Mar 26th, 2020
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  1. My Legion the neon rats.
  2. Homeworld Planetary Aesthetics vapor wave/cyberpunk hive free
  3. systems -400 Yeah instant Empire
  4. Fleet assets X5 first purchase free -400 I've got a lot of troops to move
  5. Gloriana Class first purchase free
  6. Phalanx -200 A battle moon
  7. psychic paradise -100 Not a fan of a lot of stuff that comes with this but one shouldn't discriminate based on ability
  8. Almost-Forge Worlds-200 To help promote our independence
  9. Planetary Defence Forces -100 Multi-Global security
  10. Fleet Assets free Thank fuck this is free and scaling
  11. Gloriana Class free Looks like I got another one that isn't quite as good
  12. Mark V “Heresy” free Standard issue
  13. Exceptional Purity -100 Too many parts to risk something going wrong
  14. Bolters free It's a gun we probably don't need it though
  15. Decentralized operations free 11,666.6 repeating 30 man cells of multiple specialists
  16. Angels of salvation -100 Morally obligated to take this
  17. Aesthetics: vaporwave cyberpunks obvious neon.(free)
  18. Legionary Culture (free): lots of librarians,Tutelaries ,Drones And "chrome Chirurgeons", no effort made to perform subterfuge no deceptions No complicated tactics just power,Chrome and numbers Our "warrior culture" is Based on Underhive scum.
  19. Marines X8 first purchase free -1400first purchase free 13,333.3 repeating 30 man cells of multiple specialists
  20. Gene-Seed Traits -100 There is a lot to work with with this:Child of heaven, Celestialsapien Infused dapt, Humanoid Buster machine/Super God artificial God ,Czarnian,All-Star Superman kryptonian,Black warpsmiths,Plus my various Marvel mutant abilities,Demigod abilities Whose psychic power slowly but constantly grows and are Children of Galactus,Basically all my inheritable stuff Which is basically all my stuff and all of Monique's genetic stuff. So yeah externally human internally a kluge of various near godlike techno heresy and deity resembling figures from other dimensions,It takes almost 3 weeks in surgery to initiate someone fully
  21. Ossmodula (+300): Still human sized, we blend in better
  22. Biscopea+300I have other better strength posting stuff
  23. Female space Marines free
  24. Dark secret +200We are kind of Post-human.
  25. Neuroglottis +100 Human levels of taste don't seem so bad
  26. Mucranoid +100 We have other ways to deal with that
  27. Dregs of Humanity+200 More a gang than a legion
  28. Bitter pride +100 Hive scum don't take orders from authority figures well
  29. Secondary Heart +200 Probably won't be needing it
  30. Betcher's Gland +100 Spitting is a dirty habit
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