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  1. Twilight Sparkle and Pinky Pie are two magical ponies who have been friends since they were fillies. They have been through a lot together, including selflessly sacrificing their magic to save the town from a fire, been to the most prestigious school in Equestria, and saved Princess Twilight from a terrible fate. Everything they have gone through has only strengthened their friendship, even though Twilight Sparkle is now capable of magic again.
  2. One day, Pinky Pie comes across a message on her mirror portal from Twilight Sparkle. The message reads "I'm sorry it had to be this way." It appears as if Princess Twilight is trying to talk to her former best friend without being seen by her subjects.
  3. Pinky Pie immediately jumps on the mirror portal and confronts her former best friend about the message. To both ponies' surprise, another pony appears on the other end of the mirror portal; unfortunately it isn't Princess Twilight but instead an enemy of all ponies: Nightmare Moon! Whenever Nightmare Moon appears in the sky the people of Equestria panic and hide in a state of fear. Nighttime in Equestria is a time when nothing moves and nothing lives.
  4. Pinkie Pie: What's wrong with you?
  5. Nightmare Moon: I'm trying to stop you from ruining everything!
  6. Pinkie Pie: Well, I'm not going to let you!
  7. Nightmare Moon holds up a letter.
  8. There is a letter from the council.
  9. "Dear Princess Twilight," Nightmare Moon reads. "We, the council, have been in deep discussion all night and have come to a decision that Nightmare Moon is the only one who can save Equestria from its terrible fate."
  10. A shot of the council is shown.
  11. "Therefore," Nightmare Moon continues, "we ask you to send a delegation of your most trusted friends to join us."
  12. Pinkie Pie: We’re not your friends!
  13. Nightmare Moon: I don't understand. If you're not friends, then why did you want to come to the party?
  14. Pinkie Pie: It was about time this party was crashed.
  15. Nightmare Moon: You came because you wanted to ruin my party?
  16. Princess Twilight: We would never want to ruin your party.
  17. Pinkie Pie: I don’t understand Twilight, what’s going on?
  18. Twilight Sparkle: I don’t know, but I need to find out.
  19. Pinkie Pie is deeply confused and scared. Why does it seem like her friend is choosing Nightmare Moon over her?
  20. Pinkie Pie has always been such a cheerful and happy pony. But ever since she saw her friend Twilight Sparkle becoming friends with Nightmare Moon, she's been having trouble dealing. At first, Pinkie Pie thought that Nightmare Moon was just another one of Twilight's friends. But the more time that the two spend together, the less time there is for Pinkie Pie. And now it seems like they're coming for our jobs.
  21. A young chad stallion breaks through Pinkie Pie's door, his eyes keenly scanning the room. Spotting the mirror portal he walked over to it and placed his left hoof on the surface. He felt a tingling sensation as he felt like his hand was sinking into the mirror as it transported him to another world.
  22. Chad Stallion: It’s a trap Pinkie Pie, you need to run!
  23. —Chad Stallion, "Pinkie Pie's Fun is My Job"
  24. It's a trap Pinkie Pie, you need to run!
  25. —Chad Stallion, "Pinkie Pie's Fun is My Job"
  26. Chad Stallion is a popular online content creator. His first book, "Pinkie Pie's Fun is My Job" will be released on October 31st.
  27. Pinkie Pie watched in horror as Chad Stallion got sucked into the mirror. As he was pulled in, he reached out for her, but she shouted "I'm sorry, Chad! I can't save you!" and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, he was gone.
  28. The mirror shattered into tiny pieces, glass particles flying everywhere! Pinkie Pie’s heart jumped out of her chest at the sight of the dangerous terror.
  29. Pinkie Pie knew what she needed to do, she had to save her friend.
  30. Pinkie Pie had just seen her friend taken away by the evil Pony of Shadows. She knew she had to save him, but how? She walked through the door that appeared out of nowhere and into a dimly lit room where the Pony of Shadows was standing. The room suddenly lit up, revealing colorful rooms that stretched on for what seemed like forever.
