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  1. * TentacleDrunk has joined #hivestem
  2. <TentacleDrunk> Hi
  3. <TentacleDrunk> I dunno who is here
  4. <TentacleDrunk> But I'm drunk
  5. <ZDG> sup TR
  6. <ZDG> oh ok
  7. <TentacleDrunk> Hehehehe
  8. <TentacleDrunk> Hook
  9. <ZDG> what did you drink
  10. <TentacleDrunk> Hi
  11. <ZDG> that's weird
  12. <TentacleDrunk> A fuclkload load of vodka
  13. <ZDG> whoa
  14. <TentacleDrunk> Heheh
  15. <TentacleDrunk> Zdg you're funny
  16. <ZDG> i can't imagne how you are when you are drunk
  17. <ZDG> what
  18. <TentacleDrunk> I am so happy
  19. <TentacleDrunk> Wheeeeeeeeeee
  20. <TentacleDrunk> ;D
  21. <ZDG> god calm the fuck down
  22. <ZDG> get some sleep
  23. <TentacleDrunk> Noooo
  24. <TentacleDrunk> It's only 10 pee emm
  25. <TentacleDrunk> And we are gonna play monopoly
  26. <TentacleDrunk> I think
  27. <ZDG> TR
  28. <ZDG> what
  29. <ZDG> the fuck
  30. <TentacleDrunk> Yaaaaaaaaaaau
  31. <ZDG> god you are acting fucking weird
  32. <TentacleDrunk> I'm drunk!!!!!
  33. <ZDG> i'm not happy that you arer
  34. <ZDG> i don't like drunk people
  35. <ZDG> >:C
  36. <TentacleDrunk> Why bit
  37. <TentacleDrunk> Not
  38. <TentacleDrunk> I'm happypanra
  39. <TentacleDrunk> Pants
  40. <TentacleDrunk> Hehehehehehehehehehehejeehehe
  41. <ZDG> god
  42. <ZDG> you're already kinda funky when you're not drunk
  43. <ZDG> but this is fucking ridiculous
  44. <TentacleDrunk> Zdg let's be tablehuddies
  45. <TentacleDrunk> Tqnglbudries
  46. <TentacleDrunk> Ttanglebuddies)???
  47. <ZDG> goddamnit
  48. <ZDG> TR
  49. <TentacleDrunk> :D
  50. <ZDG> STOP
  51. <ZDG> THAT
  52. <ZDG> NOW
  53. <TentacleDrunk> hehehehehehehehehe
  54. <ZDG> or i'll come with a hammer to make you "less dunk"
  55. <TentacleDrunk> Toooooooo many dicks on thendancefloooor
  56. <TentacleDrunk> Potatoes
  57. <ZDG> this is going downhill
  58. <TentacleDrunk> Boil em mash em stick em in q streepw
  59. <ZDG> everything you say is fucking weird
  60. <TentacleDrunk> Thou wanna shake shit
  61. <TentacleDrunk> Hanmertome
  62. <TentacleDrunk> Hanmertome
  63. <ZDG> you can't even fucking type
  64. <TentacleDrunk> Hammer time!)!))!)
  65. <ZDG> get some sleep
  66. <ZDG> i order you to
  67. <TentacleDrunk> I know
  68. <TentacleDrunk> I'm not sleepy
  69. <ZDG> i don't care
  70. <ZDG> take a nap
  71. <TentacleDrunk> No
  72. <ZDG> that's good when you're drunk
  73. <TentacleDrunk> Toucan make me
  74. <TentacleDrunk> You cnAnt make me
  75. <ZDG> smash your head against the wall
  76. <TentacleDrunk> Dab
  77. <ZDG> that helps too
  78. <TentacleDrunk> No
  79. <ZDG> heh
  80. <TentacleDrunk> Tuna mean zdg
  81. <TentacleDrunk> That's sho mean
  82. <ZDG> what
  83. <ZDG> gish?
  84. <ZDG> heh
  85. <TentacleDrunk> Gish
  86. <ZDG> just try not do do anything
  87. <ZDG> like
  88. <TentacleDrunk> So you like incest
  89. <ZDG> read a book or something
  90. <ZDG> and come back when you're more sober
  91. <TentacleDrunk> INS that like q fri
  92. <TentacleDrunk> No
  93. <ZDG> right now you're doing random shit
  94. <ZDG> that makes no sense
  95. <TentacleDrunk> You like incest
  96. <TentacleDrunk> Jeheheheehehe
  97. <ZDG> wut
  98. <ZDG> god just fucking stop
  99. <ZDG> or i'll force you to listen to horrible shit
  100. <TentacleDrunk> I love it
  101. <ZDG> maybe
  102. <TentacleDrunk> No
  103. <TentacleDrunk> I dint have speakers on ky iPhone
  104. <ZDG> youtube works on it
  105. <TentacleDrunk> Well i can mute it
  106. <ZDG> amirite
  107. <ZDG> heh
  108. <TentacleDrunk> Yeah t
  109. <TentacleDrunk> But
  110. <TentacleDrunk> Too many dicks on the danceflooooooooooooooooooooor
  111. <TentacleDrunk> Blown bosh gosh bos
  112. <ZDG> what the hell are you talking about
  113. <ZDG> just fucking stop already
  114. <TentacleDrunk> Dicks I. Errrr
  115. <TentacleDrunk> I love thisgroup
  116. <ZDG> you are acting like a schizo
  117. <ZDG> what the hell
  118. <TentacleDrunk> Everyone je so neat
  119. <TentacleDrunk> If wemereemm a family you Helios be like
  120. <TentacleDrunk> The angry kittle bro
  121. <ZDG> kettle bro
  122. <TentacleDrunk> Wh isnwlso waste so moody
  123. <ZDG> do i look like a fucking kettle
  124. <TentacleDrunk> You are so grumpy
  125. <TentacleDrunk> Yes
  126. <ZDG> you type weirdly
  127. <ZDG> the fuck
  128. <TentacleDrunk> I'm drunk
  129. <ZDG> god if tluthy was here she would be completely LOL
  130. <ZDG> yeah i no
  131. <TentacleDrunk> I mayst dye was here!!!!!!!!
