Mankind is Yet to Recognize My Genius

Jul 14th, 2012
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  1. GTA: Gotham City
  2. Tagline: Mankind is Yet to Recognize my Genius
  5. GTA Gotham City is an open World, Sandbox Crime game written By Obsidian with art/aesthetics by Voliton, developed by Rockstar, and published by Warner Brothers. It will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles, and for the Windows operating system.. The game takes place in Batman's home city of Gotham, in a universe based on a combination of the 1992 Animated Series and Christopher Nolan's film series. The game follows "The Playa", a recently incarcerated prisoner on Ryker's Island, convicted for an unknown crime, who escapes during one of the island's many prison breaks and must climb his way up Gotham's criminal underground. The game contains elements of stealth-games, driving games, and third person shooters, and features open world gameplay and extensive customization of the character, vehicles, and his organization.
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  9. The core gameplay of GTA: GC consists or giving the player a large, open world environment in which to move around freely. On foot, the player character can walk, run, jump, climb over obstacles and swim, as well as use weapons and perform basic hand-to-hand combat. Players can steal and drive a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, Military Assault Vehicles, boats, helicopters, planes motorcycles, and jetpacks. GTA: GC takes advantage of Natural Motion's Euphoria engine, which combines artificial intelligence, bio-mechanics and physics to make open, non-linear environments that allow players to explore and choose how they wish to play the game. Although storyline missions are necessary to progress through the game and unlock certain content, they are not required, as players can complete them at their own leisure. When not attempting a storyline mission, players can free-roam, giving them the ability to do activities. Side missions such as carrying out assassinations, committing robberies, or working as a guard for supervillains are featured.
  11. The game does not contain a karma meter per se. It instead contains a rationality and sympathy meter. each meter controls how law enforcement and Batman will react to the players actions. The meters constantly change with both major and minor actions committed both in and out of story Missions.
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  13. >COMBAT
  14. A variety of ranged and melee weapons are available, many of which can be customized to suit the player's style. Some weapons can use standard bullets, but others can fire tranquilizers, ice, flames, sound, etc.
  16. The game's cover system allows the player to deftly move between cover, to fire blindly, aim freely, and target a specific enemy. Individual body parts can also be targeted. Hand-to-hand combat is also viable, with basic moves such as punching, kicking, dodging and blocking, but at higher levels, players can use moves from kung-fu, Judo, and Krav Maga to disarm opponents, break limbs, or instantly knock out or kill them.
  18. Health can temporarily be recovered with special drugs in the midst of combat, but can only be permanently recovered in hospitals or prison infirmaries.
  20. The game uses a Wanted Level system like most GTA games.
  21. 1 Star: Gotham Police are put on alert and will attempt to arrest the player if seen.
  22. 2 Stars: Gotham Police begin to actively search for the player and may shoot on sight, but will still attempt to arrest. They will be armed with Stun Guns, bean bag shotguns, and the like.
  23. 3 Stars: SWAT Team is called in. They are armed with Shotguns, assault rifles, riot shields, flash bangs, and tear gas.
  24. 4 Stars: Police Blimps with Snipers patrol the skies. If a hero is on patrol, he or she will detour to engage you.
  25. 5 Stars: Police back off. The Batsignal appears in the sky. He's coming, and so are his friends.
  27. If the player is captured or incapacitated, depending on their wanted level , rationality meters and sympathy meters, they will wake up in the infirmary of Gotham city Jail, Blackgate prison Island, or Arkham Asylum. The player can use this opportunity to make connections with incarcerated criminals (randomly ranging from street thugs to the supervillains), or to wait in his cell to be broken out by his organization or escape during one of the many, many prison breaks. No matter how far the story has progressed or how heinous the crimes, it is guaranteed that security will be utter shit.
