SRWZ3 mission 60 (pre-mission)

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  1. SIMON: (It's pitch-black... Almost like I'm back underground... Weren't we fighting the Anti-Spiral...?)
  2. KAMINA: "Oi, Simon! Wake up!"
  3. SIMON: "!"
  5. (Dark Continent exterior)
  7. SIMON (now as he was pre-timeskip): "This is..."
  8. KAMINA (in a hawaiian shirt): "What the heck are you doing, Simon?"
  9. SIMON: "Bro.."
  10. KAMINA: "Remember what I said when we were heading outta Jiha Village?  Was I right, or was I right?  Got nothing against those Beastmen, but these guys have lots of valuable stuff hidden and it's ours for the taking!"
  11. SIMON: "Lots of valuable stuff...?"
  12. KAMINA: "You open up this vault with your drill, and I'll take the goods!  Go for it, Li'l Bro!"
  13. SIMON: "Big Bro..."
  14. KAMINA: "Alright, let's go! This time we're really gonna make a killing!"
  15. SIMON: "I am..."
  17. (fade out back to reality, to the Anti-Spiral's territory)
  19. NIA: "..."
  20. ANTI-SPIRAL: "It is futile to expect the Men of the Spiral to come."
  21. NIA: "... ... ..."
  22. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Your saviors have been imprisoned in a labyrinth of parallel universes.  The multiverse... Within the branches of possible reality, they have all been trapped in a dream from which they cannot awaken.  It could be any possibility.  In all, they could be in their personal paradise, or within a nightmare.  As long as one has the intellect to recognize probability, they are completely unable to slip out of the labyrinth.  There is no way to activate their inner Spiral Energy."
  23. NIA: "I won't stop believing... In Simon, in everyone... That they will build a brand new tomorrow..."
  24. ANTI-SPIRAL: "...It seems as if our attempts to battle the Spiral Lifeforms are unproductive... No matter how much they experience this absolute despair, another fool in another fragment of this universe tries to stand up to us.  But they will eventually embrace our ways. Irregular lifeform... If you can analyze the factor of resistance within you, then you know that it is possible that the Spiral Lifeforms will suffer total extinction.  Only with the elimination of their interference can true tranquility be brought to the universe."
  25. NIA: "Uuugh... Urk...!!"
  26. ANTI-SPIRAL: "I shall inspect your data..."
  27. NIA: "Simon...! Everyone!"
  29. (A classroom)
  31. MRS. MIEKO: "Yes, Takeo-kun.  This time, I'll just give you a perfect score on this test."
  32. WATTA: "Huh...?  You'll give me..."
  33. MIEKO: "Even if you only fill out your name, that's OK, because you're the honorable heir of the World's Jack-Of-All-Trades Corporation, the Takeo General Company."
  34. WATTA: "U, uh..."
  35. MIEKO: "So from now on, don't worry about taking any tests.  Oh, and that's not all...  From graduating, to finding a job, to everything, your dear father will do anything to help you.
  36. WATTA: "My dad's...?!"
  37. MIEKO: "What's wrong, Takeo-kun? Why are you speaking so improperly...?"
  38. WATTA: "Daddy...  Dad...  Father dearest...  I'm just the elementary school age child of the CEO..."
  40. (A narrow Japanese street)
  42. MACKIE: "Look, Shoutarou-kun!  That teenager... he's tormenting that poor kitten!"
  43. SHOUTAROU: "Y, yeah..."
  44. MACKIE: "But, I guess there's nothing we can do to stop a middle-schooler..."
  45. SHOUTAROU: "Yeah..."
  46. MACKIE: "Come on, let's go.  If we keep staring, those guys will come after us."
  47. SHOUTAROU: "But..."
  48. PROFESSOR SHIKISHIMA: "It's all right, Shoutarou-kun.  You don't have to fight anymore, because you're just a normal elementary school student now."
