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Aug 24th, 2019
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  1. Ah, PlugwalkJoe from gaming, to simswapping, to claiming undoxability (lol). The kid has done it all, as well as now, finally getting doxed. Who would have thought plugwalkingtonjoe,the famous simswapper gone doxed is known primarily for his shitty video tweets where he complains about edaters when he is in fact the biggest, saddest edater of them all, even going far enough to shout out his egirl onthe Logan Paul twitter hacked account. (Referenced here: ) that's not all for The Joe Being An Edater Saga I was notified that Joe's girlfriend's (Liv) parents had an interaction where they accidentally came across Joe's tiny cock on Livs phone,this went on to her parents forcing them to breakup for 4 months. Poor Joe can't rape his 15 year old girlfriend so he gets butthurt enough to consistently spam his e-gfs parent's line like a sad wittle baby. Jcomplex, Joseph James O'Connor, AKA ComplexTheGod, AKA DrJcomplex is also known for being a colossal flexer with no real reason to be one, going as far as to flex making 2k (not a lot of money) from hvh among other questionable things Joe has been involved with, we go to Joe's younger years in 2013 where he was a notorious skidwad, (still is) tweeting things from his twitter persona like "Who am I doxing first then?" (Referenced here: this is not the worst of Joe's earlier skidwad years as he was also a cod kid, going around lagswitching because he couldn't even win on an even playing field on call of duty: ghosts. sadly that isn't the end of Joe's early """"hacking"""" stories as Joe is recorded to have been a booting-fag in his early stages as well as a lagswitcher, one person reportedly saying that Joe had hit them off for a whole 3 MONTHS.. That must have been a massive hit to Mummy's scuffed law firm finances having to run webstresser 24/7 for 3 whole months, you big scary hacker. :/ (Someone stating JoeComplex had hit them off for 3 whole months. - (I mean come ON JOESEPH!!!) - (Proof of Joe being a dirty lagswitcher-cheater: It makes sense for Joe to consider selling HVH configs a living considering he grew up a cheater with his lagswitching shenanigans. It's a shame his Mother doesn't have the same attitude, going as to literally hire her own son in her scuffed law firm. Joe's bloodline is known for being very mischievous, most notably the fact that Joe's father is a notorious gang-leader turned wife-beater, turned homewreckor, Joe's mother qoutes about Joe's father saying "I'm no longer scared of him. What else can he do? He can only kill me. I used to have a successful business and a career as a solicitor but he has ruined everything." After Joe and his Mother had enough of Joe's father they had chosen to elope to Spain as a means of escaping all memories of the rape and domestic abuse. It may seem crazy, but this is all real and factual things about Joe's father. I'm suprised he hasn't been murdered by one of his father's cholo bretherin.
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