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Banned From Equestria 1.1 -- 2 Days Walkthrough

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  1. Banned From Equestria 1.1 -- 2 Days -- 100% completion
  2. DAY 1:
  4. -- Ask Trixie for the horn.
  5. -- Click the green/grey box on the ground to unlock the spark.
  6. -- Go to the screen the scarecrow's on and get the ball.
  7. -- Go to Sugarcube Corner.
  8. -- Use the ball on Mrs. Cake. You will get the present.
  9. -- Go to Pinkie's room and use the box.
  10. -- Party with the scarecrow.
  12. NIGHT 1:
  14. -- Click on Trixie to open up a grey screen.
  15. -- Use the spark on this screen to get Trixie.
  17. DAY 2:
  19. -- Ask Trixie for the wings.
  20. -- Go to Pinkie's room again.
  21. -- If you've done everything in the right order, Pinkie will rape you.
  23. NIGHT 2:
  25. -- When you got the wings, a new path will have opened up from the start screen with Trixie. Go this way.
  26. -- This will lead to a cloud area. Talk to Rainbow Dash.
  27. -- You will get a simple dialogue tree. Agree to race her.
  28. -- The race is fairly hard, but as it's night time, it's not too bad. Keep practicing. During the day, the clouds are nigh-invisible. If you must race during the day, turn your monitor's contrast right down.
  29. -- When you win, you will get Rainbow Dash.
  31. That's it! Spent your last day however you like. If you pass the final night in any way other than partying with the scarecrow, the time counter will freak out and you'll have as long as you like. This appears to make Trixie glitch out.
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