205 Season of Love

Dec 19th, 2014
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  1. //Gaeloin
  3. Season of Love
  5. W...What? I woke up to a sensation like something heavy fell. But I can't move my body and felt really hot.
  7. "Haa...haa..."
  9. Awfully rough breathing can be heard. I took a look, and of all things, Firo was pressing on me in Filo Rial Queen form while she slept face up.
  11. "Oi! Why are you on me! Rather don't break the rules we set!" (Naofumi)
  12. "Haa...haa...n..." (Firo)
  14. Firo's eyes are suspicious. I wonder what, the eyes of a carnivore or rather, her eyes now resemble times when she's about to attack a monster in battle. Nevertheless, her breathing is rough. She swallowed saliva with a gokuri, then once again stared at me with rough breathing.
  16. ...Chills ran down my back. For now I'll call out the monster crest item and invoke the penalty on Firo! Electricity ran through the monster crest item with a bachi-.
  18. "Wh, What!?" (Naofumi)
  20. The monster crest is not functioning again!? Exactly what is happening? Did something happen when I was sleeping!?
  22. "Master..." (Firo)
  24. With her feathers swelled, Firo leaned on me and continued talking as is.
  26. "What? Heavy, move!" (Naofumi)
  27. "Master...want to eat" (Firo)
  29. Firo spilled drool as she muttered. She's finally revealed her true colors, this bird! To want to eat your owner of all things, you've no doubt revealed your true nature by attacking me.
  31. "Don't mess around! Move!" (Naofumi)
  33. I change my shield to the combat-use Soul Eater Shield and hit Firo with all my strength. But there was no point to my attack, as Firo took no damage. I tried pushing using all my strength but, that Firo, how did she escape my pushing power unperturbed.
  35. "Want to eat, want to eat..." (Firo)
  36. "Gu..." (Naofumi)
  38. I didn't want to use this hand but....
  40. "Atla!" (Naofumi)
  41. "Nn...? Yes!" (Atla)
  43. I'm guessing it's a situation where Atla is crawling out of bed after being awoken by my voice. She can't see but, she can probably understand with Firo on top of me.
  45. "Wh, what is happening?" (Atla)
  46. "This bird is revealing her true nature and trying to attack me of all things!" (Naofumi)
  47. "Is, Is that so!?" (Atla)
  49. But...Atla inclined her head in doubt as she spoke.
  51. "There is no hostility though?" (Atla)
  52. "When you eat, do you direct hostility towards your meal?" (Naofumi)
  53. "No, but I believe that sort of thing is different?" (Atla)
  54. "That's fine already, hurry and get Firo o--" (Naofumi)
  56. Before I gave my order, Firo pressed on me harder.
  58. "Buwa--stop" (Naofumi)
  59. "Master-" (Firo)
  60. "!? That's no good. Firo-chan!" (Atla)
  62. Atla ran over and thrust into Firo. I who understood the flow of magic power was able to see. She moved around and thrust at Firo's vitals.
  64. "Ouch-!" (Firo)
  66. Firo bent backwards from the pain and fell from the bed. Okay! I jumped onto my feet from the bed and set my shield towards Firo.
  68. "Ow-...Atla-chan what are you doing-...?" (Firo)
  70. Firo turned her head back as she rubbed spots poked by Atla with teary eyes.
  72. "It's because you tried to attack me" (Naofumi)
  73. "Firo did? Why?" (Firo)
  75. ...She seems somehow different from earlier. For now I'll call the monster crest again and try penalizing Firo.
  77. "Ouch-! Ow ow, stop it master-!" (Firo)
  79. Firo began to struggle with a dotabata. The monster crest is functioning normally. Exactly what is going on?
  81. "What's the matter-?" (Sadina)
  83. Sadina was woken up by the disturbance and was getting up.
  85. "Ah, this bird violated our arrangement and attacked me" (Naofumi)
  86. "Is that so?" (Sadina)
  87. "Firo doesn't know! Master stop it-! Ouch-" (Firo)
  89. Okay, well something like this. I stop the monster crest's penalty.
  91. "Uu...Firo doesn't remember..." (Firo)
  92. "For the time being, there was a promise to not go into monster form inside the house" (Naofumi)
  93. "Yeah. Huh? Why is Firo in this form?" (Firo)
  94. "I don't know" (Naofumi)
  95. "Hey. What kind did you mean, saying you were attacked-?" (Sadina)
  96. "She leaned onto me while breathing roughly, spilling drool while repeatedly saying she wants to eat me" (Naofumi)
  97. "Firo won't eat master-!" (Firo)
  98. "Who knows, after all you might instinctively think I look delicious" (Naofumi)
  99. "Boo-!" (Firo)
  101. Firo changed to human form and protested again. The facts tell the whole story.
  103. "That's-...hasn't Firo-chan entered her season of love?" (Sadina)
  104. "Hah?" (Naofumi)
  105. "Eh-?" (Firo)
  107. I was taken aback by Sadina's words, even Firo tilted her head.
  109. "Mating season huh" (Naofumi)
  111. Firo was quickly brought to Rat's place after that. Ah, Melty was called over for mediating just in case. Firo received a medical examination from Rat while Melty to soothed the struggling Firo. Oh yeah, after that Firo once again changed into her monster form, looked at me with the eyes of a bird of prey and muttered, "want to eat".
  113. "Mating season huh-..." (Naofumi)
  115. It's a troublesome thing, or rather estrus even though it's only been around half a year since Firo was born huh. Well, wild animals' breeding cycle should be short. Thinking back recently, she's been shivering and shaking, so that was a premonition huh.