  49. MACKIE: "That's right, Shoutarou-kun.  Let's go play a game of tennis!"
  50. SHOUTAROU: "Y, yeah...  That's right.  If I'm just a kid, I don't have to have that strength..."
  52. (A battling stadium)
  54. CHIRICO: "!"
  55. FYANA: "What's wrong, Chirico?  The fight's about to start."
  56. CHIRICO: "The fight..."
  57. FYANA: "The AT Battle!  Go out there and win for me, Chirico."
  58. CHIRICO: "Fyana..."
  60. (An office aboard the Frontier)
  62. YASABUROU: "Just as I expected, Alto.  We were right to rely on you as Musashi-Ya's main attraction."
  63. ALTO: "Yes..."
  64. YASABUROU: "This is the Saotome Family's way.  You were born in the house of kabuki, and your destiny is to walk the path of kabuki and become the greatest."
  65. ALTO: (My dance... My wings...  This is where I belong.)
  66. YASABUROU: "And after that, Alto, Master Ranzou has arranged a marriage for you, so there's nothing left for you to worry about.  Now, Alto.  For the sake of the Saotome Family, go out there and tell our story."
  67. ALTO: "Understood..."
  69. (Kurogane House)
  71. TSUBASA: "Welcome home, Kouji."
  72. KOUJI: "Mom..."
  73. TSUBASA: "Your grandpa and Shiro are in the wash room.  You should clean up, too, you've built up a sweat."
  74. KOUJI: "Uh... yeah..."
  75. TSUBASA: "What's wrong?  You're acting funny.  You look like you've never seen me before."
  76. KOUJI: "This is... my home..."
  77. TSUBASA: "When your father comes home, I'll make some dinner.  Today's going to be a feast!"
  78. KOUJI: "Alright..."
  80. (Ashford Academy courtyard)
  82. NUNNALY: "What are you planning on doing after graduation, big brother?"
  83. LELOUCH: "Nunnaly..."
  84. NUNNALY: "You have the looks and smarts, so whatever you do, I think you'll be fine.  And don't worry about me.  As long as Suzaku is around, I'll be fine too somehow."
  85. LELOUCH: "Y, yeah..."
  86. NUNNALY: "You need to enjoy life more.  You're free to do as you please, big brother."
  87. LELOUCH: "I'm free?  I see..."
  89. (Jindai High entrance)
  91. KANAME: "Mornin', Sosuke!"
  92. TESSA: "Good morning, Sagara-kun."
  93. SOUSUKE: "Chidori... and Miss Captain too..."
  94. KANAME: "Huh, usually you just call me 'Kaname'..."
  95. TESSA: "What do you mean by Miss Captain?"
  96. KANAME: "Hold it right there, Tessa!  I'm not letting you get THAT close to my Sosuke!"
  97. TESSA: "Huh?  Sagara-kun is mine.  A tomboy like you just isn't his type."
  98. SOUSUKE: "... ... ..."
  99. TESSA: "What's wrong, Sosuke? C'mon, we're going to be late."
  100. SOUSUKE: "Right...  Let's go, Kaname."
  102. (A clear sky)
  104. KASUMI: "What's wrong, Noriko?  Are you giving up already?"
  105. NORIKO: "Big sister...!"
  106. KASUMI: "*giggle* Looks like you've still got some guts left.  Alright, let's go for another 20 laps.  Is that okay?"
  107. NORIKO: "Y, yes!!"
  108. KASUMI: "I have to say, you have a lot of extra energy today."
  109. NORIKO: "Because... Because I have you here with me, big sister!"
  111. (Neo Tokyo-3 streets)
  113. ASUKA: "Morning, Shinji-kun."
  114. SHINJI: "Asuka..."
  115. ASUKA: "Ah... that's the first time you've called me that..."
  116. REI: "*giggle* The two of you are going to be close friends after this morning."
  117. ASUKA: "No way, Ayanami!  This doesn't change a thing."
  118. SHINJI, blushing: "... ... ..."
  119. REI: "What's wrong, Shinji?  Your face is all red."
  120. SHINJI: "Ayanami..."
  121. REI: "Usually you just call me 'Rei-san'..."
  122. SHINJI: "Asuka... Rei-san..."
  124. (Outer space - music changes)
  126. ORSON: "Stop, Kei.  If you repair the dimensional fault, you'll never meet Mimsy."
  127. KEI: "Orson...!"
  128. ORSON: "I've chosen to live together with Athena.  Because of that, the world as it is now is fine!  You understand what it means to be a Singularity Point, right?  We should just live as we please instead."
