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  2. (12:33:42 PM) TWM|Ai: [10:22:07] * Kitsune-chan sits in the back of her shop trying to decide what to wear.
  3. (12:34:31 PM) Kitsune-chan [] entered the room.
  4. (12:34:46 PM) ***Kitsune-chan picks a costume and heads to the door and waits.
  5. (12:35:12 PM) ***TWM|Ai sits on the nearby bench, looking at Kitsune-chan.
  6. (12:35:18 PM) TWM|Ai: "What kind of costume is it?"
  7. (12:35:52 PM) ***Kitsune-chan is currently in a maid outfit, "Um welcome back!"
  8. (12:36:12 PM) ***TWM|Ai stares at Kitsune-chan.
  9. (12:36:22 PM) ***TWM|Ai aggresively hugs Kitsune-chan!
  10. (12:36:56 PM) ***TWM|Ai disengage, and actually looks at the dress.
  11. (12:37:03 PM) ***Kitsune-chan blush
  12. (12:37:08 PM) TWM|Ai: "...why would you pick this dress, Kitsune-chan?"
  13. (12:38:09 PM) Kitsune-chan: "I was trying to think of a uniform"
  14. (12:38:22 PM) TWM|Ai: "I mean, it is cute and I just want to hug you and... and..." Ai glazes a bit.
  15. (12:38:33 PM) TWM|Ai: "Oh! Uniform! You want to open your shop?"
  16. (12:38:39 PM) Kitsune-chan: "yes"
  17. (12:38:51 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, let's see the wardrobe then!"
  18. (12:39:07 PM) ***TWM|Ai grabs Kitsune-chan's hands and drag her to... wherever the wardrobe is.
  19. (12:40:38 PM) ***Kitsune-chan is dragged back off, presumably since all potential desires were obtainable in shop, the wardrobe is large
  20. (12:42:39 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks at the wardrobe.
  21. (12:42:55 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, then, shopkeeper, shopkeeper... let's see what we can find!"
  22. (12:43:08 PM) ***TWM|Ai began digging in the wardrobe
  23. (12:46:48 PM) ***TWM|Ai brings out something with a little too much frills, and vaguely looks like kimono!
  24. (12:46:54 PM) TWM|Ai: "Let's try this!"
  25. (12:47:05 PM) Kitsune-chan: "alright.."
  26. (12:50:39 PM) ***Kitsune-chan puts on what she suggets then twirls" what do you think Ai-Sempai"
  27. (12:51:59 PM) ***TWM|Ai smiles. "It is very cute, Kitsune-chan. It fits you!"
  28. (12:52:28 PM) TWM|Ai: "Do you want to try another costume?"
  29. (12:56:25 PM) Kitsune-chan: "no I think this works"
  30. (12:57:00 PM) ***TWM|Ai claps.
  31. (12:57:09 PM) TWM|Ai: "Alright! Let's try opening the store!"
  32. (12:57:36 PM) ***TWM|Ai push Kitsune-chan to the front of the store.
  33. (12:58:22 PM) Kitsune-chan: she eeps and heads ot the counter
  34. (1:02:31 PM) TWM|Ai: "Right! So. Uh. Do you know how to open store, Kitsune-chan ?"
  35. (1:03:17 PM) Kitsune-chan: "I plug in the sign that says open?"
  36. (1:03:26 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, let's do that!"
  37. (1:03:40 PM) ***TWM|Ai set the store sign to open.
  38. (1:03:54 PM) TWM|Ai: "What will you do if customer comes?"
  39. (1:04:10 PM) Kitsune-chan:  "Find out what they want and sell them what they deserve"
  40. (1:04:44 PM) ***TWM|Ai claps
  41. (1:04:47 PM) TWM|Ai: "Alright!"
  42. (1:05:17 PM) ***TWM|Ai sit in one corner of the store, humming happy little tune. She can see Kitsune-chan from the front, and the customer at this angle.
  43. (1:07:02 PM) Darkened: No one seems to be coming.
  44. (1:07:10 PM) Darkened: Maybe if there wsa some kind of advertisement...
  45. (1:07:32 PM) ***TWM|Ai humms.
  46. (1:07:45 PM) TWM|Ai: "So... how are you, Kitsune-chan?"
  47. (1:07:47 PM) Kitsune-chan: teary eyed "WOuld you do something for me sempai?"
  48. (1:08:19 PM) ***TWM|Ai twitches.
  49. (1:08:23 PM) TWM|Ai: "Of course, Kitsune-chan !
  50. (1:09:23 PM) ***Kitsune-chan heads to the back and comes back with a leotard, bunny ears and a sign, "could you go out and advertise for me?"
  51. (1:10:04 PM) TWM|Ai: "Of course!" Ai pats Kitsune-chan's head. "Be careful, okay?"
  52. (1:10:09 PM) ***TWM|Ai went out of the store.
  53. (1:10:29 PM) Kitsune-chan: "change first?"
  54. (1:10:30 PM) ***TWM|Ai stands outside the store, pondering.
  55. (1:11:08 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks.
  56. (1:11:32 PM) TWM|Ai: "Alright!" she hesitates for a moment. "...try not to watch?"
  57. (1:11:38 PM) ***TWM|Ai goes to the wardrobe room.
  58. (1:13:37 PM) ***TWM|Ai comes out of the room wearing bunny suit and with a sign.
  59. (1:13:43 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, then. Wish me luck!"
