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  1. === Reasoning ===
  2. racheldancing.jpg| Rachel dancing alone at the old mill.
  3. - Too obscured
  4. 195878.png|Rachel distracting [[Chloe Price (Prequel)|Chloe Price]]'s attackers at the [[Old Mill|old mill]].
  5. - Purpose served by "Rachel regarding Chloe at the old mill."
  6. rachelchloepunk.jpg|Rachel helping Chloe escape her attackers at the old mill.
  7. - Dark lighting
  8. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC3_01.png|Rachel waiting for Chloe to join her on the [[Train|train]].
  9. - Awkward angle
  10. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC3_02.png|Rachel sitting with Chloe on the train.
  11. - Too far away
  12. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC3_04.png|Rachel playing [[Two Truths and a Lie]] with Chloe.
  13. - Too far away
  14. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC4_01.png|Rachel resting her arm on a viewfinder at [[Overlook Park]].
  15. - Low contrast, shot mostly obscured by Chloe
  16. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC4_04.png|Rachel planning to steal a bottle of wine from a [[Picnic Couple|picnicking couple]].
  17. - Weird angle, bland background
  18. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC4_05.png|Rachel pretending to collapse in front of the couple.
  19. - Weird expression
  20. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_02.png|Rachel looking over the [[American Rust Junkyard (Prequel)|junkyard]].
  21. - Only junkyard photo without much expression
  22. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_04.png|Rachel looking over at Chloe, annoyed.
  23. - Shot mostly obscured by Chloe
  24. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_05.png|Rachel threatening to leave Chloe at the junkyard.
  25. - Purpose served by "Rachel asking Chloe what she thinks their relationship is."
  26. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC6_01.png|Rachel staring at Chloe in her second dream.
  27. - Weird angle, similar to other dream photos
  28. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC6_02.png|Rachel touching William's car window.
  29. - Weird angle, similar to other dream photos
  30. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_01.png|Rachel expressing gratitude towards Chloe for coming.
  31. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_02.png|Rachel telling Chloe about her father, [[James Amber]].
  32. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_03.png|Rachel recounting Chloe's actions throughout the day.
  33. - Dark lighting
  34. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_05.png|Rachel staring at the burning trash can.
  35. - Similar to Rachel screaming photo
  36. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC1_02.png|Rachel taking the blame for skipping school with Chloe.
  37. - Similar to "Rachel sitting in Principal Wells' office."
  38. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_02.png|Rachel speaking with Chloe in the truck.
  39. - Similar to other truck photos
  40. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_03.png|Rachel giving Chloe "therapy".
  41. - Similar to other truck photos
  42. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC3_01.png|Rachel thanking Victoria for the tea.
  43. - Similar to "Rachel leading Chloe out of the changing tent."
  44. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_02.png|Rachel telling Chloe that she wants to leave town.
  45. - Similar to to other neighborhood photos
  46. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_03.png|Rachel asking Chloe why she wants to stay.
  47. - Similar to to other neighborhood photos
  48. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_04.png|Rachel painting a scene of her and Chloe living somewhere else.
  49. - Similar to to other neighborhood photos
  50. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_01.png|Rachel being caught by her father while sneaking into [[Amber Household|her house]].
  51. - Similar to to other Amber Household photos
  52. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_03.png|Rachel telling Chloe to behave at dinner.
  53. - Similar to to other Amber Household photos
  54. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_04.png|Rachel confronting his dad for cheating on her mother, [[Rose Amber]].
  55. - Similar to to other Amber Household photos
  56. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_01.png|Rachel looking for Chloe in the junkyard.
  57. - Bland shot compared to other junkyard photos
  58. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_06.png|Rachel being threatened by [[Damon Merrick]].
  59. - Similar to "Rachel confronting Damon Merrick."
  60. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_07.png|Rachel searching for a weapon.
  61. - Similar to "Rachel confronting Damon Merrick."
  62. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC4_02.png|Rachel asking Chloe to find Sera in her hospital room.
  63. - Purpose served by "Rachel watching Chloe leave."
  65. === Code ===
  66. The following images are of the character [[Rachel Amber (Prequel)|Rachel Amber]] from ''[[Life is Strange: Before the Storm]]''.
  68. == Episode One - "[[Awake]]" ==
  69. <gallery widths="200" position="center" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true">
  70. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC1_01.png|Rachel regarding Chloe at the old mill.
  71. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC1_02.png|Rachel blowing a kiss towards the attackers.
  72. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC1_03.png|Rachel dancing with Chloe.
  73. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC2_02.png|Rachel with Chloe in the [[Drama Lab|drama lab]].
  74. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC2_05.png|Rachel brushing her hair back in the dressing room.
  75. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC2_06.png|Rachel applying makeup to Chloe's bruise (determinant).
  76. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC3_03.png|Rachel explaining her motives to Chloe on the train.
  77. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC3_05.png|Rachel smiling towards Chloe on the train.
  78. Chloeandrachel.jpg|Rachel sitting with Chloe on the train.
  79. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC4_02.png|Rachel smiling towards Chloe at [[Overlook Park]].