  129. KEI: "I'm... I'm... ... ..."
  131. (Crusher Team HQ)
  133. MARG: "This is is the cornerstone of Earth's defense...  The base of the Crusher Team."
  134. MARS (TAKERU): "Marg..."
  135. MARG: "Go, Mars.  You must slip through their defenses and infiltrate their ranks."
  136. MARS: "Huh...?"
  137. MARG: "What's the matter, Mars?  As loyal soldiers of Emperor Zuul, we must carry out our mission.  Emperor Zuul is the one true justice.  Never forget that."
  138. MARS: "Emperor Zuul is... justice..."
  140. (fade out to an unknown area--Kamille's own mind?)
  142. KAMILLE: "Paptimus Scirocco!"
  143. SCIROCCO: "I shall take your soul with me...!  Kamille Bidan!"
  144. KAMILLE: "U.... Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!"
  146. (Axis' descent)
  148. CHAR: "... However, it takes a warm-hearted human to bring such destruction to the Earth!"
  149. AMURO: "!"
  150. CHAR: "You must understand this, Amuro!"
  151. AMURO: "I do!  And it's because of this that we have to show the world the light within humanity's heart!"
  152. CHAR: "Hmph...  As if a person who treated Quess so coldly can do that!"
  153. AMURO: "I am not a machine!  I can't just take the place of Quess's father!  And you...  You made Quess into a machine of your own, bastard!"
  154. CHAR: "That's right...!  It's because Quess was searching for someone to be her father!  But I felt that role to be bothersome.  It's because of that that I made Quess into my own machine."
  155. AMURO: "How could someone of your calibre be so petty!"
  156. CHAR: "Lalah Sune could have been a mother to me!  Why should I heed the words of the man who murdered her!?"
  157. AMURO: "You wanted Lalah to be your MOTHER...?!  Aaah!"
  159. (A ruined city)
  161. HEERO: "Target confirmed.  My attack objective is... Relena Peacecraft."
  163. (Shoreside)
  165. KIRA, SEED MODE: "The world is shedding its tears!"
  166. SHINN, SEED MODE: "What the hell ARE you!!!"
  168. (Upper Earth orbit, Anno Domini)
  170. SETSUNA: "... ... ... This war will never end...  Our battle... was completely meaningless...  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"
  172. (Industrial Seven)
  174. MINEVA: "Banagher Links... I don't need you."
  175. BANAGHER: "Audrey!"
  176. MINEVA: "My name is Mineva Zabi.  You are just another person from a different world than me."
  177. BANAGHER: "Please wait, Audrey!!"
  179. (A prison cell)
  181. RYOUMA: "... ... ..."
  182. RYOUMA: (What am I doing...?)
  183. HAYATO: "I've found you, Ryouma."
  184. BENKEI: "You deserve some bit of mercy...  So we'll be the ones to finish you off."
  185. RYOUMA: "Hayato, Benkei!  What are you doing?!"
  186. HAYATO: "Ryouma...  Your mere existence is a threat to humanity."
  187. BENKEI: "If it wasn't for you, the whole human race would still be living in tranquility!"
  188. RYOUMA: "The hell!?"
  189. HAYATO: "For being the man who unleashed the Getter Radiation, you must die!"
  191. (something from Aquarion EVOL.  I didn't watch it)
  193. KAGURA: "Die, Amataaaaaaaaaaaa!!"
  194. AMATA: "Kagura!?"
  195. KAGURA: "I'm the only reincarnation of Apollon needed here!  Just disappear!!"
  196. AMATA: "Ugh!!"
  197. KAGURA: "Go away!  Disappear!  Get outta my sight!!"
  198. AMATA: "U... U... Uwaaaaaaa!!"
  200. (Pitch darkness)
  202. AOI (AS A CHILD): "It's pitch black...  There's nobody here...  I'm always alone..."
  204. (the sky)
  206. BASARA (AS A CHILD.  OR MAYBE PRETENDING TO BE GOKU FROM DRAGONBALL Z): "Alright, mountain!  This time I'm going to make you move!  Listen to my song!!"