  117. "So, what should be done? Will it be cured if we put Firo into that test tube?" (Naofumi)
  118. "No-!" (Firo)
  119. "Stop any behavior that could break the equipment!" (Rat)
  121. Rat gave a tsukkomi while looking fed up.
  123. "There's medicine to promote it, but medicine to curb it huh-...even if medicine with a calming effect is prescribed, with a variation of Firo Rial it'll just be water on a hot stone..." (Rat)
  125. Rat muttered while rummaging through her medicine shelf. Let's try asking Melty the Firo Rial mania here.
  127. "Melty, do you know anything?" (Naofumi)
  128. "If it's the season of love, I wonder if it'd be correct to let her do as she pleases...even if you repress it, isn't it something that can't be endured?" (Melty)
  129. "That will become me being attacked though" (Naofumi)
  130. "Hm-?" (Firo)
  132. She herself doesn't seem to remember times when she's in estrus though-. Moreover she seems to realize I'd hate her if she did something like that, it's already a different personality.
  134. "There are plenty myths of Firo Rials and humans having children together" (Melty)
  135. "Melty, you know there will be no followup even if you say such things to me right?" (Naofumi)
  137. Is it okay like that? Your important Firo is becoming something dreadful.
  139. "If she gets sexually excited, isn't it fine to pair her with another Firo Rial" (Rat)
  140. "No-!" (Firo)
  142. After Firo raised her voice in protest, she again had bird of prey eyes saying "want to eat".
  144. "Master...other, no..." (Firo)
  146. What do you mean I'm the only target of your sexual urges. Ah really, what kind of face would Raphtalia make if she knew about this. Atla poked Firo to return her to normal.
  148. "Ouch-!" (Firo)
  149. "For now she's being calmed down with pain, but I don't know what will happen if she enters full-blown mating season" (Rat)
  150. "You said something ominous..." (Naofumi)
  152. Rat brings out her desire research as she takes out pen and paper for producing documents.
  154. "Kyua!" (Gaelion)
  156. Gaelion came in such circumstances and rode on my back, then whispered. Is it really necessary to expressly keep it hidden?
  158. "Fumu...the Firo Rial Queen is in estrus hm, want me to suppress it?" (Gaelion)
  159. "You can do it?" (Naofumi)
  160. "Leave it to me" (Gaelion)
  162. Okay, as expected of a dragon. If it's Gaelion he might be able to do something. He's a like a being that rules sexual desire after all.
  164. "Then next time leave me alone with the Firo Rial's queen. Also make sure she cannot run away" (Gaelion)
  166. I don't know what's going to be done but, he probably needs her kept from running while he is chanting the magic. Well, no choice but to try.
  168. "Firo, come here for a bit. Melty and the rest of you wait there" (Naofumi)
  169. "Ye-s?" (Firo)
  171. I took Firo out of the laboratory with Gaelion on my back, pushed them both into another room and locked the door.
  173. "Kukuku, let's have a go-between with a dragon and filo rial..." (Gaelion)
  174. "No-!" (Firo)
  175. "Nngh!? Eei! Be obedient!" (Gaelion)
  177. Wait a moment hey! Not with magic or anything, isn't he trying to have Firo let it out physically!?
  179. "No-! Firo...wants to eat master...dragons...I'll devour" (Firo)
  180. "Nuaaaaaaa! S, someone help meeeeee! Muu--" (Gaelion)
  182. Looking inside after quickly opening the door, Gaelion looks like he's about to be devoured from the head down by Firo. Hearing the disturbance, Atla returned Firo to normal again. Trying to devour Firo with sexual desire, instead getting devoured from the head down...as I thought he's an unreliable Dragon Emperor.
  184. "Master is cruel!" (Firo)
  185. "I don't know" (Naofumi)
  186. "Do you hate it that much?" (Firo)
  187. "Isn't that obvious!" (Naofumi)
  188. "Kyuaa..." (Gaelion)
  189. //thanks
  190. Gaelion's shock from being defeated by Firo made him go back inside child Gaelion it seems. Honestly, what Dragon Emperor. You lost to Firo so easily didn't you. Firo in estrus somehow seems to lose various restraints. When she was pressing on me, she was even undaunted by my push so it's substantial.
  192. What should be done.
  193. ...Suddenly, Motoyasu's face comes to mind. That pervert seems like he'd happily do it with Firo. But, I'm not a pervert.
  195. "Mel-chan. Master is so cruel" (Firo)
  197. Firo is tattling to Melty. I don't know.
  199. "Why do you hate Firo-chan so much!" (Melty)
  200. "Hate? If I hated her Firo would already be everyone's breakfast you know" (Naofumi)
  201. "No-!" (Firo)
  202. "What did you say!?" (Melty)
  203. "Enough already-...isn't it ok if you just be her partner one time. It's nothing to fret over" (Rat)
  204. "Not a chance" (Naofumi)
  205. "The count is also stubborn-...even though I have some interest in the veracity of the legends" (Rat)
  206. "Research into dragons or something" (Naofumi)
  208. Rat probably also dislikes animals with a similar ecology to filo rials. You're contradicting yourself.
  210. "Really, what should be done" (Naofumi)
  212. Won't even Atla become unable to stop it if it's left as is? Not only that, it doesn't seem like it'd stop unless I be her partner. But I'd rather die. There is also the method of having Firo endure it, but it doesn't seem to be something at the level that can be endured.
  214. "Well then, how does pleading with the firo rial's queen sound? She might lend us some insight" (Melty)
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