NERV Hawaii: Leon's Intro

Jan 22nd, 2017
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  1. <Darkling> "Leon, come downstairs for breakfast please!" Marcia called. There was a hint of annoyance in her voice, that you weren't already downstairs with everyone else like a properly behaved child would be.
  2. <Leon> "Coming Mother..." Leon responds after just the right amount of time to annoy her, yet not long enough to be punished for. He doublechecks himself in the mirror one last time before a sigh. Strict dresscode. Strict rules. School at this preppy academy was almost worse, almost. He grabs his backpack and makes his way downstairs.
  3. He makes his way into the dining room and takes his usual place at the table. "Good morning Mother."
  4. <Darkling> She smiles at him, but you can hear the "Hmpf" noise she makes as she does so. His 'father' Charles was sipping coffee and reading the paper as usual and his siblings, Cindy and Thomas were sitting and simply waiting with their hands under the table.
  5. "Now that we're -all- here, you may eat." She picks up her knife and fork and begins to delicately eat her breakfast. Who knew someone could make bacon and eggs such a huge ordeal.
  6. <Leon> With the okay given Leon begins to eat his breakfast. The sooner he finishes the sooner he can get to the ride to school and away from her poorly hidden disdain.
  7. <Darkling> "Tell me," Charles starts, "What are you learning this week in class children?"
  8. <Leon> Leon just waits for Cindy and Thomas to answer first, as experience has shown that at least Mother is never happy if he does so.
  9. <Darkling> As such they do. Cindy starts telling about the class play they are preparing: a retelling of Goldilocks but as a court trial with all the animals of the forest as witness. Thomas says they are starting to just learn multiplication and division. Their mother and father both respond with "Ahhs" and "Mmms" but really nothing more.
  10. <Leon> With their says finished Leon offers up his now. "Well, an archery club was recently started and I joined it a few days ago..."
  11. <Darkling> "Mm. And who are you in the play Cindy?" Marcia interrupts.
  12. "I get to play Goldilocks!" She beams.
  13. "That's lovely dear. You'll make a wonderful Goldilocks." Marcia smiled back.
  14. <Leon>
  15. "Mother, I do /hate/ to interrupt, but I believe we are close to running late for school."
  16. <Darkling> You can see her mouth draw into a thin line. "Ah, about that." She sets her cutlery down and dabs at her mouth with her kerchief. "We have an announcement to make."
  17. As if on cue or by design, the doorbell rings. How coincidental.
  18. <Leon> Ah, that time again. Somehow Leon had been expecting it sooner considering how out rightly hostile she's been. "An announcement?"
  19. <Darkling> "Yes, just a moment." She gets up and heads to the door. Charles still hasn't looked away from his paper. At least for his part he seemed content to neither hate nor like Leon.
  20. There's some talking at the door, a very happy sounding Marcia laughing, and then the sound of shoes walking through the halls back towards the dining room.
  21. <Leon> With the dismissal from his soon to be ExMother he just goes back to finishing his breakfast. He's seen enough social workers to no longer be phased by them.
  22. <Darkling> The footsteps enter the room. "Ah, may I have your attention please." Both Cindy and Thomas stop eating and put down their cutlery to focus on Marcia. Charles simply lowers his paper to look at his wife and the guests.
  23. "These men here are from," she hesitates a moment and one of them whispers to her. "NERV. NERV? Yes NERV."
  24. <Leon> NERV. That name was not expected and so Leon hestitated briefly, stopping breakfast to look as instructed. He looks the men over and indeed, they didn't appear to be social workers. Good thing he didn't push her too far yet then.
  25. <Darkling> Both men stood behind Marcia. They were tall, broad shouldered, well dressed in matching, proper fitting, black suits with sunglasses and earpieces on. They stood quite passively, keeping quiet, but watching the table. You could note one of them was holding a briefcase.
  26. <Darkling> "They are here today as part of a incentive program for teens, and specifically for you, Leon." There was some emphasis in his name that managed to carry her ire but yet seem so sweet. "They've offered to adopt you and give you your own place to live, enroll you in a private school and offer you job placement when you graduate."
  27. <Leon> Ah, so he was still leaving, though... being adopted by a company? That was different.
  28. "So... This NERV is /adopting/ me you say?"
  29. <Darkling> "Yes." She says quite quickly, looking at the men, they both nod.
  30. <Leon> "But if this is an incentive program, then of course that still means I'm your /legal/ son, right Mother?" Leon says as he offers his mother a sly grin. Oh, she just hated those words put in that order.
  31. <Darkling> "Oh, no. No no no." She couldn't say that word enough. "They'll be taking full legal guardianship of you. Lots of paperwork, everything is sanctioned." Again both the men nod.