  60. (1:14:15 PM) Kitsune-chan: "Good luck"
  61. (1:15:18 PM) TWM|Ai: Blackout
  62. (1:18:03 PM) ***TWM|Ai is standing in front of stores, wondering what to do.
  63. (1:18:36 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks down at her costume, sighs, and walk to the nearest schools.
  64. (1:19:57 PM) Darkened: (Err, just walking toward a school, no trying to advertise or holding up the sign or the like?)
  65. (1:20:39 PM) ***TWM|Ai walks to the school, still in costume, still holding-up the sign, but she doesn't do anything else until she'd arrived at the school
  66. (1:21:03 PM) Darkened: She gets many odd looks!
  67. (1:21:11 PM) Darkened: But not that odd because it is the city and that kind of thing can happen.
  68. (1:53:34 PM) Kitsune-chan: (The little SHop)
  69. (1:58:02 PM) Darkened: (hmm?)
  70. (1:58:35 PM) Kitsune-chan: (She asked name)
  71. (2:11:24 PM) ***TWM|Ai hold up the sign, takes a deep breath, then says, "The Little Shop is open for business! We are selling everything! Everything you wanted!"
  72. (2:20:16 PM) ***TWM|Ai walks in front of the gate, still holding-up the sign
  73. (2:26:59 PM) Mishie|Johnny left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
  74. (2:28:00 PM) Mishie|Johnny [] entered the room.
  75. (3:31:18 PM) Darkened: Ai has no trouble of attracting, oddly, predominantly female attention toward her sign and presumably teh store.
  76. (3:33:22 PM) ***TWM|Ai guies the crowd to the store!
  77. (3:34:52 PM) TWM|Ai: *guides
  78. (3:40:56 PM) Darkened: Kitsune finds a hoard of female fangirls in her store.
  79. (3:42:34 PM) Kitsune-chan: "Welcome just ask for what you deserve"
  80. (3:42:34 PM) ***TWM|Ai sighs, sit on one of the bench at the store.
  81. (3:43:06 PM) ***TWM|Ai pokes Kitsune-chan.
  82. (3:43:12 PM) TWM|Ai: "Not what they want?"
  83. (3:46:33 PM) Kitsune-chan: "Clearly they desrve only the best"
  84. (3:47:00 PM) ***TWM|Ai sagely nods, and decided to play with Kitsune-chan's hair.
  85. (3:47:46 PM) Kitsune-chan: "eep"
  86. (3:48:10 PM) ***TWM|Ai humms
  87. (3:50:38 PM) Kitsune-chan: "what are you doing?"
  88. (3:51:05 PM) Darkened: Most seem to be watching the interplay rather than actually shopping.
  89. (3:51:20 PM) TWM|Ai: "Playing with your hair?"
  90. (3:51:25 PM) ***TWM|Ai begans braiding it
  91. (3:52:43 PM) ***TWM|Ai sighs, and reluctantly stops.
  92. (3:52:51 PM) TWM|Ai: "Well, good luck Kitsune-chan!"
  93. (3:53:17 PM) ***TWM|Ai enters the throng of fangirls, trying to convince them to buy the goods.
  94. (3:55:03 PM) Darkened: One rather plucky girl in thick glasses walks toward the counter.
  95. (3:55:09 PM) Darkened: "So, everything's for sale?"
  96. (3:58:09 PM) Kitsune-chan: "What is for sale depends on what you can afford"
  97. (3:58:39 PM) Darkened: "So... anything's for sale if I have enough money?"
  98. (4:00:26 PM) ***TWM|Ai quietly went out of the store.
  99. (4:01:13 PM) Darkened: "Then how much to pet your ears?"
  100. (4:01:38 PM) ***TWM|Ai ponders looking for more customers.
  101. (4:02:03 PM) ***TWM|Ai decided to get back inside, and maybe changing to matching outfit with Kitsune-chan ?
  102. (4:03:12 PM) Kitsune-chan: "My ears or any ears?"
  103. (4:03:50 PM) Darkened: "Yours"
  104. (4:03:58 PM) Darkened: "Most aren't fuzzy."
  105. (4:04:16 PM) Kitsune-chan: "How many times?"
  106. (4:04:30 PM) Darkened: "Is there a bulk discount?"
  107. (4:05:21 PM) Kitsune-chan: "So you'd want infinite access to fuzzy ears and a tail?"
  108. (4:05:35 PM) Darkened: She backs away.
  109. (4:05:48 PM) ***TWM|Ai pats Kitsune-chan
  110. (4:05:58 PM) TWM|Ai: "Don't scare customer~"
  111. (4:06:14 PM) Darkened: "That's not what I asked for."
  112. (4:07:24 PM) Kitsune-chan: "I am helping clarify what you desire"
  113. (4:07:59 PM) Darkened: "Petting your ears."
  114. (4:08:03 PM) Darkened: "Not having any."
  115. (4:08:11 PM) Darkened: "Err, not having any furry ones."
  116. (4:08:31 PM) ***TWM|Ai mouth to the girl. "Just once, not many times."
  117. (4:08:38 PM) TWM|Ai: *mouthed
  118. (4:08:44 PM) Darkened: "J-just once?"
  119. (4:09:31 PM) ***TWM|Ai mouthed another word. "Safer."
  120. (4:13:36 PM) Kitsune-chan: "If you are sure"
  121. (4:17:24 PM) Darkened: "Yes!"
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