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  1. I would appreciate if Dylan didn’t continue to lie about the situation with FamiCon 2016. I say lie because he’s had the situation explained to him multiple times, stated he understood it, then continued spreading very blatant mistruths about it. We spoke about it over the phone the week before FamiCon 2017 as I was explaining to him all the things Joe had done to screw us over and that we would not be working with him again after that event.
  3. Since it seems it needs explaining AGAIN, I’ll go ahead and do so. The head TO of FamiCon 2016 was Chi (long before Chi and I had any official connection) with Joe obviously being the convention owner. Chi and I found an Airbnb that could house all of our staff, top players, and FamiCon staff together for a much lower price than all those rooms at a hotel. Chi asked Joe if we could do this and *thought* he got approval for it, which is where the miscommunication happened. I don’t know to what extent the blame should fall between Chi and Joe for that miscommunication, but the important part is that’s where it happened, between the convention owner and the head TO of the convention.
  5. So with Chi stating Joe's approval for it, we got the Airbnb as planned. We housed our 3 staff, Sami, n0ne, Chi, the Smash 4 TO, and another guy all on our bill with the promise it’d get reimbursed later. The whole point is it was saving Joe money after all. Then after the event we learn that Joe’s refusing to pay for it, leaving the streamer footing the $550 bill for not only ourselves but the head staff and top players. This was for a miscommunication between convention staff that we didn’t even have a part in.
  7. I’ve seen the screenshots of the conversation between Chi and Joe since and it was definitely ambiguous on both sides. It’s a bad miscommunication, but I would think it’d be obvious that a $550 bill resulting from an error *between* FamiCon staff shouldn’t have to be paid by a third party who didn’t even have a part in the mistake.
  9. We were supposed to be paid $350 but Joe gave me $300 cash. I was new and naive so I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to mess up a relationship over just $50. $50 turned into **$700** when it turns out he wouldn’t pay for anything. We were supposed to go positive $350, and between housing and gas I went negative $350.
  11. Again being new and naive I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to jeopardize future events. Randomly losing $700 on the first event I ever did as a college student should’ve been a much bigger deal, but I swept it under the rug because there were bigger things on the horizon. So I’m sure you can imagine it’s then a kick to the gut when I find out Dylan’s been going around actively lying about the situation since, along with countless other things.
  13. *Apparently* we got to the hotel, didn’t think it was up to our standards(?), then got an Airbnb instead *night of* (that’s possible??), and then told Joe he should pay for it. Yep, that’s totally what happened. Apparently our entire staff, top players, FamiCon head staff, and more just decided night of we were going to get an Airbnb because we didn’t like the hotel. The fact that Dylan thinks anyone could even believe this is beyond laughable.
  15. Since I’m here, I may as well use the opportunity to remind Dylan of the very last message I ever sent to him, reminding him 6 months later that he still needed to pay me for all of the branding, graphics, and promotion for BMR2. He agreed in person at Function(2) to pay me $100 for all of it. I know, new and naive and all that so I agreed to do it for practically pennies to the hour. Apparently that was too much for him though.
  17. I appreciate that Dylan’s now finally cutting off the person who caused *most* of the wrongdoings surrounding FamiCon and BMR2, but that does not in any way absolve him from his own significant wrongdoings, especially when he continues doing them to this day. Dylan knows very well everything that Joe did wrong, and he told me multiple times he didn’t agree with Joe’s antics. Dylan of course decided to stay where the quick and easy money was, despite knowing fully well who and what he was dealing with and that the community want nothing to do with him.
  19. He then took it a step further by lying to the community, not just about this but about numerous other issues. This includes him deleting comments on the Facebook page of people he disagreed with and lying to the other admins about it when confronted (not realizing of course that Facebook keeps a log of it). I get sent screenshot after screenshot of Dylan’s lies about us, and I’ve stayed relatively quiet about it outside of private conversation until recently while Dylan continues spreading blatant lies in here and elsewhere. I don’t doubt that Dylan was once in it for the community, but I hope it’s painfully obvious that those days are long, long gone.
  21. As for Joe, I’ve only scratched the surface of everything he’s done. Some of the lies were just comical, like him telling me BMR2 had only 320 players and not a single spectator as that was the basis of my payment. Yep, not a single spectator showed up to BMR2 according to Joe Scott, and the person who did *all* of the logistics isn’t going to remember how many players there are. Dylan and Joe also decided it’d be a good idea to take my BMR2 design, which I still haven’t been paid for to this day, and sell it for profit on shirts without the designer even knowing, let alone having a cut. It’s definitely bittersweet seeing my design everywhere when I’m at events after I was so proud of it and then got taken advantage of.
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