Cold Edge Anon Part 17

May 17th, 2014
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  1. "Um, Frozen? I appreciate what you're doing, but I don't think I can do this. It would be one thing if I was single, but I am married to you, and casual sex with others just feels disrespectful."
  2. > Frozen Hart tilts her head at you.
  3. "How about committed sex with others?"
  4. > What.
  5. "Frozen, I come from a monogamous culture. I'm not saying that I don't like female attention from others, but I don't feel comfortable seeking it out. I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to have a foursome with two dragon ladies, then we can do that. Just, don't do it because you think that's what I want."
  6. "But you do want it. You said so."
  7. > You rub your eyes tiredly.
  8. > It is too early in the morning to be making these moral distinctions, but it'll only get more complicated if you don't.
  9. "I just don't want our relationship to only revolve around me."
  10. > Frozen considers this.
  11. "We'll invite them to dinner."
  12. > You think back to what Pinkie once told you.
  13. "To watch them eat?"
  14. > Frozen actually blushes.
  15. "Yes."
  16. > You shrug.
  17. "Fair enough."
  18. > With all these dragons, it's taking a while to get back.
  19. > You pass the time trying to make small things out of ice.
  20. > One full dinner setting later, you notice something.
  21. "Where are all the skulls and cats?"
  22. > You look around at the carriage.
  23. "Where, the heck, are all the skulls and cats?"
  24. > Frozen pats your hoof.
  25. "It's just my overlay, beloved."
  26. "But there's nothi- oh."
  27. > She did say her source was the emptiest patch of space.
  28. "So wait, how can you manipulate ice if you are void aligned?"
  29. "Suction."
  30. > That... explains very little. That would mean she can manipulate nearly anything, although you get the feeling that there would be a lot of frost damage and decompression effects.
  31. > Which would be minimal on ice. Fair enough.
  33. > Your procession finds Neonbra waiting at the North Gate.
  34. "Welcome, Children of the Dragonhold! Follow me to the amphitheater!"
  35. > You end up taking a seat in that back. It's not like you haven't seen what's going to happen.
  36. > Maud has set up a few blackboards, and a variety of seeds.
  37. > As expected, the lecture itself is rather boring, even if you do learn a bit about the different crops.
  38. > When it is time for the practical demonstration, Tongbra blushes furiously.
  39. > There arises a surprised murmuring at both the kiss and the effect it had on the seed.
  40. > Maud, of course, has no reaction, and continues with her lecture.
  41. > Pinkie Pie is introduced as overseer and she is wearing a 40k Commissar's hat.
  42. > That raises the worrying question of if the hat is fan work, or authentic.
  43. > You are already in one fictional universe, and it makes you very nervous that you might be neighboring the Imperium of Man, let alone the gods of chaos.
  44. > The other option is that Pinkie has somehow gotten ahold of 40k material, and may kill a dragon if it steps too far out of line.
  45. > You lean over to whisper to Frozen.
  46. "By chance, are you familiar with the names 'Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeench, or Slaanesh?"
  47. "No."
  48. > Well, you're pretty sure Pinkie won't kill anyone, so you decide to just accept that she is an incomprehensible cosmic horror.
  49. > The dragons are divided, twenty to each of the six outlying villages, and eighty to the capitol.
  50. > The actual work in the fields is fairly easy; the dragons are naturally good at digging, and kissing is rather pleasant.
  51. > By mid afternoon, about half of the seeds had between planted and germinated.
  52. > Similarly, you are now fairly desensitized to kissing in public.
  53. > So much dragon tongue.
  54. > At least now you have some idea why Frozen would be interested in a foursome.
  55. > You break for lunch, and then it's back to the kissing fields.
  56. > An hour later, you think kissing has lost all of it's eroticism for you.
  57. > Then Frozen starts slipping in some tongue and everything is new again.
  58. > Jimbra ends the workday at sixish, and you go to find Onyx and Emerald for dinner.
  59. > When they see you two approaching, they smile and flare their wings a little.
  60. > Emerald says,
  61. "Come for a little dessert with your dinner?"
  62. > You lead them to an empty spot in the dining hall.
  63. "Not quite, just thought we'd get to know you first. I'm Anonymous, and this is my wife, Frozen Hart."
  64. > You wish an ice table into existence, and set your food on it. The dragonettes follow suit, and introduce themselves.
  65. "This is Emerald, and my name is Andesite."
  66. > Welp, guess she wasn't named Onyx after all.
  67. "Nice to meet you. What do you think of the job so far?"
  68. > Andesite picks a gem up and pops it into her mouth.
  69. > Emerald answers,
  70. "Pretty good. It's not every day that you get paid to kiss your girlfriend. Although, I have to say, my tongue is fairly worn out."
  71. > There are nods of agreement from everyone at the table.
  72. > You take a bite of your lasagna, courtesy of Pinkie Pie.
  73. > Andesite turns to Frozen.
  74. "So how long have you two been married?"
  75. "A few days."
  76. > Andesite looks surprised.
  77. "And you are already getting into kinky stuff? You guys must have been having sex everyday for months while you were dating."
  78. > Frozen shakes her head.
  79. "We only started dating recently. I have just had a lot of time to... think about things."
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