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  1. It has been almost three years ago when we published the first version
  2. of the Genode OS Framework. Since then, our ongoing commitment and
  3. dedication to bring forward this technology has proven our project to
  4. be sustaining and constantly evolving. Moreover, to our delight, the
  5. last year has shown that the potential behind our project receives
  6. increasing recognition by people outside the inner circle of the
  7. Genode and L4 communities. This gives us more than enough reasons to
  8. celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Genode together with you! Let's
  9. gather for a barbecue and a campfire on
  11.   19th of August, 6 pm near Moritzburger Str. 1 in Dresden
  13. http://maps.google.de/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=103318122554571178078.00046fb68de981c60ca9e&ll=51.071531,13.721988&spn=0.005002,0.010858&z=17
  15. We'd be happy about everyone who feels related to Genode to join us at
  16. the wonderful location nearby the river, enjoying both vegetarian and
  17. non-vegetarian barbecue and beverages. If you plan to attend, please
  18. leave a short note until 17th of August at
  20.   info@genode-labs.com
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