Emergency Stairs - Recap + Finale

Sep 26th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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Notable Characters:

Jang Hae-Jin (MC) Assistant Manager - Business Strategic Department Married
Na Shin Bi (FMC) Employee - Business Strategic Department Single
Yoo Sodam (FMC²) Intern Single
Jihyun Lee (Wife) Teacher Married
[N/A] (Chief) Head of the Business Strategic Department Married
Hong Ki Sun (Glasses) Team Leader - HR Department Married

(TN: The app's name is <Emergency Stairs>, but I will name it <Exit>)

Recap + Finale

(TLN: So I dropped the sum of this series after the chapter 12, I started the 13 but never finished it.. But i still gisted them for me. So I'll give a quick recap about what happened since chap 12..)


Wife tried her best to satisfy MC, she did his favorite dish, tried to talk to him but MC never cared about her sweet attention because he wanted to know why FMC² was avoiding him..
Some times pass and MC kept fucking FMC & Wife while not understanding why FMC² is cold.. FMC² apologized and fucked a lot with MC..
MC was a bit conflicted because he loved his wife but liked FMC² too.. One day when he headed home after work he found FMC² walking with Chief.. He followed them and discovered that they went in a DVD BANG (same place where FMC and MC fucked).. He caught them fucking and mimicking a scene of an adult video.. He was really angry at this time and FMC told him how he was stupid because their relationship (between him and FMC²) was only FWB and to stay away from FMC² if he felt more for her..
MC had sex with FMC and she praised him a lot, she thought how he was much more competent than Chief.
FMC² and MC confrontation.. He told her how he caught her with Chief and scolded her about this because she told him she loved him.. She said how she enjoyed doing it with Chief as much as he was enjoying doing it with his own wife. She told him how she was jealous of his wife so she fucked with Chief (BS but whatever).. MC was still angry, they had sex and he asked her who was the best.. She said how Chief was the best.. More rage.. and she confessed how she did this to make him feel what she felt when she saw him returning him every day and said how she really preferred to it with him. Ultimatum and she told him to make a choice between her and Wife.. And in the meantime she'll keep fucking Chief.. MC still conflicted and didn't know what to do.. On his return towards his home he noticed the 'Tree' and the guardian told him how they'll remove the 'Tree' pretty soon.. MC thought that Wife was like the 'Tree' and he should remove / quit her too..

He made up his mind, ready to break up with wife and when he wanted to announce her the news, she jumped on his embrace saying how she was pregnant.. (Bad Luck lol)

Final Chapter

So FMC² is remembering her first meeting with MC and tells how she used the 'Exit' app just for fun and sent a note about wanting to fuck MC. She was really surprised to see MC's answer at that time and thought it was fate / magical encounter.

She says how their feelings were magic but now they are magically gone.. She is in the 'Exit' cafe saying how she learned he'll be dad pretty soon.. She wonders if it'll be a girl or a boy, she thinks how whatever the sex of the baby, MC'll be a kind dad for is small and pretty baby.. She finally congratulates him..

MC is looking at his phone sighing.. He thinks about the last message FMC² sent him and says how it was a very long one.. He says how her message was very kind and didn't looked at all like a parting message so he's feeling even more guilty and sad..

MC is having a drink with Glasses and G confesses how FMC² and Chief had a sexual relationship together since the beginning surprising deeply MC (LMAO). Glasses narrates how he doesn't know since when but when FMC² was already his FWB, he doesn't know if it was to earn more point or to have the job and narrates how Chief came at a evening party and flirted a lot with FMC².. Glasses doesn't know how to explain it but 3 years ago when FMC² was working as a part timer in another company, Chief came and flirted with her, apparently Chief knew the Boss of FMC² previous job.
he thought FMC² was just a bit close to Chief but it was more than this.. He tells to MC how FMC² came to the company because she wanted to see Chief again (It's just his guess but it's hilarious if it's true).. MC is a bit dispirited after hearing this because he thought he was the reason for FMC² joining their company (It was what she said in the early chapter).

Glasses congratulates him about his future baby and they cheer up, MC thinks how he made the right choice and narrates how now it's over with FMC². He says how he passed a bad moment at the company for a while because he kept thinking about her..

He looks at FMC² happily chatting with Chief and thinks about her reason to join the company and who was the best between him and the chief, he asks himself if all she said to him was just a big lie and only considered him as a FWB..

Months later, MC is walking with his pregnant wife.. She tells him to wait a moment because she's exhausted.. He tells her how she can take a rest at home and was the one who wanted to exercise a bit.. (Smh this guy lol)
She tells him how it's good for pregnant women to do this and asks him if there always been a bench a this place, he says how originally there was a 'Tree' at this place. Wife asks him if the guys who removed it were dumb because it's stupid to put a bench in place of a big 'Tree' (Btw, MC compared the 'Tree' to his wife in the past..)
MC tells her how it's stupid and even him couldn't get rid of this 'Tree', she looks at him not understanding what he means by this..

MC is uninstalling the 'Exit' app and throws his phone on the couch.. Meanwhile FMC² is meeting another coworker in the staircase.. Dude worries about getting caught by someone but feels the thrill to.. FMC² tells him how she asked him to come her because she has a lot of good memories here and asks him if they should start now..

Thank you for loving <Emergency Stairs> so far.
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