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  1. Wϵs : .: When they returned to the city, Wes looked at Ariel and he spoke. //Ariel, we need to talk about... we need to talk about what you did back there.// In that moment, the area where they stood suddenly became dark as though the suns had been blotted out. He heard the wing beats before he saw the massive shadow come over them. Those hazel-green eyes looking skyward and he could see the massive black dragon flying overhead. //Is that Oswin?// he asked. Where was she going? And more importantly, how did she get here? He knew that the dragon could travel through portals as well, so he figured that might have something to do with it. For a moment the old warlock's heart pounded i his chest, he had the feeling of something being caught in his throat. Oswin wasn't dangerous, she wasn't a killer; but still it was something unsettling to see that dark dragon fly over head. Eventually his attention settled on Ariel again. He really wasn't sure about being the one to speak to her. <C>
  3. Wϵs in *)
  5. Wϵs : .: This really wasn't his place to do, and honestly he thought that Casiel or Muriel might be better suited. They were her parents, he was just her cousin. His eyes looking to Rhys who was sitting on the ground at Ariel's feet, the dragon was nearly as tall as her. *Rhys came up to Ariel's waist now, he noted how fast that dragon was growing.* //Ariel, you burned someone alive with your dragon. That's not a good road to be going down.// "I saved you though, Wes he was going to kill you." //He wouldn't have killed me. That human was alive, even if he was possessed.// "But.." she drooped her ears. "I brought him back." Wes sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. //I know, Ariel, but that isn't the point. I appreciate you saving my arse, but don't risk your virtue for a bastard like me. I come from a long line of bastards.// he told the girl. Where are you going with this Wes? <C>
  7. Wϵs : .: //Or your dragon's for that matter.// he pointed at Rhys, who promptly seemed to lower her head and droop her wings. //The universe exists in a delicate balance. You reached out and took that human's soul from where ever it had gone, and brought it back. There is no telling what kind of repercussion that's going to have.// "Don't angel's do that all the time though? What's the difference." //Only if there's a really important reason, or for the purpose of a mission. Angel's don't typical resurrect people like that. Its a good way to piss off death and hes moody enough as it is.// He said. Wes started to walk through the city with her now. //Just be more careful. Don't do that again. If anything happens, I'll try to help you as much as I can.// He said. //Where has Muriel been anyways?// "She and Fabienne are still working for Seraphiel." //For what? What does he have them doing?// "They're artifact hunting... Or well, they're trying to locate some heavenly items that have<C>
  9. Wϵs pauses for some history research a moment.
  11. Wϵs : )
  13. Wϵs : .: "gone missing." //Oh.// "You know Death?" //I know.. one of them.// "Which one?" //The Horseman.// She gave him a look and he blinked. //He and his brother Pestilence, liked to wreak a lot of havoc during the 19th century. He came to me shortly after i sent my father to hell, during one of the cholera epidemics. I can't remember which year that was, perhaps 1831, or 1852... I was.. on my toes a lot. // "Why did he come to you?" //He heard I made the best cup of tea.// His expression was quite serious, it was clear he wasn't joking. There was context he wasn't letting her in on, but she didn't need to know all of it. //A cup of tea and conversation, for my life and those close to me.// He gave her that much anyways. :.
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