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Laura Kate & Gemma Thomson

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  1. Subject: Laura Kate & Gemma Thomson
  2. Sources: Destructoid, IndieHaven Twitter, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: June 23th, 2015.
  4. Credits: @A_PLANT_'s medium article on various journalist kickstarters / patreons for reference. The rest, original research.
  5. https://medium.com/@A_PLANT_/game-journalists-and-critics-crowdfunding-accounts-984a29e13c9
  6.                                 ************************************************************
  8. 07.02.13: "@nyyjen 'Oh! No, I'll be staying with @LauraKBuzz. Oh well! :P Still, see you around - at the @WIGJ lunch if you're going, for sure!'" https://archive.is/zzQBd
  9. 07.25.13: "Help @LaurakBuzz & @RaygunGoth! Lovely organiser of #Geekfest has given me false nails to wear at fest, I need assistance to stick 'em on!"
  10. 07.25.13: @RaygunGoth @LadyShotgunGame You realise we're enforcing gender stereotypes here, a group of gamer girls getting together to do nails :P https://archive.is/2cGe1
  11. 01.12.14: "'Pretty chuffed to Patreon-ise @LauraKBuzz. Realised this feels vaguely like subscribing to my fave magazines: [http://ow.ly/svA2q ].'" https://archive.is/7bRxI
  12. 01.22.14: So, should Me, @RaygunGoth, @xiotex and @AlanZucconi create an Indie version of The Onion? https://archive.is/kzRR9
  13. 01.28.14: @RaygunGoth @failnaut @lingmops @loncon3 I still need to sort Hotel, if you're after roomates let me know :P https://archive.is/OjXQe
  14. 02.03.14: @RaygunGoth @mikeBithell Want to write it for Indie Haven? "@LaurakBuzz '.. ah! Was not expecting that. Sure - I'll.. give it ago!' :P" https://archive.is/BdZur
  15. 02.07.14: Dev Blog – The Stigma of Development Tools (Written by @RaygunGoth) http://indiehaven.com/dev-blog-the-stigma-of-development-tools/ … https://archive.is/kvDQf
  16. 06.01.14: @GatheringTilley @whatkatie_did @RaygunGoth Are we all free to record @TheGeekNightIn tonight at 9pm UK? https://archive.is/lh35d
  17. 06.14.14: This week's episode of The Indie Haven Podcast features special guest @RaygunGoth, creator of the fascinating @Mimic_Game. Go follow both :D https://archive.is/9A0KF
  18. 06.19.14: @raygungoth are you at radius tomorrow / are you able to help cover my desk if needed? https://archive.is/sDSyp
  19. 06.19.14: "@LaurakBuzz 'I will be, but not before noon. I hope that's okay! That said: if you need a monitor, that's what I'll be picking up!'" https://archive.is/sDSyp
  20. 06.20.14: Can you spot me on @RaygunGoth 's business card?  https://archive.is/mGh0K
  21. 06.26.14: @drinkrelaxplay I'd be happy to bring either that or the updated YATR demo to #Ladycade if they want me :P https://archive.is/dGQC7
  22. 07.04.14: "@cubed2D @LaurakBuzz 'That *was* pretty sweet last year. Come to think of it, that (and our shared hotel room) is where I first met Laura!'" https://archive.is/qju5Y
  23. 07.04.14: @cubed2D @RaygunGoth It's crazy that about a year ago I barely knew any of my current group of awesome friends :P https://archive.is/qju5Y#selection-6439.0-6455.93
  24. 07.04.14: @RaygunGoth @cubed2D @hannardynamite BESTIES https://archive.is/1Px1Q
  25. 07.08.14: "'This week @TheGeekNightIn: @LauraKBuzz and I are left for dust as @whatkatie_did and @GatheringTilley play a game?!' http://ow.ly/yTTo5" Gemma Thomson's podcast https://archive.is/GDPgw
  26. 10.14.14: @RaygunGoth any chance you can afford to chip in at all toward podcast hosting fees? "@LaurakBuzz 'Of course! Never hesitate to ping me/us by email when renewals come around.'" https://archive.is/T40Zi
  27. 12.19.14: "*Adds "Unofficial photographer for Destructoid's @LaurakBuzz" to the business cards* :P" https://archive.is/jVL3I
  30. Their arguments against the COI being an issue:
  31. 06.25.14: "@LaurakBuzz @tkingdoll @mikeBithell '.. thus I'm paying for coverage for "Volume". And hey - that seems to work out, on the face of it.'" https://archive.is/EI53I
  33. Patreon Connections:
  34. Apparently Gemma Thomson had supported Laura Kate's patreon from 01.12.14 to up to 06.19.14: https://archive.is/GHxjD (I believe that support was ended to Kate's patreon when the IndieHaven patreon went live, which was announced to be launching in the Episode 51 podcast)
  35. Laura Kate started supporting Gemma Thomson's patreon on 03.01.15. https://archive.is/u9iyR
  37. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  38. 06.16.14: Episode 51 – Gemma Thomson (Mimic) – The Indie Haven Podcast (IndieHaven) https://archive.is/OlK29
  39. 03.16.15: Ladycade coming to London March 23 (Destructoid) https://archive.is/HPOPM
  41. Summary:
  42. Patreon relationships appear to have gone both ways, supporting and being supported. There also appears to be a potential distance issues which could constitute a potential conflict of interest regarding coverage and promotion of LadyCade as well as featuring of Gemma Thomson in the IndieCade podcast. I found no disclosures of these potential issues.
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