  32. <Leon> "I see. So this is goodbye then, Marcia? Though perhaps I should at least stay a few more days to pack and say goodbye to my classmates after all."
  33. <Darkling> "That won't be necessary. They'll be taking you today, and you have a bit of a flight ahead of you. I believe it is around 12 hours by plane?" One of the men nods. "Good. Well, you should gather the rest of your things and not keep them waiting."
  34. <Leon> Not even a slight glare from using her name? What a let down. She must be that overjoyed to ignore a jab of that strength. "12 Hours? Where exactly are we going?"
  35. <Darkling> "Well I uh," She looks to the men for help.
  36. "Hawaii." One of them says.
  37. "Ah yes, Hawaii. Hawaii? That sounds wrong. I thought you said some sort of institution with labs.." She trails off and recomposes herself. "Hawaii! You'll be in the tropics year round. Doesn't that sound nice!" You could start to hear the strain in her voice from trying to keep up her act.
  38. <Leon> Institution with labs? Suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that they'd be lying to him. "Alright, but let me finish my breakfast first then. Can't expect to go on such a long flight without a good meal, right?"
  39. <Darkling> She smiles but doesn't say anything to you, instead taking the men out of the room to talk to them, likely about getting you and your stuff out of here as fast as possible.
  40. <Leon> Well this certainly was putting a damper on things. One of the few things that helped him put up with her was imaging her reactions on this day, yet so far they were poor. Either she was that happy or her desire to look perfect in front of guests was that powerful. Well, plan B then.
  41. Leon proceeded to finish breakfast as quickly as possible then and rose from his seat, picking up his plate and heading to the kitchen. "I'll go ahead and take my dishes to the sink, as it's the least I could do for your care all this time." He said, ensuring it was loud enough to be heard by her. On his way back though he made sure to grab the keys to her car that she liked to leave in the kitchen. If he couldn't get a reaction he could see, than at least he'd ensure a lovely reaction he could envision later. Such as by misplacing her keys to, say, the sewers? So with another smirk as he passes her in the hallway Leon makes his way to his final trip to the house's bathroom.
  42. <Darkling> Well, one of the bathrooms at least. There were at least another two on this floor alone.
  43. <Leon> With the deed finished, and nothing else he could reasonably do to get back at her without looking bad to his new... sponsors? With that done, Leon made his way back to Marcia and the two Suits. "Alright, I'll go ahead and start packing then."
  44. <Darkling> You're left alone for the duration of packing up your things, you can still hear voices downstairs as you finish.
  45. <Leon> Luckily it didn't take too long to pack, as the majority of his things he left in boxes until he needed them. Happened too often to be worth the trouble, plus this way he could listen in on his /families/ to try and actually hear them say what they thought of him outloud, and so easedropping it was.
  46. <Darkling> The voices downstairs were starting to get a bit heated. "This isn't what we agreed upon" "It's alright Marcia, this will do just fine." "No it's not fine, we had a deal!"
  47. <Leon> Some incentive program. They must have been the ones the incentive was for. Though...Charles being involved was unexpected. Kinda surprising he even had a say.
  48. Well, might as well get this over with then.
  49. Leon grabs the bag with his important, personal things and heads down. "Alright, everything is packed up now, though I'll need some help getting the rest of it."
  50. <Darkling> You must have taken them by surprise as you can see the briefcase open on a table with a nominal amount of neatly stacked bills inside it. Seeing you Marcia almost throws herself on top of the briefcase to close it. The men in suits and Charles seem unmoved however.
  51. <Leon> "Wow, I'm touched. Taking out some of the family money to give me some going away spending money for the trip? You are such a great mother, aren't you?" Leon says as he sizes up the situation.
  52. <Darkling> Oh, that got under her skin, you could see her eyes smoulder. "I'm done with this!" She shouted and stormed out of the room taking the briefcase with her. Charles looks like he is about to interject and call after her as he raises a hand, but realizes he has his coffee cup in it still and takes a sip instead.
  53. "We'll help you get your things, Leon." One of the suited men says, coming up to you.
  54. <Leon> Ah, that's what he was waiting for. Though even if she had resisted money would have been a nice consolation- ah, the Suits. "Ah, alright... So I take it we're leaving straight away then?"
  55. <Darkling> They nod in unison.
  56. <Leon> Definitely not social workers. Something is off about these Suits... it's almost like a movie. Better to just move on to the next act then, so to say.
  57. "Alright then, we might as well get going then."
  58. <Darkling> ~~~~~
  59. <Darkling> You had been in Hawaii a little over two months now. It was quite the change from what you were used to, or probably expecting. You were roomed in a large house with a good sized property around it, but no rich family to drive you nuts. Instead there were people in labcoats around most of the time, poking, prodding and running a myriad of tests on you and your new roomates, a maid and cleaner to take care of your needs, and the rest of the time you were free to do whatever you wished.
