Regrets, and Mistakes (Ongoing)

Jul 9th, 2018
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  1. >"Redneck!"
  2. "Spoiled brat!"
  3. >"Trailer trash!"
  4. "Hussy!"
  5. >"Inbred!"
  6. "Princess Prissypants!"
  7. >"Dirt...pony!"
  8. "..."
  9. >The yelling had finally stopped.
  10. >When the unicorn with bone white skin, and gorgeous purple mane couldn't think of another insult.
  11. >They had shut off the world around them like whenever they have these little spats.
  12. >Bystanders were standing by watching the events unfold.
  13. >Of all the times to start a fight.
  14. >In the middle of a ballroom was probably one of the worst spots to pick.
  15. >Especially during Princess Celestia's Summer Solstice celebration ball.
  16. >Murmurs were traveling throughout the crowd.
  17. >But the two ponies were drawn to a familiar voice walking towards them.
  18. >The bystanders began to bow their heads in the same direction as the voice.
  19. "What is the meaning of this?" came a voice with a tone like that of a mother.
  20. >The unicorn turned her head and was face to face with Princess Celestia.
  21. >The ruler of Equestria and her girlfriend.
  22. >The princess's expression softened as she glanced at the white unicorn.
  23. "...Rarity?" she asked confused.
  24. >"Uhh..." was all that came to mind
  25. >"It-It's nothing dear"
  26. >"I was just...I was just catching up with my "dear" friend, Applejack" her head turned towards the frowning orange pony.
  27. >"Isn't that right, Applejack?"
  28. >Every time she spoke her name, she treated it like poison on her tongue.
  29. >Instead of meeting Rarity's vitrol with something equal.
  30. >Applejack simply rolled her eyes and furrowed her brow.
  31. >Clearly annoyed.
  32. "Whatever, sure"
  33. >A small growl came from Rarity's direction.
  34. >"Very well, but could you two please be a little less...vocal?"
  35. >"This is a formal affair after all Rarity"
  36. >The unicorn's head shot up as she saw the back of Celestia walking away from her.
  37. >"Of course...hehe" she nervously giggled combined with a small sigh
  38. >Being embarrassed in front of the Princess was one thing.
  39. >But also your girlfriend?
  40. >That's unbearable.
  42. >Rarity felt her jaw clench tight as her teeth grinded against themselves.
  43. >She was going to make somepony pay very dearly for this.
  44. >But when she turned back around to the culprit
  45. >She found another back towards her.
  46. >Walking away with her hat tilted downwards.
  47. >As if to not meet anyone's wandering gaze.
  48. >Hot air ballooned in the fashion horse's cheeks.
  49. >Another growl escaped her throat.
  50. >"Hmmph!" she raised her nose high in the air and casually walked
  51. >Where there was hopefully something to take her mind off things.
  52. >Preferably food.
  53. >Along her way to the refreshment table.
  54. >Stewing her own troubled anger.
  55. >A small noise caught her attention.
  56. >It sounded...sad.
  57. >Bitter.
  58. >And alone.
  59. >Glancing around the ballroom, she noticed a line forming just outside the lady's room.
  60. >And in between the annoyed groans from the pampered looking ponies.
  61. >Rarity could hear that soft sad noise coming from that bathroom.
  62. >As she approached the lead two mares immediately went on the defensive.
  63. "The line starts back there" one gestured behind the grumpy looking gaggle of ponies.
  64. "Yeah!"
  65. "We've already had to wait practically forever for whoever is in there" the second pony added.
  66. >Rarity thought it weird that a ballroom would only have one set of bathrooms.
  67. >But while the thought crossed her mind she heard that sound once more.
  68. *Sob*
  69. >Being closer to the noise made Rarity realize just how familiar that sob was.
  70. >Ignoring the crowd, Rarity rushed to the door.
  71. >She knocked twice.
  72. "Go away..."
  73. >A demure, broken voice responded.
  74. >It carried a small sense of regality.
  75. >But through it echoed vulnerablity.
  76. >In those small words Rarity knew who was behind that door.
  77. >"...Twilight?"
  78. >A moment of silence passes.
  79. "...Rarity?
  80. >"Can I come in dear?"
  81. >Silence was the answer.
  82. >Rarity's head fell defeated as she prepared to just call it a night.
  83. *Squeak*
  84. >Turning back towards the door.
  85. >She saw it had cracked open a little bit.
  86. >Cautiously, she pressed her hoof against the frame, and pushed herself onwards.
  87. >To the other side.
  89. >Shutting the door behind her, Rarity scanned the restroom.
  90. >She noted the fine, marble tiles adorned on the floor.
  91. >And the lovely centerpiece of a magnificent looking Sun.
  92. >How could she miss it when it had a sobbing purple, dressed-up alicorn sitting beneath it?
  93. >"Twilight?" the concerned unicorn quickly paced to her side.
  94. >Placing her hoof on the shoulder of her friend's dress she noticed how wrinkled and dishelved it appeared.
  95. >"What's the matter dear?"
  96. >Twilight continued to stare at the floor as her shoulders trembled.
  97. >As if the entire world rested on her shoulders.
  98. >A sniffle broke the silence.
  99. "...Rarity, can...can I ask you a question?"
  100. >The princess of friendship's gaze remained away from Rarity's worried eyes.
  101. >Her ears were half-mast, but not a word was escaping either pony's grasp.
  102. >"Twilight, you know you can ask me anything" she gently rubbed her shoulder.
  103. >"I'm here for you" Rarity tried to reassure her downtrodden friend.
  104. >Shutting her eyes for a brief moment.
  105. >Twilight gulped down a deep breath and exhaled slowly.
  106. >Gaining some of her nerve back.
  107. "Have you ever made a decision that your brain was sure was the right answer, but your gut felt...well, the opposite?"
  108. "...That it was the wrong thing to do."
  109. >And as if the words opened pandora's box itself.
  110. >Rarity found her mind drifting.
  111. >To a night that changed everything.
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