  207. BASARA (AS ABOVE): "... ... ... Listen.... LISTEN TO MY SONG!  PLEASE, LISTEN!!!! LISTEN TO MEEEE!!!"
  209. (21st Century Defense Security Service Company offices)
  211. AOYAMA: "Akagi... Did you hit your quota this time?"
  212. AKAGI: "My quota...?  What do you mean, Aoyama?"
  213. AOYAMA: "Think about your position in this company.  We started in the same department, and now I'm your supervisor."
  214. AKAGI: "You're my... supervisor!?
  215. AOYAMA: "...Why, you...  I know you haven't read that employee list in your briefcase for seemingly 10,000 years, but for God's sake!  I'm worried about your future with this company, and Ibuki's well-being as well."
  216. AKAGI: "Eh... You said Ibuki..."
  217. AOYAMA: "Doesn't your wife complain to you?"
  218. AKAGI: "Whaaat!!"
  219. AOYAMA: "There aren't any more Heterodynes.  You have to get up and move on from that stage of your life already."
  220. AKAGI: "... ... ..."
  222. (Paradigm City)
  224. ROGER (currently as a homeless person): "... ... ... Where... am I?  What am I?"
  226. (Jindai Classroom)
  228. SUZUNE (sans glasses): "What are you doing, Hibiki.  Aren't you done for the day?"
  229. HIBIKI: "Suzune-sensei..."
  230. SUZUNE: "Well, well.  Aren't we acting overly familiar today?  Call me Professor Saijou.  Or maybe... you're wanting a 'Private Lesson?'"
  231. HIBIKI: "... ... ..."
  233. (fade back to the Anti-Spiral)
  235. ANTI-SPIRAL: "...Certain people are experiencing their inner dreams.  Certain others have been engulfed in sorrow by their worst possible realities, and still others are tasting the experience of their greatest fears and death over and over.  Once one has opened the door to the Spiral Labyrinth, they have no chance of escape."
  236. ???: "Is that so?"
  237. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Oh?  It seems that another person has stepped foot into here..."
  238. ZEN FUDOU: "I didn't have to try too hard."
  239. KAWORU: "Neither time nor distance matter to me.  I can pass through dimensions like this as I please."
  240. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Just what is your purpose in coming here.  Do you wish to speak of how we have chosen the correct means of evolution?"
  241. FUDOU: "...We're here to finish this.  To tell you that you've gone far enough."
  242. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Ah, we see.  It certainly seems as if you feel that you have followed the correct path to evolution."
  243. KAWORU: "I can certainly understand your feelings.  However..."
  244. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Shut your know-it-all mouth...!"
  245. KAWORU: "It seems as if it's best to break away now."
  246. FUDOU: "But, in truth, those guys are the ones walking the correct path.  They don't need someone's help.  From the depths of the infinite possible realities, I'm sure they'll find their way out by continuing on the path towards the future..."
  247. ANTI-SPIRAL: "It's impossible.  The Spiral Labyrinth's horizon is a convergence of causalities.  Once reached, it is all over."
  249. (fade to black)
  251. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Why...  Why won't it ever end?"
  252. ZEUS: "I can't believe that such a crestfallen being is the guardian of the universe."
  253. ANTI-SPIRAL: "You're the Olympian God of Light!"
  254. ZEUS: "As for your question, she will answer it for you."
  255. ANTI-SPIRAL: "She...!?"
  256. NIA: "The answer you seek is that they still have something to keep them moving forward."
  258. (Dark Continent)
  260. BEASTMAN: "You punks!  How dare you come here and try to take what is ours!"
  261. KAMINA: "I'm sorry! So, so sorry!  Please forgive me!  This is it for us!  Give us a break!  Our bad!  Whatever you want me to say, I'll say it!  If you tell me to bow at your feet, I'll do it!  Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me!  I'll do anything to save my life!  My bad!  I'm sorry!  Pleeeease forgive us!"