  132. <TentacleDrunk> Peel peel banana!!!
  133. <ZDG> hmm
  134. <ZDG> you sound like homsar
  135. <TentacleDrunk> Spxixe cdslixlce banana????
  136. <TentacleDrunk> Go NBA quanta ababa???
  137. <TentacleDrunk> Fuck
  138. <TentacleDrunk> Yeah
  139. <ZDG> tapesicle
  140. <ZDG> dooj
  141. <TentacleDrunk> Cuuute
  142. <TentacleDrunk> Dud
  143. <TentacleDrunk> No
  144. <ZDG> chigga
  145. <TentacleDrunk> Why
  146. <ZDG> roflcopter crash
  147. <TentacleDrunk> Sidney younthink iciest wast a good idaea
  148. <ZDG> iopioygofytdv-*$
  149. <TentacleDrunk> Why Den younthink incest was a good idea
  150. <TentacleDrunk> Why did you think invest was a good idea?????????
  151. <ZDG> god just stop
  152. <ZDG> i'm feeling like a weirdo now
  153. <TentacleDrunk> Why incest
  154. <ZDG> TR
  155. <ZDG> just fucking
  156. <ZDG> gah
  157. <TentacleDrunk> In Saharan
  158. <TentacleDrunk> Ash stem
  159. <TentacleDrunk> Acetone wants to k ow
  160. <TentacleDrunk> Know
  161. <ZDG> the fuck is going on here
  162. <TentacleDrunk> Why did u think kwaaaa
  163. <TentacleDrunk> Insect was a food idea
  164. <ZDG> wwhy do you want to know anyway
  165. <TentacleDrunk> Whyyyyyyy ou hoy earned by sumo
  166. <ZDG> you're not even part of ashstem
  167. <ZDG> also
  168. <ZDG> We talked about that on #ashstem
  169. <TentacleDrunk> Yeah bilut
  170. <ZDG> but that's alll
  171. <ZDG> now stop
  172. <TentacleDrunk> Ut eceyveryone is freaked out
  173. <TentacleDrunk> Eceyone
  174. <ZDG> who
  175. <TentacleDrunk> All of the ones
  176. <TentacleDrunk> Hehehheeheheheheehehehehhee
  177. <ZDG> what
  178. <ZDG> how coulda alchohol be freaked out
  179. <TentacleDrunk> Jehheyeheheeh
  180. <TentacleDrunk> Nooooocqlll
  181. <TentacleDrunk> Tricks
  182. <TentacleDrunk> Incest isntorsssss
  183. <TentacleDrunk> Idngrisl
  184. <TentacleDrunk> Is gross
  185. <TentacleDrunk> Incest is gross why did you rp it
  186. <TentacleDrunk> Hehehehehehehehehe
  187. <TentacleDrunk> Wr elk
  188. <ZDG> god
  189. <TentacleDrunk> I'm eel
  190. <TentacleDrunk> Sleepy
  191. <ZDG> you don't fucking get it
  192. <TentacleDrunk> Zo
  193. <TentacleDrunk> Is ????
  194. <ZDG> trolls have no conception of family
  195. <TentacleDrunk> No
  196. <TentacleDrunk> Is gross
  197. <ZDG> he's calling hatomie sis, since he's her best friend
  198. <ZDG> same with haside
  199. <ZDG> also
  200. <TentacleDrunk> If you shah so
  201. <ZDG> i won't talk to you anymore until you get sober
  202. <ZDG> you heard me right
  203. <TentacleDrunk> ):
  204. <TentacleDrunk> I Luke you
  205. <TentacleDrunk> Like
  206. <TentacleDrunk> I'd sad
  207. <TentacleDrunk> Nut u sleep
  208. <TentacleDrunk> Bye
  209. <TentacleDrunk> Say bye
  210. <ZDG> yeah
  211. <TentacleDrunk> I won't leave ubt you sat bye
  212. <ZDG> have a nice sleep
  213. <ZDG> you wanna do that too huh
  214. <TentacleDrunk> Bye!!?????
  215. <ZDG> well i can stay here and not say it
  216. <TentacleDrunk> Bye?!!
  217. <ZDG> but i'm nice today
  218. <ZDG> so BYE
  219. <TentacleDrunk> Say bye!!
  220. <TentacleDrunk> Yah
  221. <ZDG> purge that fucking alcohol
  222. <ZDG> now
  223. <ZDG> you're weirding me out
  224. * TentacleDrunk has quit IRC (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  225. * emeraldExcavator has joined #hivestem
  226. <ZDG> hey
  227. <emeraldExcavator> hi
  228. <ZDG> Tr went apeshit just before you came
  229. <emeraldExcavator> what exactly happened then?
  230. <ZDG> she was drunk
  231. <ZDG> cue barrage of random bullshit
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