Crawle 0.8.0 Changelog

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  1. ---------------
  2. 0.7.0 --> 0.8.0
  3. ---------------
  6. - Combining two pieces of bear fur will create Unsewn Garments.
  7. - Combining Unsewn Garments with string will create Bear Fur Garments.
  8. - Sanity can now be lost during the night if not in a house or building.
  9. - Added a new "on-death" track.
  10. - Your cause of death is now displayed in the death menu.
  11. - Berries on fruit bushes will now eventually grow back.
  12. - Added temperatures. Having a high/low temperature leads to lethal side effects.
  13. - Food can now be used to increase your temperature.
  14. - Blackouts will now cause your temperature to drop.
  15. - You can now destroy stumps by continuing to chop at them.
  16. - Added roots. They have a chance of dropping after chopping at a stump.
  17. - Weak medicine can now be made using leaves and a root. It has a chance of curing diseases.
  18. - Grass tufts can now be taken from tall grass. Tufts+Weak Medicine creates (mild) Medicine.
  19. - Added a new "night-time" track.
  20. - Using a branch on any sharp tool will now give a Carved Stick.
  21. - Combining a Carved Stick and a Branch will make a Walking Stick.
  22. - Walking Sticks prevent the energy loss when walking with low-health legs.
  23. - Pinecones can now drop from trees. They can be used to refuel fires.
  24. - You can now light stumps on fire to destroy them using right-click.
  25. - Added a sanity graphic (the darker the screen goes, the lower your sanity).
  26. - Standing around a fire will now increase your sanity.
  27. - Added rain. Rain will put out fires, grow seeds and effect your body temperature.
  28. - A travelling merchant will now appear randomly in the world.
  29. - Updated the main menu.
  30. - Added a blackout menu (similar to the death menu).
  31. - Added a graphic to signify getting hit.
  32. - Added notification messages for when you're low on hunger, thirst, energy and sanity.
  33. - Chat log lines will now fade out after ~30 seconds.
  34. - Forges and Anvils now spawn in villages.
  35. - You can now use Forges to smelt ores into ingots.
  36. - The screen now flashes when cutting trees/catching fish.
  37. - Damage numbers are now displayed for players.
  38. - You can now use Anvils to turn your ingots into armour and weapons.
  39. - Swamp water now generates in swamps.
  40. - You can now mine ore veins that spawn randomly in the world.
  42. # CHANGES
  43. - Only ranged attacks can now be charged up.
  44. - Energy is now lost when walking with low-health legs.
  45. - Reduced the lifetime of fires.
  46. - Renamed "ash" to "ashes".
  47. - Increased the chance of finding worms in dirt.
  48. - Fixed the amount of swings it takes for different axes to cut down trees.
  49. - Reduced the amount of rocks, branches, fruitbushes, animals and chests in Unforgiving mode.
  50. - Removed NPC health bars.
  51. - Removed tree health bars.
  52. - Cracks can now also be opened using your off-hand weapon.
  53. - Animals can now also be skinned using off-hand weapons & axes.
  54. - Greatly reduced the miss rate in combat.
  55. - Updated the Fishing Rod graphic.
  56. - Main hand weapons now render above off hand weapons.
  57. - Redesigned the main menu to include more links.
  58. - Several menu clean ups and changes.
  59. - Optimised collision detection significantly.
  60. - Tall grass no longer generates in swamps.
  61. - Diseases can now only be caught in the overworld.
  63. # FIXES
  64. - Fixed various performance issues caused by the interaction cursor.
  65. - Fixed the birds chirping at night (they should be sleeping!)
  66. - Fixed arrows shooting in the wrong direction.
  67. - Fixed not being able to see item descriptions in trades for non-blindmode worlds.
  68. - Fixed not being able to remove player and npc items in trades.
  69. - Fixed durability not being taken from axes when cutting down trees.
  70. - Fixed axes not doing the proper amount of damage.
  71. - Fixed blackouts not being initiated when losing energy from diseases.
  72. - Fixed the resolutions not being the correct size.
  73. - Fixed a subscript out of range error caused by planting seeds.
  74. - Fixed the blank right-click menu when right-clicking a fully harvested corpse.
  75. - Fixed examine messages not being cleared when relogging.
  76. - Fixed landmarks transferring between worlds.
  77. - Fixed walking animations still playing while Crawle is not the focused window.
  78. - Fixed the black background and positioning on the keybindings menu.
  79. - Fixed not being able to move after logging out during a blackout.
  80. - Fixed the walking animation playing during blackouts.
  81. - Fixed the GUI not respositioning when switching to fullscreen.
  82. - Fixed getting an error whilst eating next to a building.
  83. - Fixed emotes not working in buildings.
  84. - Fixed the server console not responding properly.
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