Blizzard Laboratory's Rules and info.

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#0073c4>Blizzard Laboratory</color></align></size=45></b>
  3. <size=20><b>Info:</b></size=20>
  4. <size=15>We are Blizzard Laboratory, a mostly English SCP Server run by capable staff and played by you! Our host, Detective Quackers, keeps things running, and the administrators enforce the rules, to allow for a smooth and enjoyable time.
  5. Our discord is where we post updates on the server and socialise when we aren't playing SCP.
  6. Our host also has a Patreon, so you can support Blizzard Laboratory's development. Based on how much you donate, you will recieve special gifts as a thank you from Detective Quackers. Dont feel like you have to donate. We understand many of you may not have the funds to donate, but here at BL, every little helps.
  7. SCP Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer game based on the fictional SCP Foundation, and SCP Containment Breach.
  9. <color=#0073c4>IP:</color>
  10. <color=#0073c4>Port:</color>7777
  11. <color=#0073c4>Location:</color>Finland, Helsinki
  13. <size=15>Discord: <link=""><u><b><i></i></b></u></link></size=15>
  14. <size=15>Patreon: <link=""><u><b><i></i></b></u></link> </size=15>
  16. <size=20><b>Rules:</b></size=20>
  17. 1. No advertising
  18. 2. No exploiting/cheating
  19. 3. No racism
  20. 4. Follow orders from your MTF Commanders
  21. 5. Please do not Intentionally stall the round
  22. 6. Don't suicide to bypass playing a class
  23. 7. No camping the nuke room - note that the nuke automatically goes off after 20 minutes
  24. 8. Respect Staff
  25. 9. Don't be an Arsehole
  26. 10. No excessive Mic spam - Music is okay only if it's not Ear rape
  27. 11. Staff members are permitted to kick/ban members for general harrasment/bullying
  28. 12. Users will be blocked if the server detects the person using a Vpn, and it will blacklist them
  30. If you find any issues or anyone breaking one of these rules, please report it to the Discord Group.
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