  262. SIMON: "Big bro..."
  263. ???: "What is it, Simon?"
  264. SIMON: "!"
  265. TRUE KAMINA: "Your drill...  Did you lose it?"
  266. SIMON: "Th, there's another of you, big bro...!"
  267. TRUE KAMINA: "Dumbass! I am the fearless leader the infamous heart-pounding Gurren Brigade from Jiha Village!  The man who carries the mark of a man's soul on my back!  Unbending and Indominatable!  Who the Hell do you think I am!!"
  268. SIMON: "N, no!  It's just that there's two of you..."
  269. TRUE KAMINA: "That's right!  Now choose the one you like the most!"
  270. SIMON: "This is totally messed up!"
  271. TRUE KAMINA: "What, did you forget?  The Kamina that is totally reckless is within you!  The Kamina that moves forward is within you!  Your drill isn't the one stuck in that pile of rock.  It's right here!"
  272. SIMON: "It's in my heart..."
  273. TRUE KAMINA: "You're not gonna use it just hangin' out in a place like this!  What are you gonna use your drill for?"
  274. SIMON: "Big bro..."
  275. OTHER KAMINA: "Hey, Simon!  What are ya doin'?!  You gotta bow to these guys too!  Bow!  Prostrate!  Don't pretend like you can't see me!  Just pretend to apologize!  Get over here!  If we really go overboard we'll get off free somehow!"
  276. SIMON: "My drill..."
  277. OTHER KAMINA: "Get over here already!!"
  278. SIMON: "My drill... is the one that will pierce the heavens!!!!"
  280. (Simon punches the other Kamina.)
  282. OTHER KAMINA: "Owaaaaahh!!"
  283. SIMON: "This drill is my spirit!"
  284. KAMINA: "Heh..."
  286. (the scene changes to outer space)
  288. KAMINA: "C'mon, Simon.  Don't be fooled by thoughts of "ifs," "ands," or "buts."  Within yourself you have to choose one thing--your true universe."
  289. SIMON (CHOU-GINGA GURREN LAGANN): "Yeah, that's right."
  290. KITTAN: "Hey, hey, I was worried you'd forgotten all about me."
  291. KAMINA: "...Who are you again?"
  292. KITTAN: "I'm Lord Kittan of the Black Siblings!  Did you really forget about me again, dammit!?"
  293. KAMINA: "Haha! Dumbass, like I'd forget about you!"
  294. KITTAN: "What was that about!"
  295. KAMINA: "There's no way I'd forget about any of you guys."
  296. RYOUMA: "You haven't changed a bit."
  297. KAMINA: "Same to you, comrade!"
  298. SIMON: "Everyone!"
  299. LELOUCH: "My apologies for being late."
  300. KAMINA: "Looks like all of you found the way out."
  301. WATTA: "Totally!  It made me happy to see my Daddy alive again, but when I got called an 'esteemed heir' or whatever, it gave me chills down my spine!"
  302. SHOUTAROU: "I'll fight.  Even if I don't have Tetsujin, I'll keep fighting with my inner strength."
  303. TAKERU: "Since we all found the right path, we can reverse the path of fate."
  304. CHIRICO: "I won't accept a fate forced on me by anyone else."
  305. KEI: "That's right.  No matter what the outcome may be, it's up to us to seize our own futures."
  306. KAMILLE: "The people most important to me showed me the way.  It wasn't an illusion or my senses.  It was the reality of wanting to live."
  307. AMURO: "People should be able to correct the mistakes of their past...  To break out of the endless cycle of tragedies."
  308. HEERO: "The three verses of war, peace, and escalation don't keep the world turning."
  309. KIRA: "Even though you even hit me..."
  310. SHINN: "If you try to understand one another..."
  311. SETSUNA: "Then it will be possible to reach an agreement."
  312. BANAGHER: "That is 'possibility'...  The hope of the future."
  313. AOI: "I'm not alone.  I have friends heading on the same path as I am."
  314. BASARA: "Our souls can move mountains and break through dimensions!"
  315. ALTO: "As long as there are people important to me...  People important enough to defend their lives... We'll all keep flying."
