Sep 29th, 2016
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  1. Name: Slae Cathgendar
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Class: Death Knight (Knight+Necromancer)
  4. Talent: Weapon Expert (+2 Attack)
  5. Hit/Wounds: 7 Hits, 5 Wounds
  7. Skills:
  9. Meat Shield: Passive; So long as you have a minion, you cannot go helpless from non-critical failures. Instead, the minion takes the damage for you. Critical failures still send you helpless.
  10. (-0 points)
  12. Martial Defender: passive; you take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+ (-1 point)
  14. Lifestream: recharge 1, spell; Saps life from a target, leaving it a rotting husk. A critical hit drains all the life in an enemy, killing it instantly and leaving a corpse for raising or other use. You may use the sapped life to restore 1 hit to one of your minions or party members on any success (-1 point)
  16. Raise Dead: spell, ranged; raises the freshly dead as a mindless undead minion. Undead have double the Hits they had in life, but no wounds. As long as they have more than one Hit remaining, any damage that would render them helpless instead leaves them at 1 hit. Once an Undead loses all hits, it crumbles to nothing. Crit fail summons a hostile undead. If no nearby corpses are available, the spell can still be cast with a crit fail range of 3-. (-1 point)
  18. Inventory:
  21. >5 shards of broken glass from a crate where his boat crashed.
  23. Burned Steel Straight Sword: Sword of an elite knight, darkened at the blade
  24. Unknown Crest Shield: Black shield with a strange crest. Some believe it belonged to a necromancer cult as some form of insignia. As yet to see true strength.
  25. burned plate armor with dark purple cloak.
  26. Horned Black Steel Helmet with intricate engravings.
  27. Strange Amulet: Amulet that, to others, holds little to no value. To a necromancer, however, the value comes from the power locked inside.
  29. Description:
  30. Necromancer knight from northern Arineau, Slae is the champion of a well established Necromancer Guild that has lost its grasp on Arineau and yearns for their power from the past. They sent Slae to Rin to unlock the secrets of two ancient and powerless items. But on the way there, he was betrayed, and his ship burned to the sea, the flames burned his armor to black. Barely surviving and landing at Rin, he vows to find the secret power of the artifacts to use against his former allies.
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