Elise's Butt Is Unloved

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  1. “I hear a man likes a lady with legs.” Elise mused. She made sure James was looking, and moved her manicured fingers to the bottom of her bulbous cheeks, lifting them up with a generous jiggle. “But your beloved Holland here… I’m certain he likes butts a lot more.”
  2. Evelynn crossed her arms, and Elise started her short journey to James, backward actually. He gawked at her round ass the whole time, and he could make out the dancing flesh with every step she took. The Queen ceased her movement when she felt his presence, and looked over to see him braced completely into the seat.
  4. Elise chuckled.
  6. “Adluc Sevarg.” She seemingly chanted.
  8. James’s lower body immediately felt cooler, and the reason why was simple; His pants were gone!
  10. “What the hell?”
  12. Elise cackled playfully. The only clothing James’s lower body had were his boxers that had a noticeable spot on the left with a bulge. The Spider Queen’s teeth clacked delightfully as she raised a finger to poke it, but James tensed up and that amused her.
  14. “Oh Holland, you seem so tense.” She cooed. Elise examined her nails, chuckling softly. “Is it the sharp nails that make you nervous?”
  15. James sighed. The Spider Queen gave him a toothy grin.
  17. “Well don’t fret my darling. I think I can ease that.”
  19. Elise proceeded to pull down James’s boxers, his erection springing up after being released from it’s confinements. Elise gawked at it, and then wetted her lips. Looking at James again, Elise turned around, revealing her peach-shaped ass. James’s cock twitched when she ran her hands over the smooth surface.
  21. The Spider Queen relished, oddly, in the reaction James was giving. She scooted back to him, peering over her shoulder as her ass obstructed her view of his member.
  23. Elise lowered herself onto his waist, and felt something solid intrude the crevice of her butt. The woman shivered, looking down again to see her bulbous rear swallowing most of James’s cock. She daintily reached down to the throbbing head, running her index finger on the surface as James resisted the urge to release a lewd moan.
  25. “Never felt an ass this good on your cock my dear Holland?” Elise cooed. “Gods, it’s so warm.” She mused before looking at Evelynn. “I see why you like him so much.”
  27. Evelynn giggled. “I’m always willing to share you know.” She purred, traversing to the pair. “But I also don’t want you to get too comfortable. He is mine after all.” She said, more possessive.
  29. Elise smirked, and she flexed her glutes around James’s cock, the cheeks more comfortable than a pillow. The Spider Queen smiled proudly, pressing her hands on her thighs and beginning to elevate and lower herself, massaging his cock with her perfect ass.
  31. “Agh…” James groaned.
  33. Evelynn walked past Elise, giving her butt a playful slap and standing over James who looked upward. The succubus smiled deviously, leaning down to give him a kiss.
  35. “Did I ever tell you darling how fucking sexy you look when you’re submissive?” She purred.
  37. James exhaled, sounding constrained. Elise’s ass continued to rub James’s cock, her toned legs not showing any sign of becoming tired. The constant assault of soft rubs by her fat ass was driving James mad and he could only fix that by letting out small groans of pleasure. Elise felt her leggings get stained by more pre, but she didn’t care. James’s cock between her doughy cheeks sparked a fire in herself, increasing her speed without realising.
  39. Evelynn chose to just watch, a content and awed smile as her friend gave the man she loved a butt-job. She watched James finally clench his teeth with a hiss, and he released loud groan of ecstasy.
  41. Elise felt the muscle grow hot, and then a warmth was felt in the crevice of her ass. James’s cock burst, coating Elise’s ass in his essence, the Spider Queen keeping her butt firmly in place as she looked over her shoulder to see his expression.
  43. Evelynn wasn’t wrong when she said he looked alluring when in such a position.
  45. “F-fuck.” James stammered.
  47. Those words with that exhausted tone made Elise’s pride elevate. She released her ass from his cock, standing up and peering at the man in the chair.
  49. “Mm, you look tired Holland. Please don’t tell me you’re ready to stop just yet?” She cooed mockingly.
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