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  1. Analysis of Occupy Eye's Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oFhFYTz3yeM
  3.  00:01 video begins at Aotea
  4.  00:10 crowd peacefully marching
  5.  00:14 protesters on megaphone leading chants
  6.  00:30 protest signs
  7.  00:40 approach to sky city
  8.  00:55 arrived at sky city
  9.  01:15 professor Jane Kelsey speaking
  10.  01:45 petition boxes stacked together on federal street
  11.  02:20 crowd singing, chanting
  12.  03:10 children present
  13.  03:20 crowd at main entrance of sky city
  14.  03:40 security guards begin pushing crowd. crowd boos
  15.  them.
  16.  04:00 police begin bodily grabbing & throwing protesters
  17.  04:23 security guard pushes protesters. protester raises
  18.  his hands in the air to show he is not a threat. Security guard responds by pushing him again, and again, while protesters chant "shame, shame, shame"
  19.  04:30 large security guard begins bodily tackling protesters
  20.  05:00 security guard (supervisor?) watches the fracas, looking sad and anxious.
  21.  05:18 police officer (or security? hard to tell these days) grabs protester by the throat and pushes him
  22.  06:00 fire in petition boxes started (by cigarette butt)
  23.  We are told that the horn sound is from a bicycle ridden by the girl who was later blamed by the national media and Police as being responsible for the violence.
  24.  06:15 Motorbike Cop tumbles to the ground while struggling with various protesters. Freeze this frame and you will see the bicycle chick grinds to a halt just shy of his position, ostensibly to avoid running into him.
  25.  06:17 the front wheel of the shows the bicycle and rider being pushed over sideways
  26.  06:19 Motorbike cop indiscriminately kicking people, even those who are trying to help him up
  27.  06:27 A protester holds Motorbike Cops hand, allowing him to turn over and then stand
  28.  06:33 A police officer throws a right hook into the face of a protester
  29.  06:52 Motorbike Cop is escorted away by police
  30.  07:55 Many in the crowd march back to Aotea Square.
  31.  08:04 An elderly gentleman on the sidewalk applauds the marchers
  32.  08:30 Marchers are moving freely and peacefully.
  34.  BREAK: "Just minutes after the protesters returned to the park, a large number of police ensued. They began making an arrest."
  36.  08:49 The bicycle girl is being pulled by the hair, the shoulders, the upper arms and then wrists, by several police officers, while she squeals in fright and pain.
  37.  09:00 Her arms are pulled into a position that could easily dislocate her shoulders.
  38.  09:15 A nearby protester raises his hands to show he is not a threat yet at 09:17 is pushed to the ground from behind by another police officer
  39.  09:48 A protester is tightly gripped and pulled away by two officers while saying "don't hurt her, don't hurt her...they're breaking her f***ing arms"
  40.  09:57 Yet another protester has been pushed and pulled so many times that his t-shirt has nearly been torn off him
  41.  10:02 Despite her being already immobilised and unmoving, a police officer twice her size wraps his legs and arms around the girls body, while other officers do God only knows what to her.
  42.  10:10 A protester yells "Don't! She's a female!"
  43.  10:15 The girl is still completely still and unmoving, yet more male officers surround her on all sides.
  44.  10:20 Members of the media are pushed away and prevented from clearly filming what is happening to the girl.
  45.  10:24 Officers begin to make a wall with their bodies, preventing witnesses from seeing what is happening under the crush of police officers.
  46.  10:36 Occupy Eye reports that the girl went limp, possibly from fainting, so police lift her by her handcuffed wrists and drag her across the pavement.
  47.  10:40 Protesters cry "Shame!", "you're f***ing hurting her!" and "get her off the concrete!"
  48.  10:48 Apparently aware they are angering the crowd with their treatment of the girl, an officer picks up her tiny body and carries her across the Square.
  49.  11:00 Police lock arms into an "amoeba formation" surrounding the girl and bizarrely walking in circles across the grass
  50.  11:11 An officer shoves the protester who had already been knocked to the ground earlier. The protesters hands remain at his sides.
  51.  11:14 Despite the protester not retaliating, the police officer again shoves the protester - this time in the throat.
  52.  11:17 Officer turns to the right and shoves another protester.
  53.  11:20-11:40 more protesters bodily shoved by multiple cops.
  54.  11:44 The girl is walked away by a dozen cops & her distinctive appearance (she was wearing a Joker-sidekick costume and had platinum blonde hair) is viewable for the first time.
  55.  11:55 Infuriated by the wanton display of police aggression, the crowd begins to jeer the retreating officers, calling them "Brain Dead" for using dozens of police to arrest one girl.
  56.  12:00-12:10 The crowd becomes so angry that they demand the officers leave the square.
  57.  12:35 A woman on the loudhailer tells the police that they have violated their code of conduct and overstepped their jurisdiction.
  59.  Video ends.
  61.  Aware that they have bitten off more than they can proverbially chew, police stand-down and exit Aotea Square. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya7Ye4uDwpE&feature=player_embedded
  63.  For more info including interviews with eye-witnesses taken immediately following the arrest at Aotea Square please visit http://occupysavvy.com/2012/12/08/d8-tppa-shutdown-protesters-refuse-to-be-ignored/
  65.  The most telling part of the events for me as an eye-witness was after the police stood down and left the Square.
  67.  Within seconds of their departure, the tension completely dissipated from the crowd, and all was again peaceful in Aotea Square.
  69.  Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the Police who were responsible for the agitation of the crowd, not the other way around.
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