  80. Life is strange before the storm-3.png|Rachel and Chloe looking through the viewfinder.
  81. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC4_06.png|Rachel handing Chloe a stolen wine bottle.
  82. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_01.png|Rachel dejectedly holding the wine bottle on the [[Train Tracks|train tracks]].
  83. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_03.png|Rachel resting her head on her hand at the junkyard.
  84. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC5_06.png|Rachel asking Chloe what she thinks their relationship is.
  85. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC6_03.png|Rachel bursting into flames in Chloe's second dream.
  86. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_04.png|Rachel lighting the photo of her and her father, [[James Amber]], on fire.
  87. Rachel_Amber_BtSE1_SC7_06.png|Rachel screaming at the burning tree.
  88. </gallery>
  90. == Episode Two - "[[Brave New World]]" ==
  91. <gallery widths="200" position="center" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true">
  92. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC1_01.png|Rachel sitting in [[Principal Wells' Office (Prequel)|Principal Wells' office]].
  93. Rachel Amber BtSE2 SC1 02.png|Rachel taking the blame for skipping school with Chloe.
  94. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC1_03.png|Rachel telling Chloe to meet her at the junkyard.
  95. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_01.png|Rachel meeting Chloe at her [[Chloe's Truck (Prequel)|truck]] in the junkyard.
  96. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_04.png|Rachel teasing Chloe about her stepfather, [[David Madsen (Prequel)|David Madsen]].
  97. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_05.png|Rachel resting her head against Chloe's shoulder.
  98. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC2_06.png|Rachel raising finger guns towards Chloe.
  99. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC3_02.png|Rachel leading Chloe out of the changing tent.
  100. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC3_03.png|Rachel asking Chloe to perform in [[The Tempest]].
  101. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC4_01.png|Rachel performing as Prospera in The Tempest.
  102. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC4_02.png|Rachel breaking script to ask Chloe to stay with her on-stage.
  103. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC4_03.png|Rachel applauding for the audience.
  104. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_01.png|Rachel walking with Chloe in her [[Neighborhood|neighborhood]].
  105. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_05.png|Rachel asking Chloe what it would take to convince her.
  106. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC5_06.png|Rachel after Chloe brushes the ash from her hair (determinant).
  107. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_02.png|Rachel "inviting" Chloe for dinner at the [[Amber Household|Ambers' house]].
  108. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_05.png|Rachel staring angrily at the dinner table.
  109. Rachel_Amber_BtSE2_SC6_06.png|Rachel pleading her father to be honest with her.
  110. </gallery>
  112. == Episode Three - "[[Hell Is Empty]]" ==
  113. <gallery widths="200" position="center" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true">
  114. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC1_01.png|Rachel listening to her father speak.
  115. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC1_02.png|Rachel preparing to learn the story behind her birth mother, [[Sera Gearhardt]].
  116. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC1_03.png|Rachel asking her father about Sera.
  117. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC2_02.png|Rachel looking up at her night light's projected stars.
  118. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC2_03.png|Rachel looking over at Chloe on her bed.
  119. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_02.png|Rachel admiring Chloe's newly-dyed hair.
  120. Rachel Amber BtSE3 SC3 04.png|Rachel asking Chloe about her truck.
  121. Rachel Amber BtSE3 SC3 05.png|Rachel confronting [[Damon Merrick]].
  122. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_08.png|Rachel being stabbed by Damon.
  123. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC3_09.png|Rachel bleeding out onto Chloe's car.
  124. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC4_01.png|Rachel being carried by Chloe into the [[Hospital (Prequel)|hospital]].
  125. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC4_03.png|Rachel watching Chloe leave.
  126. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_01.png|Rachel asking Chloe how her search for Sera went.
  127. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_02.png|Rachel staring angrily at her father (determinant).
  128. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_03.png|Rachel smiling at Chloe at the dinner table (determinant).
  129. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_04.png|Rachel waving to [[Raymond Wells (Prequel)|Principal Wells]] outside [[Blackwell Academy]].
  130. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_05.png|Rachel sitting with Chloe by the [[Lighthouse|lighthouse]].
  131. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_06.png|Rachel looking up from her book, ''{{Wiki|Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?}}''
  132. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_07.png|Rachel after writing her name in the [[Hideout (Prequel)|hideout]].
  133. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_08.png|Rachel being given her dragon tattoo by Chloe.
  134. Rachel_Amber_BtSE3_SC5_09.png|Rachel and Chloe in a photo booth.
  135. </gallery>
  137. == Photos ==
  138. <gallery widths="200" position="center" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true">
  139. E1 s10 rachelphoto.tex.png|A 10-year-old Rachel with her father.
  140. Rachel_Amber_&_Nathan_Prescott_Photo.png|Rachel hanging out with [[Nathan Prescott (Prequel)|Nathan Prescott]].
  141. Rachel,_James,_&_Rose_Amber_-_Family_Photo.png|Rachel, James, and [[Rose Amber]] posing for a family picture.
  142. Rachel,_James,_&_Rose_Amber_-_Paris_Vacation_Photo.png|Rachel, James, and Rose on vacation in Paris.
  143. </gallery>
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