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ootr insanity features

dragonbane Nov 26th, 2018 36 Never
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  1. So für OoTR Insanity haben wir jetzt folgendes:
  3. -Tunics/Navi color manipulation, sound/music manipulation (all the cosmetics from the randomizer)
  4. -Swap/disable buttons, inverse control stick (still need to test)
  5. -All NPCs in a map come flying to the player when in range (idk if should use yet)
  6. -All NPCs switch their sizes with a multiplier, can probably randomize it too for a crazy flurry of NPCs changing their sizes constantly
  7. -Spawn enemies to attack the player
  8. -Spawn multiple clone Links (idk if should use yet)
  9. -Spawn a cucco and immediately make it mad which triggers a cucco attack wave
  10. -All possible manipulations with health
  11. -All possible manipulations with magic meter including disabling magic use entirely
  12. -Infinite Carrots on Epona
  13. -Funny cosmetical changes for Epona riding (idk if should use yet)
  14. -Force an immediate void out on the player
  15. -Force an immediate area reload on the player, very punishing in dungeons (idk if should use yet)
  16. -Force a return to the file menu killing all progress from the latest save (probably won't use, too evil)
  17. -Change the age of the player on next loading zone (adult, child)
  18. -Teleport the player, send him flying
  19. -Manipulation of the current movement angle, can be randomized for a short period to wholly confuse the player
  20. -Speed manipulation of Link (e.g. super fast, painfully slow)
  21. -Rupee count manipulation including triggering the function where the player sees his rupees drop one by one
  22. -Alter footstep animation speed (purely visual, can look funny)
  23. -Manipulate item quantities (bombs, arrows, sticks, nuts, seeds, bombchus)
  24. -Manipulate bottle contents
  25. -Manipulate/force the player to wear a certain tunic/shield/boots (e.g. constantly forced to wear hover boots and slide around)
  26. -Hover Boots last infinetly over a void cheat
  28. -Gravity manipulation (completely kill jump momentum or send Link floating with almost 0 g)
  29. -A free Nayru's love after the next loading zone that lasts for 1 minute and doesnt use any magic
  30. -Manipulate Link's size (e.g. tiny link, giant link)
  31. -Alter camera distance (super close in, super far away)
  32. -Corrupted vision (e.g. corrupted/flat vision or strong Fish Eye vision)
  33. -Disable HUD completely and forbid use of the pause menu to equip stuff
  34. -Disable B and/or C buttons entirely or individually
  35. -Crazy fog (most areas turn entirely purple or blue with thick fog)
  36. -Everything suddenly becomes green (probably won't use as too similar to other visual hacks)
  37. -Create a thick dust storm
  38. -Alter the weather to heavy rain and lighting
  39. -Damage Taken Modifier, can range from double damage to one hit kill from whatever enemy
  40. -Freeze the player in place for x seconds
  41. -Force an immediate day transition as if Sun's song was used
  42. -Manipulate the Time of Day to whatever value
  43. -Time of Day Speed Modifier, can completely halt the passing of time or alternatively speed it up so a day transition occurs every 0.5 seconds
  45. Alle diese cheats können dann vermutlich so eingestellt werden das sie nur eine begrenzte Zeit lang aktiv sind oder nur x mal ausgeführt werden.
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