Aphrodite Information Application

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  1. birth name: Gou MingXing (郭 明星)
  2. other name:
  3. » Alexis Gou
  4. » Kwon Eun-byul (권 음별)
  5. nicknames :
  6. » Xingxing; Everyone, from her members to other close friends call her this. It's a cute nickname for the star that she is to them.
  7. » Lexi/Alex Jie Jie; Only her Brother calls her this and she only lets him call her this because he is that precious to her. It's a special nickname only for him to call her.
  8. » Little Star; Her parents and relatives call her this because she was born as their little star and has made them proud from how far she's gone in life.
  9. birthdate: 22/10/00
  10. age: 18
  13. birthplace : Chengdu, China
  14. hometown: Sydney, Australia
  15. nationality : Australian-Chinese
  16. ethnicity : Australian-Chinese
  18. weight : 48kg
  19. height : 163cm
  21. background : She was born in Chengdu with 1 little Brother (6 years younger). She grew up as a child who loved performing and she discovered it when her Mother enrolled her for ballet class when she was just 3. When she wasn't singing or dancing, she was taking care of her younger Brother as her parents didn't have much time for them due to work. Her family moved to Sydney because of their world when she was 12 and although her lifestyles had completely changed and she missed her friends in Chengdu a lot, she managed. The change didn't set her off her performance though, and she even set up a YouTube account where she did vocals and dance covers of famous songs, English or Korean. When she had only just turned 14, she was scouted from JYP through her channel and was more than happy to accept even though she was sad to leave her family behind.
  22. personality :
  23. » Playful; She's  playful girl who love and having fun. She sometimes pulls small harmless pranks on her Unnies but manages to escape with her cuteness.
  25. » Caring; She's a caring person who puts others before herself. We'll always be the her there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear when you need it. She's always looking out for her members and caring for them.
  27. » Soft; She's really soft and innocent. She has no knowledge of any sort of dirty jokes. She loves plushies, cuddles and fluffy stories, anything that's uwu. She's honestly such a precious little girl that you can't help but want to protect.
  29. » Savage; She does have that small dark side which you see on stage. She has some pretty good comebacks up her sleeves for any mean comment you wish to throw at her or if she simply wants to tease her unnies. Her remarks can make you laugh or make you feel like you've been schooled. Either way, she'll smile sheepishly afterwards and you can't help but melt at the sight.
  31. » Hardworking; She's a VERY hardworking girl. She'd easily found in the practice rooms, trying to perfect her performance. It's good that she's always practicing, but it's concerning for her health.
  33. » Emotional; She's an emotional and sentimental girl who cries easily, whether it's tears of happiness or sadness. She can be touched by the slightest things like a story. Her fragile emotions aren't very good when it comes to dealing with haters, but she won't be severely hurt.
  35. » Plushies
  36. » Iced Peach Tea
  37. » Ramen
  38. » Aesthetics
  39. dislikes :
  40. » Nuts (allergies)
  41. » Fights
  42. » Procrastination
  43. » Thunder
  44. fears :
  45. » Creepy Crawlies
  46. trivia :
  47. » She has a Japanese Chin named Ryu and a Roborovski Hamster called Hannie.
  48. » She's one of the smallest members of APHRODITE.
  49. » She is close with Jackson Wang (GOT7), Stray Kids 00' line and Zhou Tzuyu (Twice).
  50. » She's the first member to wake up and makes breakfast every morning.
  51. » She LOVES Kakao friends, especially Apeach and Ryan.
  53. position(s) : Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae of ROUGE, Center
  54. skill level :
  55. Charisma : 10/10
  56. Dance : 10/10
  57. Vocal : 8/10
  58. Rap : 5/10
  59. Composing (only if you are in a composer position or a member of VIΘLΞT) : NIL
  60. Instrument ( only for members of VIΘLΞT) : NIL
  61. popularity: A pretty well-known because she's a center and pre-debut YouTuber but not as much as the FOTGs.
  63. any scandals :
  64. » Rumours that she's dating Han Jisung spread because of all their outings together as Best Friends and Hyunjin gets jealous ;)) as well as they get questioned by JYP.
  65. predebut activities :
  66. » 4 years 1 month of training (Late September 2014)
  67. » Featured in Stray Kids' "My Pace" MV
  68. » Featured in Twice's "Like Ooh-Ahh" MV
  69. » Featured in GOT7's "Stop Stop It" MV
  70. » Featured in Day6's "Shoot Me" MV
  71. » YouTube Sensation 2012-2014
  72. (Is that too much? D:)
  74. slot: Cardinal
  75. backup : NIL
  76. faceclaim : Yoojung (ioi)
  77. backup : NIL
  78. love interest : Hwang Hyunjin (Stray Kids)
  79. backup : NIL
  81. how did you meet : She trained with him ever since he came into the company and also met behind the scenes of the "My Pace" MV. They were close friends and messed around together a lot.
  82. type of relationship : He likes holding her hand and teasing her sometimes. She's always blushing cutely around him and telling him how cute and talented he is. They're probably a cute and cheesy couple? UwU
  83. do you get caught? : It would be preferred that JYP-nim doesn't find out.
  84. love interest personality : a soft boy who can be cute and shy at times but is a lot of fun to be around. He's also very hardworking but he always has time for others and is very caring towards them. Lastly, he can be a pretty soft, cute and cheesy boy sometimes.
  86. message to JYP : Thank you for giving me the chance to debut!! I've worked hard and I won't stop now. I promise not to let you down!!
  87. message to other members : Hello everyone! I'm really happy to be debuting with each and every one of you. Let's work hard and show the world what we're made of!
  90. requested scenes :
  91. Love Interest :
  92. » Dance Practices together, a bit of goofing around
  93. » Going out to a café (maybe for a date) together
  94. » Surprising each other for their birthdays
  95. Members :
  97. » Reality shows like ASC or Weekly Idol!!
  98. » A day off with all 25 of them
  99. In General :
  100. » Helping those struggling with the choreography
  101. » Hopefully winning at least one award and of course she cries tears of joy
  102. » If possible being an MC for ASC? And maybe stray kids go on one episode? Too much to ask right??
  103. JYP groups :
  104. » Behind the scenes of the MVs she featured in
  105. » Practicing with Stray Kids or Twice
  106. » Day off with GOT7 or Day6
  107. Other companies (optional) : NIL
  109. extra : MingXing had mild Vasovagal Syncope.
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