the test, and get K5.
  288. 152. Fly to KP.
  289. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  292. Final Krazoa Palace Segment:
  293. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  294. 153. Release K5, and death warp on the sharpclaw back to the top of KP.
  295. 154. Enter the warp portal, skip the first Scales cutscene, get K6, and release K6.
  296. 155. Kill Andross.
  297. 156. Win.
  298. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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