  31. There are many worlds beyond our own, but not all are as pleasant as they seem. The world of Underneath is one such place. It's a realm that exists just beneath our own, but it's more than just an alternate dimension. There are many worlds beyond our own, but not all are as pleasant as they seem. The world of Underneath is one such place. It's a realm where the sun shines perpetually, and nothing ever seems to change. Nighttime in Equestria is a time when nothing moves and nothing lives.
  32. The stars and moon shine down brightly on the world below, casting their light across the land.
  33. What does pinkie pie say in this dire situation?
  34. Her catchphrase is "Howdy, everypony!"
  35. What is the name of the dog in My Little Pony?
  36. His name is Spike!
  37. There was a pony in the corner of the room, she seemed more like a shadow, and her voice quavered as she made herself known.
  38. She had a dark coat with dapples of brown and black. Her mane and tail were the same dark colors as her coat.
  39. She looked at us with her sad, dark eyes.
  40. "Who are you?" Pinkie Pie asked the dark pony.
  41. "I am the Pony of Shadows," the pony said. "I am a creature of pure darkness, and I have come to destroy everything in my path. I have found out that you have a friend who turned into a shadow and she is being interrogated by Nightmare Moon."
  42. "We have to save her," Pinkie Pie said.
  43. "Of course," said the Pony of Shadows. "Follow me."
  44. Pinkie Pie did.
  45. Chad Stallions cries could be heard from the hollows below but nopony paid attention.
  46. Chad Stallions was a man who had it all. He was handsome, talented, and successful. But he was also broken. Beneath the surface, Chad had no idea what his purpose in life was and he eventually gave up on life. This is why nopony paid attention.
  47. The Pony of Shadows spoke to the stupid Pinkie Pie.
  48. “Ever since the first night Nightmare Moon appeared, I've been having bad dreams. Most of them are about Nightmare Moon, but one was about Twilight Sparkle.”
  49. “As I slept soundly on my bed, I dreamt I was in the throne room with Twilight Sparkle on one side and Nightmare Moon on the other. The room was lit with blue-tinged light. I walked around to see what they were doing.”
  50. “I saw that Twilight Sparkle had her back to me and all of her head besides the eyes was darkened like a shadow silhouette. The silhouette then turned its head to look at me and she spoke. Her voice sounded like it came from a distance, but I knew it was her voice because she said "Hello." It sounded like she was nervous or scared, but before I could say anything Nightmare Moon spoke to me from the other side of the room where she has been sitting.”
  51. "Do you want to take a closer look?" she asked in a voice that was cold and emotionless.
  52. Pinkie Pie was enthralled.
  53. I'm a young girl who has had the worst of luck. I get sick all the time, I failed my high school finals, and my best friend drowned in a boating accident. But this is story of how I found out it wasn't all bad.
  54. I was sitting at home watching TV when my phone rang. I picked up and there was no one on the other end. I decided to throw it against the wall when it rang again, but this time there was someone on the other end. A voice said hello and it sounded like she was nervous or scared, but before I could say anything Nightmare Moon spoke to me from the other side of the room where she has been sitting. "Do you want to take a closer look?". She then turned into an ominous-looking pony with an evil grin on her face. It took all of my guts to stay on the phone with her as she asked me what made me happy and if anyone loved me. "Only one person," I replied with tears in my eyes. "You."
  55. Suddenly it all made sense to Pinkie Pie!
  56. Pinkie Pie and Pony of Shadows shared a laugh and a hug and then Pinkie Pie continued her adventures.
  57. The Pony of Shadows continued her story of how she had a dream, or a phone call or something, maybe.
  58. Pony of Shadows: "I'm sure you're all wondering what happened to the Pony of Shadows after she left Ponyville. Well, she just continued her adventures right? She met all the other ponies and spent time with them. She was so happy because she finally had friends she could be herself around."
  59. Pinkie Pie: "Yeah, I remember that. She helped the other ponies solve their problems and made them really happy. She even helped an old pony in a hospital!"
  60. Pony of Shadows: "That was Nightmare Moon, we fell in love, but now she’s with Princess Twilight."
  61. The pony of shadows made a face, so sad and full of pain.
  62. "I have no choice but to watch" She said.
  63. "I have no choice but to watch you steal the love of my life. But it's not your fault Twilight. I'm not angry with you, don't feel guilty. You are just fulfilling your destiny."
