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  1. Messages:
  2.   No-Permissions: "&cNo Permissions!"
  3.   Correct-MSG: "&cCorrect Usage: /msg <player> <message>"
  4. #Variables: %player% %message% %sender%
  5.   From-To-Me-Message: "&e[&c%sender% &6&m-->&c %player% &d(You)&e] &b%message%"
  6.   Me-To-Player-Message: "&e[&c%sender% &d(You) &6&m-->&c %player%&e] &b%message%"
  7.   Yourself-MSG: "&cYou can't message youself!"
  8.   Player-Not-Found: "&cPlayer not found!"
  9.   Day: "&aTime setted to &eDay&a!"
  10.   Sun: "&aWeather setted to &eSun&a!"
  11.   Kill-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /kill <player>."
  12.   Killer: "&cYou killed &a%player%&c!"
  13.   Killed: "&cYou have been killed by &a%player%&c!"
  14.   Fly-On-Other: "&bFly &aEnabled &bfor &e%player%&b!"
  15.   Fly-Off-Other: "&bFly &cDisabled &bfor &e%player%&b!"
  16.   Fly-On: "&bYou can now &eFly&b!"
  17.   Fly-Off: "&bFly &cDisabled&b!"
  18.   ClearChat: "&bChat has been cleared!"
  19.   Feed: "&6Feeded!"
  20.   Heal: "&6Healed!"
  21.   GM-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /gm <0/1/2/3>"
  22.   GM-Updated: "&bYour &eGameMode &bhas been updated to: &a%gamemode%"
  23.   GM-Other: "&a%player%'s &bGamemode updated to: &a%gamemode%"
  24.   Clear: "&bInventory Cleared!"
  25.   Broadcast: "&8[&4&lATTENTION&8]&b"
  26.   Broadcast-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /bc <message>"
  27.   Empty-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /empty <message>"
  28.   Already-Fixed: "&a%item% &bis already fixed!"
  29.   Fixed: "&bFixed &a%item%&b!"
  30.   Fix-All: "&bAll items in your inventory fixed!"
  31.   Fix-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /fix (all) (player)"
  32.   Fix-Other: "&bFixed all &a%player%'s &bitems and armor!"
  33.   TP-Correct: "&cCorrect Usage: /tp <player> (player)"
  34.   Teleported: "&bTeleported to &a%player%&b!"
  35.   Teleported-To-You: "&a%player% &bjust Teleported to you!"
  36.   TP-Yourself: "&cYou can't Teleport yourself!"
  37. Chat: "&e%player%&8: &b%message%"
  38. MuteChat: false
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