System Shock 2 new category proposal

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  1. System Shock 2 is a whack speedgame. You skip a lot of fun content in what is a pretty long game casually. I’m interested in running the game but so little of the gameplay that I love is remaining. My thinking is that there should be another category besides the any% skipfest that currently exists (any% no OoB still skips a lot). There are a couple of things to choose from, but the least arbitrary one would be All Notes. Throughout the game, there are notes (which are basically missions) you receive through emails or audio logs. By collecting (or not) the necessary logs/emails, you get a nice checklist of objectives to complete for each floor. The current run already does a number of these as they remain mandatory, but doing the rest could add a layer of complexity to the run. Additionally, it could be played on a difficulty besides Easy (I was thinking Normal) and without the death glitch for a speedrun that remains faithful to the original gameplay, just much faster. If anyone wants to talk this over or help route this, I’ll be available in the #shock IRC channel on SRL and on Twitter.
  3. In the order that they’re listed, here are the notes:
  5. Deck 1: Engineering
  7. Supplies are in utility storage 4, 59004.
  8. The code for Engineering Control is 15061.
  9. Find a way to override the Fluidics Computer.
  10. Get unit 45m/dEx from aux. storage 5, code: 34760.
  11. Install unit 45m/dEx in Command Control.
  12. Use Fluidics Computer in Eng. Control to purge the tubes.
  13. Purge radiation from coolant tubes to re-open Engine Core.
  14. Reset Starboard Engine Nacelle.
  15. Reset Port Engine Nacelle.
  16. Reset Main Power Computer.
  17. Reset Main Power at the Engine Core to restart elevators.
  18. Get to Deck 4 to meet Dr. Polito.
  19. Set the Engine Core to overload, code: 94834.
  21. Deck 2: Med/Sci
  23. Get through a secure airlock.
  24. Recharge the power cell and use it to open the door to Medical.
  25. Get a Craw card from Grassi. He's near Biopsy in Medical.
  26. Find Dr. Watts' room in the Crew sector.
  27. Look for Dr. Watts in his office in R&D
  28. Get the maintenance access shaft cade from Dr. Watts.
  29. The code for the maintenance access shaft is 12451.
  30. Get to Deck 4 to meet Dr. Polito.
  32. Deck 3: Hydroponics
  34. Find and Research Toxin-A.
  35. Place Toxin-A in all 4 Environmental Regulators.
  36. Clear the biomaterial from the elevator shaft.
  37. Get to Deck 4 to meet Dr. Polito.
  39. Deck 4: Operations
  41. Weapons lockup code is 13433.
  42. Reprogram the three Sim Units.
  43. Malick has booby-trapped Sim Unit 3.
  44. Go to the Recreation Deck.
  45. Go to the Engine Core on the Engineering Deck.
  47. Deck 5: Recreation
  49. An exotic weapon is on level 2 of the crew annex, code 11111.
  50. The cade for the garden maintenance tunnel is 34093.
  51. A circuit breaker for the basketball court lights is near the pool.
  52. Activate transmitter with code hidden in art terminals.
  53. Find the transmitter and activate it.
  55. Deck 6: Command
  57. Find the Ops Override access card.
  58. Go to the Command Center on the Ops Deck.
  59. The code for the security station is 83273.
  60. The Shuttle card is in the security station in the officer's quarters.
  61. Once the shields are down, destroy the shuttles.
  62. Hack the shuttle control rep. to get a sympathetic resonator.
  63. Attach the sympathetic resonator to the Shield Generator... and run!
  64. Destroy the shuttles on this deck.
  65. Go to the Rickenbacker via the central tram station.
  67. Deck 7: Rickenbacker
  69. Destroy all the eggs.
  70. The access card for Nacelle B is beyond the hull breach.
  71. Go to Engine Nacelle B.
  72. Reverse the gravitonic generators in order to safely access Pod 2.
  73. Proceed to Pod 2.
  74. Meet Captain Diego in the sickbay.
  75. Diego hid something useful in his quarters.
  77. Deck 8: The Many
  79. The sphincter doors are controlled by the nerve clusters.
  80. The Many has a centralized nervous system... find and destroy it!
  82. Deck 9: ???
  84. Stop SHODAN… somehow…
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