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  1. chpwn apps
  3.    Infiniapps
  5. Infinidock — Apps you love belong in your dock, but what if you use more than four? Infinidock lets you scroll your dock and add as many as you want.
  7. Infiniboard — Why lock yourself to one dimension? Infiniboard gives you two dimensions, allowing icons to be placed vertically, as well as horizontally.
  9. Infinifolders — Folders are a useful addition, but 12 icons isn't enough for anyone. Infinifolders makes your folders as big as you want them.
  11. Infinidock » Infiniboard » Infinifolders »
  13.  VoiceActivator
  15. VoiceActivator is the only way to customize the iOS Voice Control feature, and add new voice commands to make Voice Control become exactly what you need it to be. Just type in a new command and setup an action, and it's completely ready to use in the native Voice Control panel, no voice recording or quiet rooms required.
  17. Full integration is provided with Activator for launching apps or activating extensions. Or, it can be set to open a website or even have the device speak to you.
  19. Cydia Store »
  21.  ProSwitcher
  23. ProSwitcher was the first user-friendly multitasking implementation for iOS, created by myself and Ryan Petrich. It became extremely popular, with over a million installations, before it was replaced by the official implementation in iOS 4.
  25. ProSwitcher is designed around HP/Palm webOS multitasking "cards", an easy to use model for mobile multitasking, but it's also extremely configurable, with settings available for almost anything you could want to change.
  27. Cydia » Source Code »
  29.  Gridlock
  31. The iOS home screen is just page after page of the same icon grid. Rather than having your icons shift up and to the left, Gridlock puts you in control. You can drag your icons and put them anywhere you want. Find your apps faster, make each page easy to distinguish, or just setup complex themes without the mess of "blank icons".
  33. Cydia Store »
  35.  Covert
  37. Private browsing features have spread like wildfire accross the desktop browsers. But what about the mobile space? There are many "Private Browsing" applications in the App Store, but Covert takes them to the next level. It adds the feature to Mobile Safari itself, taking inspiration from Chrome for design. Covert is the best way to manage your privacy on the go.
  39. Cydia » Source Code »
  41.  Paste
  43. Paste is a simple, open source (BSD-licensed), client for pastie.org. When you open up Paste, your clipboard is ready to paste to pastie, or you can clear it and type something else. When you press submit, your paste will be submitted, and then contents of your clipboard will be replaced with the Pastie URL of your paste.
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  46. IconSupport
  48. IconSupport is a library for developers that create tweaks that modify SpringBoard's icons. With IconSupport, you can feel safe installing the tweaks that you want. Your layouts are preserved when managing extensions and after Safe Mode. It also disables the iTunes icon arranging feature, as that cannot handle the additional icons (and often crashes when presented with extras).
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  51. MobileVolumeSound
  53. A very popular feature of Mac OS X is the sound it makes when you press the volume up or down buttons. For an unkown reason, this noise is not present in iOS. MobileVolumeSound adds this feature back to iOS. It full supports all versions of iOS from 3.0 on, and hasn't needed an update since the initial release.
  55. Cydia » Source Code (Soon)
  56. Five Icon Switcher
  58. While I like Apple's task switcher, it does have some shortcomings. Particularly, it doesn't show enough apps at a time. Five Icon Switcher fixes that, by letting you set however many apps you want to show up on each page of the switcher, anything from one to ten. Settings are available in the Settings appliction on the device.
  60. Cydia » Source Code »
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