Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (prologue)

Dec 26th, 2019
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  1. Prologue
  3. The Girl is Looking at her own Reflection in the Mirror
  5. Horikita Suzune POV
  7. Today is March 31.
  9. This will be my last day to be able to see him, that person - My brother, in this school "My face looks terrible" I can see the image of my face reflected in the mirror, my expression reflected in the mirror, looks rather stuck into tiredness it's because yesterday I could barely sleep well. I wonder how long I talked to my brother in this school?
  11. Only a year we are together, so the time for conversation may not even reach a few hours. There is very little contact between us. This can be considered a smaller relationship than friends.
  13. Distance between brothers and sisters.
  15. Despite having blood relations, it is a relationship that is close and far at the same time "Is it really okay to finish saying goodbye to my brother by bringing us like this"
  17. I wondered to myself, reflected in the mirror. There is clearly no answer.
  19. Only I can see myself in the mirror, to find out exactly what I'm complaining about. There are too many things I want to say to my brother. There is no way to say goodbye to him, with bad relations.
  21. I had thought about it before, but it had been a year. And, after all I could not make time to talk to each other.
  23. But ... Now it's different. Now that we can meet, it's good to meet upright. Look straight ahead and make the last farewell.
  25. -......... I cannot.
  27. I Myself currently lacks what is needed to give him a proper farewell. Obviously, the relationship between me and my brother has changed.
  29. But......
  31. During this year, I can't even show my brother how much I've grown. Even if I say goodbye properly, my brother will definitely not be happy.
  33. Instead, it will only end up worrying him about having an incompetent younger sister.
  35. With all that in mind, I have decided that I should not just ignore these 3 enchanting years, in the school where my brother goes and ruin his mood.
  37. It's better not to meet. I think so., I can't cause problems for my brother, because of my selfishness ...
  39. -No, it's not like that! Surely it can't be like that right ?!
  41. Again, I ask myself in the mirror. I have nothing to show my brother.
  43. That's why running away isn't the right thing to do. I have to think that everything will be fine, I have to build confidence just to tell my brother, so that I can solve the problem.
  45. But what did I do? What should I do? I have almost no time left. If only I could realize how ridiculous I was ...
  47. "It won't be good if I complain about something from the past ... Right?"
  49. Just now, past 8 am, my brother will leave at noon -What do I do? What should I do? I just have to show myself right now, I think ...
  51. But my current self ... That doesn't reflect on my true self. It only reflects the useless little sister, who is seen in chasing after her brother again and again. As I continued to observe myself in the mirror reflected more and more things from my past began in my mind -Who am I really .......? Indeed. The person reflected in that mirror is me, and at the same time it is not who I really am.
  53. I'm the fake one. Now that I remember, most of my life has lived as a fake me.
  55. I continued to live, hiding behind that fake identity.
  57. I'm the fake one, who just tries to be the "sister that her brother wants". Regardless of appearance, personality, or achievement ... I decided to follow the goal of becoming what my brother wanted a fake Myself, made to be recognized by my brother.
  59. Isn't it clear that a false identity like that won't be recognized in any way? Not like that ......
  61. A place of doubt, for years, I was who I really am. I can say that, despite my short life, half of what I have lived so far is my true self. That's why I shouldn't regret anything. But......
  63. "What I want him to see in me ... What I really want is my brother seeing in me is ....."
  65. I can show that person now only one thing. I think I can realize now.
  67. "Thank you very much, I was wrong ..... You're also wrong, right?"
  69. I looked into the mirror, to myself, I bowed thankfully. My long hair is also ruffled.
  71. Next, I straighten my head and looked away from the mirror. Here, ending my confrontation with my past self. I have no time. There is something I must do to be myself.
  73. Something that I can finally see is the last gift for my brother, so that before he leaves he can feel calm.
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