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  29. >Customization
  31. Players can customize the name (real name, not alias) and appearance of"The Playa" at the beginning of the game while getting their mugshot taken at Blackgate Island. Appearance can also be changed at a plastic surgeon for a fee. Players can change their Sex, Race, Build, Age, Fitness, Face, Eye color, Hair (including facial hair), Make-Up, Voice (Four male options and Four Female Options), facial expression, movement style, and combat style (at first only basic brawler style is available, but kung-fu, caipoera, wrestling, judo, and krav-maga can be unlocked later).
  33. There are also a wide variety of Clothing Options available. Clothing can be bought at a variety of stores around Gotham, while costumes are customized at the player's base or given by employers. Clothing options include hats, eyewear, piercings (Ear, eyebrow, mouth, and nose), Coats, overshirts, undershirts, underwear, belts (can be upgraded to serve as utility belts), pants, shoes, and accessories (finger, gloves, wrist, Neck).
  35. Finally, if the player controls their organization, they can customize it. They can choose to hire only men or only women or a ratio. There are six slots available to create outfits for the organization to wear (this is done by selecting mannequins in the base.) The player can also control the combat style of the gang (do they use hand-to hand combat? melee weapons? guns? special weapons?). The vehicles that they drive can also be customized, but there are only three slots.
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  37. >Plot
  38. Grant Theft Auto: Gotham City follows the story of "The Playa", who was recently convicted of an unknown crime and sent to Ryker's Island. The Playa shares a cell with fellow inmate Sam Hench, a street thug with dreams of making it big. after a short conversation with Hench in which The Playa Answers questions about himself and his crime in order to establish a basic personality, sirens go off. Sam notes that it is the third Tuesday of the month, meaning that The Penguin, Bane, Mister Freeze, Two Face, and The Joker have escaped, and that his watch is three minutes slow. Bane tears their cell door open and tells them to follow him. Playa and Sam follow Bane as they attempt to escape the prison, and encounter several other villains along the way, along with many other common inmates.
  40. At the docks, Harley Quinn is seen in an Amelia Earheart-esque outfit in a WWI-era biplane, and beckons the Joker and any Jokerz to board and prepare for flight. The Joker climbs into the pilot seat, while several inmates climb into the chassis, far more than seemingly possible. The Penguin, meanwhile, boards his dilapidated luxury yacht, and promises "sacks of money" to anyone who boards with him. Two-Face climbs into a police speedboat, flips a coin, and declares that this time he will allow people to hitch a ride with him. Mr. Freeze, who has up to this point been tinkering with a fire hose, fires a blast of ice at the water and tells anyone who wishes to join him to "stop dawdling and hurry before the ice melts". Finally, Bane loudly declares that real men can swim the distance, and hops into the water and begins swimming towards the mainland, alone.
  42. Sam looks at the 5 means of escape, and says that since this is his 6th escape, and has gone with all 5, the Playa can decide who to escape with. Thus, the player can make the first decision on who he will work with.
  44. >Joker (Low rationality, Low sympathy)
  45. Upon boarding the Joker's small biplane, it is revealed that the plane is far more spacious on the inside than on the outside. He and Harley fly the biplane to the Joker's hideout in an abandoned carnival. After showing the new recruits around, he congratulates them for joining him just in time for his "Master Prank", but Harley reveals that she spent all of their money on the biplane and the costume. Frustrated, the Joker declares to the recruits that before they can be Jokerz, they must pass initiation by brnging back $1000. But they must gather the money like a Joker would. That is to say, without any kind of tact or subtlety. Joker gives them all masks and tells them that they have 24 hours. Sam suggests that they rob a bank if they have the tools, or raid an armored car.
  47. After returning with $2000, Sam and the Playa are initiated as Jokers, and given rooms in the hideout, Joker gang outfits (which can be customized), an iconic "BANG" pistol, access to the Joker Garage, where any vehicles they bring back can be customized to be jokerized, and "all of the cotton candy [they] could want". The joker sends the two on many other heists around the city, along with other Jokerz recruits. For the first few, The player only encounters Security guards and riot police, but n the fourth heist, Batman himself is waiting inside tha bank's vault. Batman easily dispatches the Jokerz thugs, but Sam and the Playa manage to escape into the getaway car.
