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  1. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC] added Kakeki to the group.Today at 5:48 AM
  2. PwntastikToday at 5:48 AM
  3. gangbang
  4. :smiley:
  5. KakekiToday at 5:48 AM
  6. o/
  7. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC]Today at 5:48 AM
  8. Hey guys, I'm getting ready for work. BUT! I think we can come to terms civilly and save us all time.
  9. PwntastikToday at 5:49 AM
  10. i might  disappear in the middle of the convo, boss is squeezing my balls over some shit
  11. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC]Today at 5:49 AM
  12. Aiderons owned the pocos it has in Fliet since 2011 when POCOS were announced and created by CCP. If its decreasing a tax rate for  member who is interested in PI it would be cheaper for everyone involved in both time and isk if we just fix the tax rate.
  13. No problem.
  14. I do love content, so my negotiation is I can find some content for both of our groups to tag team to fill that void if you'd like.
  15. And work on getting the tax rate lowered for our local pirate group.
  16. Otherwise we can duke it out in our prime TZ, and if you take it, I can tell you your member won't enjoy it long enough. (Not a threat, just a reality)
  17. My view point on this is, is if you guys start hitting our infrastructure, the other powers in Aideron will probably start advancing on your stuff. I doubt either one of us really cares about Citadels with Snuff always hanging over our heads.
  18. But we live in the same system and it can get ugly. My proposal is lets keep it to mutual pvp, and then hit other groups together.
  19. Frenemies is a good thing.
  20. KakekiToday at 6:03 AM
  21. Thanks for your suggestion, sounds good !
  22. i have to wait for Pwn, when his boss is ready with ball squeezing :smiley:
  23. i really like the idea to do pvp together in fleets
  24. but there is always the damn FW/Pirate problem during fleets
  25. often i heard, oh i cannot help, its a Caldari or Gallente
  26. :smiley:
  27. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC]Today at 6:06 AM
  28. Well Zero can join in on a joint op fleet if he wants.
  29. And Galmil is dead, the only organized groups are off shoots from FEDUP (where we came from) and I am very good friends with them. They wont bother ya in a fleet op
  30. But you know what they say, the more sharks in the water, the bigger the fish.
  31. Okay I think I made that up... But it works.
  32. PwntastikToday at 6:09 AM
  33. back
  34. my balls :frowning:
  35. KakekiToday at 6:09 AM
  36. flat?
  37. PwntastikToday at 6:09 AM
  38. nvm, fuck the boss, as always
  39. now i need to read :)))
  40. alright... i can agree with this
  41. no more structure bashing and stuff
  42. if some third party enters the field, we join forces and get stuff done.. i like that
  43. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC]Today at 6:18 AM
  44. :thumbsup: I am glad we could come to an modus vivendi.
  45. PwntastikToday at 6:18 AM
  46. about the PI stuff, kakeki i dont know shit about that so you take that over with Gimli
  47. [AIDER]Gimli/NinjaTator[USSC]Today at 6:20 AM
  48. I appreciate the negotiations fellas
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