Super Hero Rp 2.0 (Remake)

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  1. Name: Lukin
  2. Age: 12
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Super(Villain/Hero) Name : Cosmicty.
  5. Personality: Adventurous, kind, brave, stubborn, loyal, And Passionate.
  6. Powers: Asterokinesis. (The power to Manipulate Cosmic Energy)
  7. Role (Good guy? Bad guy? Say here to get a role) :
  8. Backstory: Lukin lived on planet Earth, In a family called, Electmic. They were a family that had a long heritage. And even some users of the family were special for their race Abilities. Some had the Power to Control Lighting and light. These two elements fused and were named,  Asterokinesis. It was the most powerful energy of it all. Heck, The Electro's Cousins, Astralio. Could Manipulate Astral Energy Called, Astrakinesis it was the fusion of Light and Shadow. Though it was a powerful element, Asterokinesis was stronger. A boy named Lukin. Lives with his Father, Enviro. A man who inherited Asterokinesis. Lukin had Inherited this power but it wasn't discovered, until now. 6:00.... Lukin woke up at 6 o clock in the morning. He took off his night clothes and had put on his school clothes. He'd then go into the bathroom to use the toilet, and brush his teeth and hair. When he went into the kitchen. He ate breakfast and went for his backpack. Once he grabbed it. He ran for the bus stop. When he came outside he was late. The Bus was already on a roll. He chased after it, screaming "HEY!" Yet, the bus driver had headphones on, so he couldn't hear me scream. So  I grabbed a rock as a ran and threw it through the window. Yet nobody had seen. But they could only hear, Crack. The window was broken. It got everyone's attention. The bus driver tried to calm everyone down. Then he had seen me. He accused me of throwing the rock at the bus, which I admitted. Then I went going to Detention for a week. Things were found then...A school bully had barged into the bathroom when everyone was going to the classrooms. He found me, washing my hands. I shivered in fear like ice. He walked up to me. And lifted me in the air by my shirt. He was clearly furious of what I had done to get the bus riders attention. He then smacked me on the ground with both of his bare hands. He had a smile on his face. Ready to discipline me. I felt a sensation in my air. They both started to glow but my attitude started to change. I was extremely furious to the point were I even shouted in pure rage. I would then run at the bully. Headbutting him onto the ground. I finished the blow by, punching him into the stomach with my glowing hands. When i was done. I snapped out of it and looked at my hands. They weren't glowing anymore. But the security camera caught me and I was grounded for a week. After a week passed. I couldn't figure out how to do that strange thing again. Yet the family never knew about my strange powers. But they did knew, I might have inherited one.
  9. Goals: To get better grades. Become Rich. Play basketball. Become a superhero. Create his own comic.
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(edited)
  11. Power Description Info:
  13. Name Of Power: Cosmic Storm.
  14. Power Description: They have the ability to use the Energy inside of there body to, Create Plasma Beams, Plasma Blasts, and even focus it in every or one of there body limps to super power it. They can even use the Cosmic Energy to propel themselves in the air to fly.
  15. Power Limits: They will need to train their, body strength, body toughness. And mind being able to use this power. It also needs a trigger for it to be unlocked. But still needs to be trained to be able to fully use it. Not mastered but be able to Manipulate it at will.
  17. Power Weakness: Wind and Darkness can weaken its power, and or disable it. It has a limit of how much power you can use. Since for it's destructive energy. When started. The user can only Focus the energy into limits to increase strength, jump height, speed, and reflexes.
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