  60. There even happened to be a newly built archery range on the property.
  61. <Leon> Well, off was definitely right. Though the fact that Hawaii was true was kind of surprising, but every good lie does have some truth in it supposedly. The truly surprising thing is how fast one gets used to their environments, particularly the lab tests. There is something off here, but like always he would have to be patient. If this company is willing to build an archery range for him then that means two things. One, they want something from him, and two, they've been spying on him for some time.
  62. "Still, it would be a waste not to use it I suppose..." He says to no one in particular as he readies his bow for another day of practice.
  63. <Darkling> Of course he was watched and monitored the entire time he was at the range, or doing any kind of activity other than lounging. A labcoat was watching him currently, and another was present watching Isiah, one of his roommates who tended to use the range as well.
  64. <Leon> The ever watching Coats. It really was a company that adopted me, huh? They rarely respond unless directly spoken to or they need something, so they're more like room dressing in a way. Leon goes further into the range and grabs his quiver, ready to start another daily massacre of targets.
  65. <Darkling> Isiah nodded a greeting to him as he let an arrow loose, off its mark by a bit. He was pretty athletic, but he didn't seem to have the discipline to really excel at anything. Off to the side a laboat made some notes as he stood and watched. Beyond them on some lounge chairs was Ju and Ashley sunbathing by the pool. Both seemed to have little interest in archery but they were certainly interested in the amazing weather and sun.
  66. <Leon> Leon returned Isiah's nod with a nod of his own. Truth be told it was actually kind of nice to know other people in a similar situation as himself, though whether being a lab test subject was better than being a foster kid was still waiting for a final verdict. At least the lie of getting his own place was one he was happy to have disproven.
  67. <Darkling> Everything about what was going on was very tight lipped, and when asked no one gave a response other than they weren't allowed to talk about it. You did now and then see a woman named Erika Jackson show up, she seemed to be in charge, but never really did more than check up on them and ask for results.
  68. As you line up a shot, you notice Callum wandering down range. Probably the least athletic of the group, he scratched at his stomach as he shuffled across your target.
  69. Isiah gave a shrill whistle at him to move, but all Callum did was stretch and keep on shuffling at a slow pace.
  70. <Leon> Leon tenses as Callum walks past, almost releasing the arrow because of it. Luckily for Callum though, Leon managed to keep his grip. That Callum tended to be in his own world, but whether he started like that or became like that due to the tests... that was the real question. Once Callum was safely out of the way though, Leon pushes aside the thoughts and returns to releasing his volley into the target.
  71. <Darkling> A near bullseye. You can hear pen writing on paper.
  72. "Nice shot." Isiah says.
  73. <Leon> Even relaxation was really a test, wasn't it? Well time to contribute to their research then. "Ah, thanks. I just wish I could consistently get them, you know?" Leon said with a slight smirk.
  74. <Darkling>
  75. "Still better than me." he says, letting another arrow fly, well off the mark this time. He cussed a bit under his breath.
  76. <Leon> He then prepared to take a few more shots, only this time his target wouldn't be the bullseye, but rather he would secretly aim for the lower left of the second outer ring, just for the Coats.
  77. <Darkling> Just as you're about to release the arrow, you hear a scream and a splash causing you to miss even more than you meant to, the arrow flying high over the target and sailing off into the distance. Good thing this property seemed to be away from civilization, or you might have impaled someone.
  78. <Leon> Well, similar result, I suppose. Though I'll need more practice I suppose to keep steady. Leon then glances over his shoulder towards the direction of the scream.
  79. <Darkling> You see Callum splashing and flailing in the pool. He must not have been watching where he was going and fallen in. There are a few labcoats running to help him and you can hear Isiah chuckling to himself beside you. "That boy sleeps more than anything, am I right?" He says.
  80. <Leon> "Yeah, it's kind of surprising that he can sleep so much. I mean I kinda wonder if he's asleep more than he is awake at times." Leon says as he grabs another arrow and prepares to make his previous shot.
  81. <Darkling> At this point you can see two labcoats in the pool trying to calm Callum down, one getting hit in the face by a flailing arm and blood running out of his nose. The other one jumps on Callum's back and tries to get him in some sort of hold to restrain him. The two girls have gotten up now and are watching by the poolside.
  82. It'd also be notable that Callum fell into the shallow end of the pool.
  83. <Leon> Definitely in his own world. Leon thinks to himself as he lets his next arrow fly.
  84. <Darkling> At this point a labcoat approaches the two of you at the range. "Excuse me sirs, but we need you inside in the living room for a quick meeting." He motions towards the house with a hand.