  64. There was a door in the middle of the hallway.
  65. It had a sign that said 'I am a door.'
  66. All of sudden, Pinkie Pie found an old door with a sign that said 'I am a door.' in the middle of the hallway.
  67. Pinkie Pie: What's that door?
  68. Pony of Shadows: Oh, that's just the door.
  69. Pinkie Pie: What's behind the door?
  70. Pony of Shadows: There's no telling what could be behind it.
  71. Pinkie Pie: But what if I opened the door and found something amazing?
  72. Pony of Shadows: You don't know until you open it.
  73. Pinkie Pie: But what if it's dangerous?
  74. Pony of Shadows: You don't know until you open it.
  75. Pinkie Pie opens the strange door.
  77. ---- TO BE CONTINUED ----
  78. Pinkie Pie: And inside is a whole bunch of toys!
  79. Everypony: Ohh!
  80. Pinkie Pie: And a Pinkie Pie!
  81. Everypony: Awww!
  82. And another door. But what was behind the door door? Pinkie Pie asked the second Pinkie Pie about the new door and where it leads.
  83. "I don't know," Pinkie Pie said.
  84. "What?" Pinkie Pie said, confused.
  85. "I like to think about the door door," Pinkie Pie said. "I like when there's a door to something you don't know what's behind it."
  86. “I can’t understand your line of reasoning at all, and I know it all too well. The last door lead me to you!” Pinkie Pie said to the other Pinkie Pie.
  87. “I think we should find the next door and see if it leads to me,” Pinkie Pie said to the other Pinkie Pie.
  88. “I think we should find the next door and see if it leads to me,” Pinkie Pie said to the other Pinkie Pie.
  89. “It can’t because everypony is on this side of the door.” The Pony of Shadows explained to the children that is was their night, and they had no need for light.
  90. "I'm not talking to you"
  91. Correct answer.
  92. The three ponies gathered at the new door within the door, and stared with anticipation. Would there be toys behind this one? Perhaps a new original character?
  93. Welcome to the third installment of an animated children's story. In this chapter, the three ponies get their first glimpse of what is beyond the new door within the door.
  94. As the Pony of Shadows approached the door, they opened it carefully and quietly.
  95. They found inside a number of ponies, some lying on the floor, others sitting or standing. All of them were wearing some form of leather or metal body armor, and many had some form of weapon at their side. The Pony of Shadows looked around until they found one pony who seemed to be in charge. They were the only one who had their helmet off, and they stood out from the rest.
  96. "What are you doing here?" she demanded.
  97. "I came, so I must stop.” replied the pony in charge.
  98. Pinkie Pie 1: I am Pinkie Pie.
  99. The Pony of Shadows: I am the Pony of Shadows.
  100. Pinkie Pie A: I am Pinkie Pie.
  101. Pony in charge: I am the pony in charge, my name is Rainbow Dash.
  102. Pinkie Pie 1: Oh, hello! Nice to meet you!
  103. Pinkie Pie A: Hi! It's nice to meet you too!
  104. The Pony of Shadows: ...
  105. Another of the ponies in metal armor is shouting orders at a group of armored ponies. The other ponies in metal armor are carrying a large, golden chest.
  106. The protagonists are walking their way through a room full of armored ponies. They come to a door that leads into the next room. The door is locked, but one of the ponies in metal armor shouts out an order to open the door before the protagonists are able to get there.
  107. The door is locked and the ponies in metal armor seem to be too preoccupied to open it
  108. Billy: "The door is locked and the ponies in metal armor seem to be too preoccupied to open it"
  109. Lilly: "We'll have to find another way in."
  110. Billy: "I don't think there is one. There doesn't seem to be any windows at all."
  111. Lilly: "We can't give up. Let’s ask Rainbow Dash and her new friends.
  112. The first pinkie pie is very angry and shouting at the second pinkie pie.
  113. The second pinkie pie is standing there, staring at the first pinkie pie, not saying anything.
  114. Pinkie Pie A: "I-I don't know. I never thought about it."
  115. Pinkie Pie 1: "You're right. There is none."
  116. Billy: "It would seem they are quite proud of their absence."
  117. The protagonists Billy and Lilly go and search for another route, leaving the ponies to their absence with a sense of relief.