  316. KOUJI: "If you follow the light of hope to the end, you'll find victory!  So we've gotta keep moving forward!"
  317. RYOUMA: "And any bastard who gets in are way will be sent home packing.  Even if we're our own enemy."
  318. AKAGI: "Right!  Both society and the whole world will say they need the help of brave Salarymen to protect peace when we're needed!
  319. ROGER: "As long as you have pride in what you do, that's all that matters."
  320. LELOUCH: "Indeed.  We have all decided upon the right thing to do within ourselves."
  321. SOUSUKE: "No problems.  I understand what I must do."
  322. AMATA: "To protect the people I care about, and the world I have nothing but love for."
  323. KAGURA: "To gather lots of pals and lots of strength!"
  324. NORIKO: "Not to be weak... Not to give up, not to lose!  That is our fight."
  325. SHINJI: "Let's go, everyone!"
  326. HIBIKI: "For our Earth...  To protect everyone's future!"
  327. KAMINA: "I see some new guys face here as well."
  328. SIMON: "They're our brothers in arms!"
  329. KAMINA: "... And before I knew it, you've overtaken me and earned that symbol on your back."
  330. SIMON: "Hahaha, I guess that's true."
  331. KAMINA: "Heh heh heh..."
  332. YOKO: "Thank you, Kamina."
  333. KAMINA: "Yoko, Viral..."
  334. VIRAL: "I thought of having someone that I had fallen in love with, of tranquil days going by...  It was a weak dream, I know.  But, dreams are dreams.  I'll fight...  To show both you and Simon the soul that commands me!"
  335. KAMINA: "Gotcha!  All of you guys better give 'em hell!"
  336. SIMON: "Let's go, big bro."
  337. KAMINA (Dynamic Voice Event): "Right!  This time, it's farewell for real!  Go get 'em, bros!"
  338. SIMON (DVE): "This isn't farewell!  You'll be there with us, right?"
  339. KAMINA (DVE): "Yeah...!"
  340. SIMON (DVE): "Let's go, guys!!"
  342. (Anti-Spiral territory)
  344. ANTI-SPIRAL: "What's going on...?  Why didn't our Spiral Labyrinth destroy them all?"
  345. NIA: "You still don't get it, do you?"
  346. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Is that how it's going to be, Irregular...!  We shall fully analyze you and force the answer out of you!"
  347. NIA: "You can try and search within me all you want, but as it is right now, you will never be able to defeat them.  That man is coming...!  I'm sure of it...!!"
  348. NIA: "I believe in them with all of me!"
  350. (A flash of light.)
  352. SIMON: "I'm here, Nia!!  Just like I promised I would be!!"
  353. NIA: "Yes!"
  354. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Impossible...!! No intelligent lifeform has ever been able to escape from our Spiral Labyrinth...!"
  355. SIMON: "Don't take us lightly, pal!  I don't give a damn about dimensions, or vacuums, or your parallel worlds!!  We'll pierce our way through your path!  That's the way Z-BLUE does it!! Anti-Spiral!  Get your hands off of Nia!!"
  357. (switches to mission map)
  359. NIA (DVE): "Even if we're trapped in the endless cycle of causality,"
  360. YOKO (DVE): "Our last feelings left behind will open the door!"
  361. LEERON (DVE): "Even if the infinite universe were to get in our way,"
  362. VIRAL (DVE): "Our boiling blood will decide our fates!"
  363. SIMON (DVE): "Overcoming the limits of the heavens and dimensions,"
  364. EVERYONE (DVE): "We'll force our way through and show you our path!"
  366. (Video event: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann appears)
  368. SIMON (DVE): "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!  Who the hell do you think we are!"
  370. (TTGL appears on the map)
  372. SIMON: "Get your ass out here, Anti-Spiral!"
  373. BOOTA: "Boo!"
  374. ANTI-SPIRAL: "These Spiral Lifeforms have gone wild...  If you are committed to the Power of the Spiral, then you, as messengers, shall become an irregular as well.  So be it.  If this is the cornerstone of your power, then we shall show you our form and give you the battle you desire."
