Jun 18th, 2019
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  1. Musashi Yagyuu (Tank)
  2. Servant: Stan Lee (Caster)
  3. HP: 600 (200 Shields, 100 Armor) [7 points]
  4. Initiative: 1 [+2 points]
  5. Movement: 1 space per action
  7. - Passive: Bushido: Taking an attack increases initiative by 1 for next turn. Taking 3 attacks grants +1 movement, for a maximum of +2.
  8. - Weapon: Black Blade (D) : Deal 50 damage to targets up to 2 spaces away. Can only attack isometrically, but will hit all enemies in a line.
  9. - Ability 1: Marvelous Block (E): Musashi absorbs 1 attack that would hit him by blocking with his sword and absorbing the incoming energy. The damage they would have dealt is recorded. Activate again to place a barrier directly ahead of Musashi which is 3 spaces wide and moves 1 space forward on each of his turns. The shield lasts 5 turns, until it is destroyed, or its center would move into terrain. 7 round cooldown after shield placement.
  10. - Ability 2: Iron Strike (C): Musashi dashes forward 4 extra spaces, knocking back every enemy he becomes adjacent to by 1 space and dealing 30 damage to each. Knockback is directly away from path of travel. Cannot strike the same enemy more than once. [4] points.
  11. - Ability 3: Thunderclap (E): Musashi stomps the ground and releases a short-ranged blast of lightning, preventing adjacent enemies from moving away for a turn and dealing 30 damage. 7 turn cooldown.
  12. - Noble Phantasm: Warriors Assemble (E): Increases the movement speed of all allies by 1 space and decreases the damage they take by 20% for one turn.
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