  118. The room was dark and dank. The floor was covered in puddles of stagnant water. An old, rusted metal table with a gaping hole in the center of it stood in the center of the room.
  119. It had been a long time since anybody had come into the room, and it showed. The water that had pooled on the floor was stagnant and full of refuse. The table's surface was covered in rust and dirt and there was a hole in the middle where the ponies placed the large, golden crest.
  120. Rainbow Dash looked at her new group.
  121. The first pony is curled up on the ground trying to hide from all the sadness. She is a brave girl who is not afraid of her emotions, but she sometimes needs time to herself. The other two ponies are looking at the first pony.
  122. Rainbow Dash: “So what is your quest? Mine was to get a golden crest and come until I stop.”
  123. The Pony of Shadows pulled out of her depression long enough to utter a single word:
  124. "Echo…"
  125. Rainbow Dash: “Oh! You want to cure Twilight Sparkle? That's an admirable goal. I'm sure she'll be very grateful for your help.”
  126. Pinkie Pie A: “Twilight Sparkle was in the throne room, looking at the mirror when it shattered.”
  127. Pony of Shadows: Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not in the mood to be up all night.
  128. Rainbow Dash: Agreed. Let's head back to the castle so we can get some shut-eye.
  129. Pinkie Pie 1: You two go on ahead, we'll catch up.
  130. Twilight Sparkle: Are you sure?
  131. Pinkie Pie A: Just go on ahead. We'll be there soon.
  132. Rumors of Chad Stallion, the stallion who had apparently left his 3 wives for a new mare, were making waves in Ponyville. This caused Pinkie Pie 1 to wonder if she was "good enough" for her 3 other husbands. Pinkie Pie A knew exactly what she needed.
  133. Everyone does not want Pinkie Pie 1 to leave. But Pinkie Pie A knew she had to. Because Pinkie Pie 1 loved him and wanted to be with him. Pinkie Pie 1 had heard rumors of Chad Stallion, which make her question the validity of her relationship with the other 3 ponies.
  134. Pinkie Pie 1 was then consumed by the Pinkie Pie Party, leaving only Pinkie Pie.
  135. Pinkie Pie catches up with the group and Rainbow dash inquires where she hid the body
  136. Rainbow Dash: “Where Pinkie Pie Hid the Body?”
  137. Pinkie Pie: “The body is buried in the apple orchard.”
  138. Rainbow Dash is concerned.
  139. -She's a bit worried about the future.
  140. -She's a bit worried about her friends.
  141. -She thinks she might want to go back in time and stop Applejack from doing it.
  142. The ponies flap their wings and take off into the sky, flying back to the castle, led by a concerned but understanding Rainbow Dash.
  143. ——
  144. The ground shook with the footsteps of Twilight Sparkle, who was marching down the path to the library with a definite purpose in mind.
  145. "I'm coming to talk to you!"
  146. The library door opened slowly, revealing Spike. "I'm not really up for company right now, Twilight."
  147. Twilight's voice softened. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to see how you were doing."
  148. Spike sighed. "I'm actually doing alright. Again... I don't know what the big deal is, it's just another day."
  149. "Spike, stop! Don't come any closer!"
  150. Spike walks up to her and starts sniffing her.
  151. "Spike, what are you doing?"
  152. "I'm just checking you out, you smell kind of funky."
  153. Twilight doesn't know what to say and instead ruffles his head fur.
  154. "You're a good boy, Spike."
  155. “I’m a dragon, not a dog.” Spike said absentmindedly.
  156. Why does Twilight Sparkle smell funky?
  157. She is made of shadows.
  158. ——
  159. Nightmare Moon has been waiting for a long time. In the meantime, Luna is away from Equestria, and she can't wait to take her throne back. She has a dark plan to take over Equestria and banish all ponies from this world.
  160. First, she must find the location of the Elements of Harmony. She sends her henchmen to find it, but so far they have failed to find it. But they will keep on trying until they do.
