Breakfast - Things on mind

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... You're losing it.
  3. >She just keeps following you.
  4. >It's bad enough she's trying to get close to you; the weather is getting worse too.
  5. >Autumn is nearly at its end.
  6. >Soon, Winter...
  7. >Cold...
  8. >You're already forced to wear five jackets, three scarves, two hats, two pairs of pants, three socks on each hoof and two pairs of wing covers, why does it have to get worse?
  9. >It isn't even cold enough for snow yet.
  10. >Hexferry used to question you when you added new clothes to your outdoor wear, but she eventually stopped when she realized you still wouldn't speak to her.
  11. >She just won't leave you alone.
  12. >All you want now is solitude.
  13. >You want to be alone, maybe in your bath, soaking in the scalding water...
  14. >You'd be at peace.
  15. >Instead, you're walking next to an annoyance who won't leave your side.
  16. >... Luckily, she's been running out of things to say to you.
  17. >She doesn't speak nearly as often as she used to; most of your walks are spent in silence.
  18. >... Besides the bustle of the streets, of course.
  19. >Even when the air is frigid, the moths don't leave the streets.
  20. >You don't understand why anyone would want to be so social.
  21. >Everyone else is just so... inferior. Why would anyone speak to such a low form of life?
  22. >Well, lesser beings must stick together.
  23. >If anything is as beautiful as you are, you have yet to find it.
  24. >"Shimmer?"
  25. >Your sight loses focus.
  26. >You breath deeply.
  27. >... Silently.
  28. >Nothing is wrong...
  29. >You're perfect, nothing is ever wrong.
  30. >Your sight regains focus.
  31. >... Hexferry still hasn't continued.
  32. >She must be waiting for you to give some kind of sign of caring.
  33. >You haven't before, why would you now?
  34. >After a few more seconds, she sighs.
  35. >"It's supposed to rain most of next week."
  36. >Great, rain. You care so much.
  37. >"It'll be almost freezing temperatures too, so..."
  38. >... Ah.
  39. >Your heart skips a beat just thinking about it.
  40. >"If there's anything from the market you need, I can get it for you."
  42. >That's a piece of information you can't wait to throw away.
  43. >You have ways of getting through rain.
  44. >If you can get through the cold, you can get through the rain.
  45. >Some moths just can't realize when they're intruding on others' personal space.
  46. >"I'm usually free so you can ask me at any time."
  47. >Umbrellas exist for a reason.
  48. >... Freezing rain most of next week.
  49. >You hate non-scorching weather.
  50. >This whole planet deserves to burn.
  51. >... You can't wait to set up that bath you're going to have when you get back.
  52. >Your bath is a sight meant only for your eyes. It has beauty unlike the atrocities of this planet.
  53. >... You can just imagine the water...
  54. >Most mortals wouldn't be able to stand the high heat, but you...
  55. >You love it.
  56. >You live for it.
  57. >The feeling is something no one else could possibly stand.
  58. >The way the water heats your body...
  59. >... You're fairly close to your home now.
  60. >You're so tantalizingly close...
  61. >"Shimmer?"
  62. >Right, you're not there yet.
  63. >Fantastic.
  64. >"... What do you think of me?"
  65. >... Hexferry.
  66. >Should you respond to this?
  67. >You could say so many mean things.
  68. >... Now is your chance.
  69. >... But you'd acknowledge her existence.
  70. >You'd tell her you've actually been listening to her this whole time.
  71. >Through all of the insults, she'd probably pull some compliments out of whatever you say.
  72. >... You can't do anything.
  73. >She laid a trap for you.
  74. >If you weren't leagues ahead of her in intellect, she might have gotten you.
  75. >... You continue to ignore her.
  76. >That should convey your feelings well enough.
  77. >...
  78. >The rest of the walk is silent.
  79. >There are no moths near the two of you.
  80. >You and Hexferry are the only living things in sight.
  81. >... You approach your house and Hexferry branches off from your side.
  82. >"Have a nice night, Shimmer..."
  83. >... She sounded so sad.
  84. >You make each other mutually miserable.
  85. >... It serves her right.
  86. >Now, you have a bath to get to.
  87. >One amazing, beautiful bath...
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