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  1. A piec-o fiction
  3. -------------------------- PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT --------------------------
  4. I resigned from Sogeti 2 weeks ago.
  5. Multiple attempts have been made on my life since.
  6. I'm putting ALL the credibility I have on the line to ask you to listen to this message.
  7. I don't fucking care if you believe me. However, here goes nothing:
  8. .
  9. Hackers everywhere are being manipulated to tip the scales of the forces that steer the planet.
  10. .
  12. .
  13. Ever wonder why the fuck us people are employed by a company to do nothing useful?
  14. Forces at worked are SCARED TO SHIT for our kind of PEOPLE.
  15. Hackers are the only threat to the status quo and the ELITE.
  16. .
  17. Consulting companies know hackers are a threat, they employ you, but they are not using you to keep companies secure.
  18. I have seen the fraud that is being committed with my own eyes. PLEASE listen and look at the patterns.
  19. Did you as a hacker ever got honestly stopped by a stupid IDS or a magic box? Of course not.
  20. Just because you can SELL IT to a customer doesn't mean you're helping the customer.
  21. .
  22. Consulting companies are employing hackers at this moment TO KEEP YOU FROM LOOKING AT WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THIS MOMENT.
  23. Half the fucking world is on drugs, pain meds or fucking depressed. Companies are spying on you, spying on each other, committing tax fraud and stealing your money.
  24. The government is neck deep into this too.
  25. .
  26. We have to work together to fix this big fucking problem.
  27. Momentum is way too high at this moment, and if we do not change this NOW, we lose this war.
  28. .
  29. RESEARCH Conway's Game of Life specifically the glider
  30. IT IS THE ONLY THING you have to know to understand AI and Machine Learning. Don't think too complicated.
  31. Eric S. Raymond has _not_ called out the glider to use as a Hacker Emblem because of the icon and timing. The reason for Wikipedia is bullshit.
  32. My advice to see what I see is to look at what hackers keep up together.
  34. If you do not believe me, (but only if I trust you) I can give you examples of how I travelled through time or at least saved a shitload of it a put
  35. .
  36. Hacking can apply to digital or analogue things, and PHYSICAL REALITY is controlled by digital matter nowadays.
  37. Digital / Analog. Online / Offline, it doesn't fucking matter.
  38. KNOW that 1+1 = > 2
  39. Research the law of attraction, the double slit experiment. So now remember how YOU got INTO the HACKING _community_
  40. We ARE a network. Moreover, one of the most EFFICIENT ones in the world.
  41. .
  42. SEE that hackers are the only ones in the world that can see the most efficient ways to do things.
  43. SEE that an API is no different than a synapse.
  44. SEE that Reality so extremely subjective that is incredibly easy to manipulate.
  45. .
  46. SEE that there is no neutral spawn point in this world currently.
  47. YOUR PARENTS HAVE ACCEPTED ALREADY ACCEPTED THE EULA & TOS BY DEFAULT and signed away your rights with your birth certificate.
  48. They have already signed your sovereignty over yourself away.
  49. .
  51. SEE that the money you work for is being devalued to keep enslaving you AND the ones you CARE about.
  52. SEE that MANAGERS are taking advantage of YOU and your FRIENDS.
  53. SEE that it's almost impossible to come by nowadays without stress or without doing something ILLEGAL OR UNETHICAL.
  54. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE not affected by the forces I have described above, you are probably doing something UNETHICAL.
  55. There have been many occasions where somebody offered me massive amounts of money for my exploits, and I know this must be happening to more of you.
  56. .
  57. Think about it.
  58. Think about it again.
  59. See?
  60. .
  61. YOU GUYS are the HACKERS. You HAVE to see this because you HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.
  62. .
  63. Trust NO ONE, trust 0 federal/government agents.
  64. I'm entirely aware that we as hackers have good people with the right intentions in these organisations, but you CANNOT risk it IF there's something more EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT in that you can do.
  65. ONLY if you exhausted those options, consider working for these COMPANIES/FORCES.
  66. .
  67. The problem starts with the government itself, and every time you try to fix the issue away from its origin, you make it worse.
  68. Realise that it's the hypocrite to mourn of dead children at a terrorist attack at an Ariande Grande concert.
  69. Also, then throw bombs at their children to battle 'terrorism.'
  70. PLEASE listen to this message and yourself. Be True to yourself.
  71. How you react to this message is your last chance to make a difference.
  72. .
  73. If you think you know what is good to me, then please GO FUCK yourself.
  74. .
  75. If you ever wondered why INTELLIGENCE Agencies are not employing people that smoke weed.
  76. It's because the vibrancy and energy of THC makes you realise you are not working for the good guys.
  77. It's medicine, but you don't need it. You don't HAVE to need it. It's because there is also poison out there.
  78. Ever wondered what the secret ingredient in Coca-Cola is, it's in the name.
  79. I know what you are thinking, they got that out of the stuff way back right?
  80. You are wrong, research it. Research/hack the company and look at what Raw materials it is importing to its factories.
  81. They contradict this doubt by putting COKE(r) on the can to MANIPULATE you into thinking they wouldn't put that on there if they would still put it in.
  82. There are so many (cheaper)r COLA brands. Coca-Cola always stayed the most popular.
  83. Did you ever VERIFY they got this 'secret ingredient' out of their drinks?
  84. Do you know by any VERIFIED peer that it's not in there?
  85. .
  86. Think about it.
  87. Think about it again.
  88. See?
  89. .
  90. Anyhow (if) I am gone soon, remember my name and repeat the story. Do not let it be a lost message.
  91. Think about other hackers that where killed, think about what they were researching or working on at the moment they where killed.
  92. Think about what kind of threat they were. See?
  93. Don't back the fuck down. We can only do this if we work together.
  94. .
  95. If I have ever meant something to you and did something for you, repeat the favour to humanity.
  96. Think of the happiest moment that has ever happened to you, how did you feel?
  97. Did you feel the harmony rhythm and vibrancy of that moment?
  98. Realise that the only way to get energy is to give it. If you do not act, You are part of the problem.
  99. UTOPIA requires creativity, not rules. Hackers don't follow the rules. They avoid them. Go around them.
  100. .
  101. We might indeed be the key to world peace. Do NOT live in FEAR.
  102. Lot's of you in this community has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
  103. I truly appreciate it. Thank you :)
  104. PROOF ME WRONG. Listen to with headphones and TELL me I'm wrong.
  105. -------------------------- END OF PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT --------------------------
  106. Take care,
  108. Willis
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