  161. She will also need help with taking over Equestria, so she sends her henchmen to watch the ponies' dreams at night to find out what they are planning. They know how important sleep is so they don't want to risk waking them - but instead they'll just disrupt their dreams just enough that they'll remember some things that happened in said dream while still dreaming deep enough that they can't wake up or focus on it when awake.
  162. They're having some difficulty
  163. A young pony has a nightmare, where Nightmare Moon did an evil villain monologue. The next day, life was happy and normal. They go to school and so on. But this time, the teacher had Nightmare Moon's voice.
  164. This continues until all of their friends are ponies that look like someone they knew before but were actually Nightmare Moon in disguise. The protagonist Billy then wakes up in their bedroom to find that they're not dreaming anymore. His sheets are sticky with shame. He does not want Lilly to see his naked body.
  165. The Pony of Shadows had a dream one day, in which she saw the truth. Nightmare Moon is in love with Twilight Sparkle, not her. This is a big problem for Nightmare Moon. The pony of shadows is a problem for nightmare moon because he has the ability to create malicious copies of ponies that can reform and attack again.
  166. Through careful analysis, it was revealed that Pinkie Pie had been compromised by a malicious copy of herself. This wasn't the first time either, as you will find out further in this story.
  167. The throne room was dim and lit by a single candle. Pinkie Pie, The Pony of Shadows, and Rainbow Dash burst in.
  168. "Surrender now!" cried out Rainbow Dash as she charged towards Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike.
  169. "Give up the power!" barked out The Pony of Shadows.
  170. Nightmare Moon flew high in the air and bellowed with immortal fury. The trio tried to attack Twilight Sparkle but before they could get close, the trap sprung up from under them and sent them flying away. Spike took out a magical barrier as Rainbow Dash tried to take off before the three could recover from their fall. They all crashed into it head first and dropped to the ground knocked out cold.
  171. Spike looks at his unconscious friends.
  172. He looked at them and sighed with relief. For a moment he did not know why.
  173. Spike suddenly realizes that the position of the worst character in this franchise is reserved for him. He goes through each of his characteristic features and finds that he not only has the least amount of them, but also none of them are positive. For example, he has no wings, his tail hangs low, he has no horn or magical abilities, his voice is squeaky, and others can't understand what he's saying. He wonders why he was chosen to be the worst character in the My Little Pony franchise.
  174. Then, later on in life when Spike meets Discord again, he remembers all the times they had together when Discord made changes to Spike's physical appearance. Spike begins to wonder if maybe it was because Discord loved him so much that he wanted to make him unique and different among all the other ponies.
  175. Spike watched the peaceful pinkie pie while she lay there. Suddenly, her eyes morphed into an evil yellow and she grew horns. He grew scared and watched her get more and more demonic and scary with every second. He can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with his pony friend.
  176. “Twilight Sparkle!” cried out Spike.
  177. “What are you doing?”
  178. Twilight Sparkle answered, “I don’t know. But I know what I have to do.
  179. Years ago a small town was being terrorized by a demonic pink pony who speaks in riddles. The pony has so far killed four people, all local teens. Twilight Sparkle, an outcast, finds the pony close to the next victim and runs away with it to get help. She finds that its power to speak in riddles is gone.
  180. Twilight Sparkle finds the others two towns over and tells them what's going on. They go back to help him but are all killed by the horse. The demon's power of speaking in riddles returns and it promises them that they will find what is coming next if they go into the woods with him. They go and find their friend: Spike the dragon, who is captured and strapped up to a rock for sacrifice as he spoke in riddles and they now know who their real enemy is!
  181. Pinkie Pie is an incredibly powerful entity. Her power is often underestimated by others, because of her cheerful appearance. Though she is often seen as just a harmless party pony, she is actually much more than that. She is in fact a powerful beast, who can beat Nightmare Moon by herself."
  182. Pinkie Pie teleports behind Nightmare Moon, her eyes glowing with a hidden power.
  183. Nightmare moon thinks about her abilities and wonders what they could do in a time when Pinkie Pie was behind her.
  184. 1. Able to cast a spell that can turn ponies into stone.
  185. 2. Able to cast a spell that can make the sky go dark.
  186. 3. Able to cast a spell that can shapeshift her body into a physical representation of terror and fear.