  85. <Leon> "Right, right." Leon says as he places his quiver down, taking a quick glance at the target to make sure he hit his off center target before placing his bow away and heading to the living room.
  86. <Darkling> As you head inside the coat heads off to the girls by the pool, and you can see that Callum has finally calmed down and is climbing out of the pool.
  87. <Darkling> Soon enough the rest have joined you, Callum is still dripping wet but isn't complaining, sitting on a stool chair and forming a puddle underneath himself as he dripped. Ashley and Ju have taken a seat on the couch, still in their swimsuits. Ashley smiles and gives you a small wave as you enter.
  88. <Leon> Leon smiles and returns the wave before taking a seat, taking a glance around the room to see who else was assembled.
  89. <Darkling> So far it was just you and y our roommates. None of the labcoats had shown up so far. "Any idea what this for?" Ju asked openly.
  90. <Leon> "Hard to say. They rarely tell us anything, so this is kind of a first, isn't it?"
  91. <Darkling> "Yes." She says nodding a bit exageratedly. Her english was slowly getting better. As you understood she jsut started learning on her way over here from Japan.
  92. <Leon> He nods. "Well, I imagine they'll tell us soon. If they're anything, it's quick, direct, and efficent."
  93. <Darkling> One of the labcoats enters with a well dressed man who seems to be trying to explain something. "Here for Lee-on." The man says, somehow managing to butcher your name.
  94. The labcoat seems frustrated. "Yes, you've told me that five times now." He huffs and stops in front of the gathered.
  95. <Leon> Leon just sizes the man up, deciding to keep quiet for now.
  96. It's never a good sign when someone is looking for you, or at least it never is for Leon.
  97. <Darkling> "This is Leon here." The labcoat pointed to you. "I'll leave you to it." He said as he hurried off, obviously not wanting to help more than was minimally necessary.
  98. <Leon> Well, that's the Coats for you. Quick, Direct, and Efficient.
  99. <Darkling> "Ah. Lee-on." The man leans forward. "Am Felipe. Am driver. You come."
  100. <Leon> "I'm going where, exactly?"
  101. <Darkling> "To house. I drive. Get things and come." His short sentences were followed by pauses as he thought the next one out.
  102. <Leon> "House... are you saying I'm moving?"
  103. <Darkling> "Yes, yes. You go to house with others. Rest stay." He waves his hands at the rest of your roommates as he says this and is greeted by raised eyebrows and questioning looks.
  104. <Leon> Two months. That's probably a new record if it counts. Probably a good thing he's barely unpacked then.
  105. "Why am I being moved, exactly?"
  106. <Darkling> To this he kind of shrugs. "Miss Jackson approve move. We follow Miss Jackson orders. Others move too, you meet them."
  107. After a moment of thought he adds: "House nicer too, you like."
  108. <Leon> Nicer house... that's definitely bad.
  109. Must mean that whatever they are testing for, Leon is passing.
  110. <Darkling> Ashley and Ju are whispering to each other now, Callum appears to be asleep and still dripping. Isiah hasn't stopped paying attention though.
  111. "You get clothes. Other things moved later. Am waiting outside." Felipe says and turns on his heel to do just that.
  112. <Leon> "Well... huh. Certainly not the news I was expecting. Despite the Coats and tests, it wasn't really that bad here."
  113. <Darkling> "I don't think any of us expected this." Isiah says. "But it is just as mysterious as anything else they've done." Ashley and Ju get up and head upstairs.
  114. <Leon> "Well, I suppose I should go pack then. Probably shouldn't keep the mysterious Boss Lady waiting." Leon says before getting up and heading for his room to get his bag of personables and clothing ready.
  115. <Darkling> Isiah nods. "It was nioe to know you for this time."
  116. While you are packing in your room upstairs you hear a knock at the door.
  117. <Leon> "Hmm? Come in."
  118. <Darkling> No answer.
  119. <Leon> Well that's not suspicious at all. He grabs his backback and heads to the door, opening it.
  120. <Darkling> There's an envelope tacked to the door. It reads "For Leon. Open when you are feeling like you can't go on."
  121. <Leon> Ominous. Likely another test... or something. At the very least something to think of later. Best to meet the new situation sooner than later. So he places it away into the backpack and heads out to meet up with Felipe.
  122. <Darkling> Ashley, Ju and Isiah are downstairs to bid you a final fairwell, each of the girls giving you a hug and Isiah a handshake. Outside Felipe is waiting beside a black limo. "Ah, there is Lee-on." He opens to door to the dark interior.
  123. <Leon> Go figure. It took a company who viewed them as nothing more than test subjects to find a decent place to live. And just as quickly they decide to take it away. "Yep, here I am. I suppose we should be going then. To yet another new beginning."
  124. And so into the limo Leon goes.
  125. <Darkling> ===========End===========
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