Bypass iCloud

Oct 12th, 2014
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  1. Hi everyone. are you tired from waiting doulci server or you cant register on doulci website to get your device back ? Fortunately we have a new bypass. iH8sn0w help us with a tweet " Apple added a connection limit (just like TSS). So a public server can’t handle thousands of requests at once " Thats mean the problem is note from the server files or activation ticket ... it's just from the requestsbecause apple added a connection limit
  3. so we try to bypass one device with Doulci files + some new files ... and it's working without any problem. the server works on ios 7.1.1 or less for all devices ( 5S - 4 - 4S ) tried and we try some ipads ( 3-4 ) and works good and i guess that's works on ipod touch also. ios 7.1.2 and ios 8.x not working. apple change something of Lockdown files ... anyways our service let you got your own server. it will note be online for a long time but for enought time to bypass your device
  5. BTW the carrier will not working. it will be more than 20 different server. everyday the servers will be online to bypass more devices. the server will not works if you try to bypass more than 1 device. this servers cost us some money so you will get your own server for just 5$. you can pay us with paypal if the server doesnt work you can ask for refund easily. we will start today with the first 10 peoples. you can pay with paypal ( ) to get your server
  7. ( ios 8 supported Now )
  9. good Luck everyone
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