  187. Number chosen is 2
  188. The night sky suddenly goes dark as Pinkie Pie gleefully stomps her hoof, her grin stretching from ear to ear as she does.
  189. Pinkie Pie is back, and she's ready to take over Ponyville! She has no fear of Nightmare Moon because she knows that the Mare in the Moon is good and kind.
  190. Pinkie Pie: You know, we've had a lot of talks, and I know we're not exactly on the same side, but I think we both want the same thing.
  191. But I don't think you're getting what you want.
  192. Nightmare Moon: What do you mean?
  193. Pinkie Pie: You want ponies to be scared of you, right? They're not.
  194. Nightmare Moon: Yes. What about it?
  195. Pinkie Pie: Well just look, everypony's happy!
  196. Nightmare Moon looks over.
  197. Twilight Sparkle has shackled Spike to a rock
  198. Twilight Sparkle shined her magic around the shackles around Spike's neck, making sure they were tight enough. She turned to Rarity and said, "You're sure you can do this?"
  199. Rarity nodded, "I can't wait! I'm so excited!"
  200. Twilight chuckled, "You sure you don't want to do this yourself? It's not very easy."
  201. Rarity shook her head, "Nope.
  202. Unsafe parameters encountered.
  203. Pony of shadows is watching her lover being taunted by pinkie pie
  204. She yearns to save him
  205. But her hooves are tied up because she is unconscious.
  206. Her eyes are full of tears
  207. Nightmare Moon has had enough of pinkie pie and tells her what she really feels.
  208. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me feel bad, but it won't work. I'm not like you. I don't want to make people feel happy."
  209. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me feel bad, but it won't work. I'm not like you. I don't want to make people feel happy."
  210. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me feel bad, but it won't work because I'm a strong and independent woman.”
  211. Nightmare Moon shoots a petrification beam at the monstrous Pinkie pie's head.
  212. The beam hits Pinkie Pie and she is turned to stone.
  213. I hope this was helpful!
  214. Nightmare Moon turns to look at everypony as they plead for their lives. Spike is very uppity. Suddenly she hears the voice behind her say this riddle:
  215. A man with a mustache
  216. He's not a chimney sweep
  217. His name isn't Tom Selleck
  218. What is he?
  219. A mustache man
  220. As per Pinkie Pie’s power, the riddle causes temporary insanity in Nightmare Moon, who will act as if they are under the influence of the Confusion spell for ten seconds.
  221. During those ten seconds:
  222. The story is told in first person and starts with Nightmare Moon experiencing a "very bad acid trip." The description of the trip progresses and we learn that it is at least six hours and that Nightmare Moon has been gone for three days. She endures a multitude of deaths and rebirths, is reincarnated into the form of a flower, tries to escape from her fear in an iced up forest, she meets someone who's far kinder than anything she's seen in her fearscape but he tries to kill her.
  223. I would say that the plot unfolds by examining how Nightmare Moon perceives reality during this bad trip and how this reality is constructed by fear and the environment.
  224. Here is another example of her being reincarnated:
  225. One day at the Fillydelphia Festival of Farming, as some ponies were enjoying some food, a shadowy figure comes on stage! No one knew who this mysterious figure was at first.
  226. But then it struck a chord with one pony. It was Nightmare Moon! She began to speak and said that she was not going to tell them her name or why she had come.
  227. That's when a voice from the audience asked if she had been on acid. Nightmare Moon reached into her coat and pulled out a large sheet of paper marked with the words "Acid Trippin'". She turned it around and showed everyone that she had been on acid for over twelve hours!
  228. Nightmare Moon then begins to go on a rant about how everything is fake and there is no such thing as free will. Some ponies in the audience begin to grow very uncomfortable with her speech, but some think that it's all just a joke or performance art.
  229. "The past is right now, and the future is now. You can't change anything about the past, but you can change what is happening now and what will happen in the future. I'm sorry if that is a little philosophical, I just can't shake these memories.”
  230. "I used to think I was lonely. Now I think I'm lucky to be alone." Nightmare Moon explains to the confused crowd of ponies that she is not a villain and peace can still be had. The only pony who truly understood her in that moment was The Pony of Shadows.
