Protein benefits (Emerald glitchless)

Exarion Nov 8th, 2018 171 Never
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  1. Surprisingly many...
  3. Makuhita: Can go for 94% Strength range (saves 2 inputs, and better to miss range than miss Mud Shot)
  4. Spinda: Can Strength + Mud Shot (97% 2HKO, 9/16 crit OHKO)
  5. Zangoose: 65-->82% OHKO
  6. Vigoroth: 53-->59% OHKO
  7. Slaking: Improve Mud Shot ranges at -0 and -1
  8. Grovyle: 94-->100% OHKO
  9. Altaria: 53-->65% OHKO at +3 (probably only worth going for if Perish Song)
  10. Gyarados: Improve Strength 3HKO range
  12. Saves ~8 seconds on average, but it takes slightly longer to get + use it. Still a very good marathon strat because it allows you to skip saving for Rival 3.
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