  376. (The Anti-Spiral appears)
  378. TETSUKAN: "Is that its true form?!"
  379. ATTENBOROUGH: "It looks like a ripoff of our Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!"
  380. SIMON: "The hell is this!?"
  381. LORGENOME: "So this is their plan...  By taking on our form, they want us to experience absolute despair before we can emerge victorious."
  382. LEERON: "That's the same thing as the time when we fought them as that black Gurren Lagann!"
  383. SIMON: "Lorgenome...  That form is...!"
  384. LORGENOME: "My analysis confirms that its body is saturated with super-spiral universal energy..."
  385. DAYAKKA: "Is that why it's as big as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!?"
  386. LORGENOME: "It may be just be an imitation of our form, but we have to fight as one."
  387. SIMON: "Good, that just reassures me."
  388. LORGENOME: "Nia, you may not consider me your father anymore... But you have done your best."
  389. NIA: "Thank you... father."
  390. VIRAL: "It seems like you've awoken from a 1,000 year sleep, Spiral King."
  391. LORGENOME: "I am no King.  I am merely a soldier, now.  Just as you are, Viral."
  392. VIRAL: "Yes sir...!"
  393. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Damned Spiral Lifeforms.  We shall take your hearts and shatter it."
  395. (A horde of Anti-Spiral enemies appear.)
  397. GAVAL: "These guys've become huge, too!"
  398. SIVERA: "Is that the power of Super-Spiral Space, as well?"
  399. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Correct.  By our force of will, our army has been granted the same power as us.  Man of the Spiral.  In the face of all of this, do you still wish to fight us?"
  400. SIMON: "Heh..."
  401. YOKO: "Hehe..."
  402. LEERON: "That's just fine with me."
  403. ANTI-SPIRAL: "What's so funny?"
  404. SIMON: "The power of our will made the Tengen Toppa possible.  And it will make this possible, too!"
  405. ANTI-SPIRAL: "What?"
  406. SIMON: "Don't underestimate our friends, Anti-Spiral!"
  408. (Z-BLUE appears.)
  410. RYOUMA: "Kept you waiting, Simon?!"
  411. WATTA: "Too cool!  Did we really become bigger than whole galaxies?!"
  412. BANAGHER: "That is the power of our will...!"
  413. AMATA: "This is Tengen Toppa!?"
  414. SHINJI: "Could it be, over there....  Is that our Earth?"
  416. (in the center of the map is a void, with Earth in the middle.)
  418. KEI: "I don't really get it, but if we can see Earth from over there, then I guess everyone on Earth could see the fight here."
  419. NORIKO: "I won't lose here...! Everyone on Earth is depending on us!"
  420. ANTI-SPIRAL: "Impossible..."
  421. KOUJI: "Spiral Power isn't the only power humanity has!"
  422. AMURO: "The buds of evolution that you've rejected still lie within all of us!"
  423. AOI: "Damn straight!  Simon's not the only enemy you have to worry about!"
  424. ZERO: "All of is in Z-BLUE--no, every living thing--shall be your enemy!"
  425. ANTI-SPIRAL: "We see!  We now understand everything...! You are the beings from the age of the sun!  Through your slow, natural evolution, you walk the same path of 'Evolution' as other Spiral beings!"
  426. SOUSUKE: "We're done with this pretentious banter."
  427. ALTO: "There's nowhere for you to run...!"
  428. SETSUNA: "We'll settle this right here!"
  429. HEERO: "Final attack objective... Anti-Spiral..."
  430. HIBIKI: "This is the last fight!"
  431. ANTI-SPIRAL: "I'm not going to let you leave, Spiral Lifeforms... No, wretched human beings!"
  432. SIMON: "Let's go, Anti-Spiral!!  We're gonna put an end to this!"
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