  49. Upon returning to the Joker, he laments that Batman is back in Gotham, and that he will likely show up whenever they draw too much attention. The Joker is happy to discover that Sam and the Playa escaped, and more importantly, they managed to bring back the money. He declares that they have the makings of "comedy Geniuses". Over the course of the next few weeks, Sam and The playa are sent on a series of increasingly brazen and daring robberies, including armored cars and museums, backed by more Jokerz thugs, and occasionally a Jokerz lieutenants. Finally, The Joker says that they can accompany Harley with what he calls "The Setup". With the money that they have stolen, they purchase multiple biplanes from a mysterious supplier that the Harley only calls "Alex". Next, they raid a Wayne-enterprises chemical plant, and load up several tanker trucks with it's contents.
  51. After a week of silence, Joker finally unveils what he calls "The Punchline". His master plan is to fill crop dusters with Joker gas, and fly them over Gotham, cementing his status as the King of Comedy. Just as the planes take off, Batman flies in on his Bat-Jet, and engages the planes in a long dogfight. All plane's are shot down except for Joker and Harley's bomber plane, and Sam and the Playa's fighter planes. The Joker orders that all planes move to dump cargo over the reservoir. In a last-ditch move to stop them, Batman crashes the Bat-Jet into the three planes to bring them down. Sam, Harley, Joker, Batman, and the Playa eject and parachute onto a platform overlooking the reservoir. Batman quickly and easily dispatches Harley and Sam. After a long fight, the Joker is knocked out, and the Playa knocked over into the reservoir. The Joker is sent to Arkham Asylum, while Sam and Harly escape in the confusion. The Playa swims to the other side, and wakes up in a Gotham alley. The Playa then recieves a call from the Joker from Arkham saying that "It's been fun. Sure this joke may have fallen flat, but I have plenty more material. Feel free to call me any time. After all, what is Gotham if not a giant playground?". The Credits roll, and the Playa resumes the Game in free roam mode, with Harley and the Joker available to call as companions.
  53. >Two-Face (Low Rationality, High Sympathy)
  54. TO BE COMPLETED (/co/)
  55. >Mr. Freeze (High Rationality, High Sympathy)
  56. TO BE COMPLETED (/co/)
  57. >Penguin (High Rationality, Low Sympathy)
  58. TO BE COMPLETED (/co/)
  59. >Bane (Freelance Mercenary)
  60. TO BE COMPLETED (/co/)
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  62. >SETTING
  63. Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City takes place in the eponymous Gotham City, home of Batman. The city is divided between three large equally sized islands, a fourth, smaller island which houses Arkham Asylum, and a fifth, smaller island which houses Blackgate Prison. The city is connected to the Mainland by several bridges and tunnels; however, only locations on the coast, such as Wayne Manor, Gotham Light and Power, and Archie Goodwin International Airport are accessible.
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  65. >Main Characters
  66. GTA: GC features most of Batman's Rogue's Gallery in one way or another, as well as the Bat-Family and Batman's allies in the GCPD. Characters in the game include:
  67. -Batman
  68. -Robin (At first Dick Grayson, but later Tim Drake)
  69. -Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
  70. -Batgirl
  71. -Huntress
  72. -Alfred Pennyworth
  73. -James Gordon
  74. -Harvey Bullock, now the head of the GCPD Swat Team.
  75. -The Joker
  76. -Harley Quinn
  77. -The Penguin
  78. -Lark
  79. -Mr. Freeze
  80. -Poison Ivy
  81. -Two-Face
  82. -Catwoman
  83. -Bane
  84. -The Riddler
  85. -The Scarecrow
  86. -Ra's Al Ghul
  87. -Talia Al Ghul
  88. -Black Mask (Roman Sionis)
  89. -Clayface (Basil Karlo)
  90. -Deathstroke
  91. -Hugo Strange
  92. -Killer Croc
  93. -Solomon Grundy
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  95. >Soundtrack
  96. TO BE COMPLETED (/mu/)
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  98. >Development
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