  231. Ten seconds are up, the confusion spell that lasts 10 seconds is finished and Nightmare Moon returns to her senses.
  232. "So you're the Pony of Shadows?" Nightmare Moon asks
  233. "I am" The Pony of Shadows responds
  234. "And you have been with me all along?" Nightmare Moon asks
  235. "Yes I have" The Pony of Shadows says.
  236. "Why did you not show yourself before?" Nightmare Moon asks.
  237. "I had to wait for the perfect time" The Pony of Shadows responds.
  238. "And that time is now?" Nightmare Moon asks.
  239. "Yes it is" The Pony of Shadows nodded solemnly.
  240. "We have to do something about Pinkie Pie." Nightmare Moon says.
  241. "Nightmare moon, I've got this." Twilight Sparkle, now completely normal and not a shadow says to Nightmare Moon.
  242. Spike the dragon is executed in a horrid, well-known ritual as a sacrifice to appease Pinkie Pie for another 10 years. The ponies all watch from the sidelines as Twilight Sparkle and Rarity slaughter Spike with a dagger, knife, or sword.
  243. In a small village in Switzerland called Gotthard, there lived a crowd of farmers who worshipped dragons. They believed that the Gods never accepted human sacrifices and that they should take what was most valuable to them instead. For this reason, they were going to sacrifice Spike the dragon – a rare alpine animal that looked like a reptile but had wings and could fly.
  244. The princess' dagger met flesh and blood spurted from Spike's neck onto the stone slab he lay on. Everypony cheered loudly at this rich reward from their service to their god Pinkie Pie. Rarity prayed over Spike's body before paying her respects to the peasants who had shared their best crop with this celebration.
  245. Twilight Sparkle and the Pony of Shadows make up. The pony of shadows is no longer jealous as she realizes that Nightmare Moon still loves her.
  246. The conflict between Nightmare Moon and the pony of shadows is resolved when Twilight Sparkle throws her hoof over the Pony of Shadows's hoof.
  247. When the pink pony asks what they should do now, the pony of shadows tells her that they should go back to the beginning, but she cannot hear it.
  248. Pinkie Pie points an accusing hoof at the pony of shadows and exclaims, "you've been trying to turn me into an abomination all along!" The pony of shadows lifts her hoof and begins to explain that it was not her intention to do so, but the pink pony interrupts with another accusation that the pony of shadows was only pretending to help them, the shining light against the darkness.
  249. The pony of shadows explains herself in an even and slow tone, but is interrupted yet again by the appearance of a small group of ponies that had been in the distance before. They run towards the pink pony and the pony of shadows, and upon reaching them they encircle her in a tight embrace.
  250. "I missed you so much," says one of them, who is sporting a deep red mane. She stamps her hoof on the ground in excitement.
  251. It is a time of celebration in Ponyville. The Summer Sun Celebration has just ended and the Pony of Shadows has been defeated. The citizens of Ponyville have all gathered to congratulate Twilight Sparkle and her friends on their victory.
  252. "You did it, Twilight!" Spike cheers. Nobody listens.
  253. "We did it together." Twilight Sparkle shrugs off the praise. "I could have done it without any of you."
  254. "Oh, Twilight." Princess Celestia says as she opens the door. "It's been too long."
  255. Rainbow dash is unconscious which is problematic.
  257. Epilogue:
  258. As a young boy, Spike had always wanted to be a dragon. It was not until he went to school, that he discovered he was actually a ghost. He is now in his late teens, but is still disappointed with the discovery. He is full of anger and frustration.
  259. One day, Spike decides to take up the challenge of changing the way people see him by changing his shape. He is quite successful until he falls in love with an Earth girl called Emily. She is quite special to him and doesn't believe Spike's lie about being human-shaped. Emily has no idea that she is actually dating a dragon ghost which always infuriates her.
  260. Emily eventually tells him that she can see him because she takes pictures with her camera which captures ghosts with its light. Emily asks Spike to be human for her just for one day so they can have their first date as humans without interference from ghosts or dragons attacking them for being together. Emily takes pictures of Spike as he sleeps on the couch, and goes to great lengths to buy all the right ingredients for a steak dinner, including some rare imported spices. She even painstakingly makes homemade beef jerky!
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