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  1. <style>
  2.  {
  3.     cursor: help;
  4. }
  5. table {
  6.     background: none;
  7. }
  8. td a img, .sf {
  9.     display: none;
  10. }
  11. body, font, td, .medText {
  12.     color: #2a0729;
  13.     font-family: arial;
  14.     font-weight: normal;
  15.     font-size: 11px;
  16.     cursor: default;
  17. }
  18. th, td {
  19.     font-weight: normal;
  20.     font-family: arial;
  21.     font-size: 11px;
  22. }
  23. th {
  24.     vertical-align: top;
  25. }
  26. td {
  27.     text-align: center;
  28. }
  29. body {
  30.     background-color: #000000;
  31. }
  32. h1 {
  33.     color: #fff;
  34.     font: 28px arial;
  35.     font-weight: bold;
  36. }
  37. h2 {
  38.     color: #000;
  39.     font: 20px arial;
  40.     margin-bottom: 5px;
  41.     padding: 1px;
  42.     text-align: left;
  43.     text-transform: uppercase;
  44.     letter-spacing: 0px;
  45. }
  46. h3 {
  47.     color: #9a9076;
  48.     font: 14px arial;
  49.     margin: 0px;
  50.     font-weight: bold;
  51.     text-align: center;
  52. }
  53. i {
  54.     color: #8f8f8f;
  55.     font-family: georgia;
  56.     font-style: italic;
  57.     letter-spacing: 1px;
  58.     margin-left: 1px;
  59.     margin-right: -2px;
  60. }
  61. textarea {
  62.     border: 1px solid #ffffff;
  63.     background-color: #ffffff;
  64.     font-family: courier new;
  65.     font-size: 7.5pt;
  66.     color: #9a9076;
  67.     height: 40px;
  68.     width: 70%;
  69. }
  70. a:link, a:active, a:visited, b {
  71.     color: #9a9076;
  72.     font-weight: bold;
  73.     text-decoration: none;
  74. }
  75. a:hover, a i:hover {
  76.     color: #ebd28c;
  77.     text-decoration: none;
  78. }
  79. .nav:link, .nav:active, .nav:visited {
  80.     color: #00000d;
  81.     display: block;
  82.     padding: 9px;
  83.     text-transform: uppercase;
  84.     text-align: center;
  85.     width: 150px;
  86.     margin-bottom: 10px;
  87.     background-color: #ebd28c;
  88.     border-bottom: 2px solid #00000d;
  89. }
  90. .nav:hover {
  91.     color: #001930;
  92.     background-color: #b8a46d;
  93.     border-bottom: 2px solid #001930;
  94. }
  95. img {
  96.     margin: 3px;
  97.     background: transparent;
  98.     padding: 2px;
  99.     border: 1px transparent solid;
  100. }
  101. #container {
  102.     width: 1195px;
  103.     margin: auto;
  104.     margin-top: 0;
  105.     background-color: #fff;
  106. }
  107. #headerimage {
  108.     width: 1200px;
  109.     height: 748px;
  110.     margin-top: 0px;
  111.     margin-left: 0px;
  112.     background-image: url("");
  113.     background-repeat: repeat;
  114. }
  115. #main {
  116.     font-family: arial;
  117.     font-size: 9px;
  118.     margin-top: 0px;
  119.     margin-left: 20px;
  120.     width: 1150px;
  121.     height: auto;
  122.     overflow: hidden;
  123.     border-right: 10px solid #fff;
  124. }
  125. .navi {
  126.     padding: 8px;
  127.     margin-bottom: 15px;
  128.     overflow: auto;
  129.     width: 172px;
  130.     height: 484px;
  131.     text-align: left;
  132.     background-color: #e7e7e7;
  133. }
  134. .page {
  135.     text-transform: none;
  136.     overflow: auto;
  137.     width: 935px;
  138.     height: 480px;
  139.     padding: 10px;
  140.     margin-bottom: 15px;
  141.     text-align: justify;
  142.     background-color: #e7e7e7;
  143. }
  144. .extra {
  145.     padding: 10px;
  146.     margin-left: 25px;
  147.     margin-bottom: 20px;
  148.     overflow: auto;
  149.     width: 1125px;
  150.     height: auto;
  151.     text-align: justify;
  152.     background-color: #e7e7e7;
  153. }
  154. blockquote {
  155.     margin: 10px;
  156. }
  157. strong {
  158.     color: #000000;
  159.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  160.     font-weight: bold;
  161.     text-transform: uppercase;
  162. }
  163. em {
  164.     text-transform: uppercase;
  165.     font-style: normal;
  166. }
  167. .gone {
  168.     text-decoration: line-through;
  169.     text-transform: none;
  170. }
  171. #anch a {
  172.     display: block;
  173.     text-transform: lowercase;
  174.     width: 150px;
  175.     height: 25px;
  176.     line-height: 25px;
  177. }
  178. </style><div id="container">
  180. <div id="headerimage"></div>
  181. <br><div id="main">
  182. <center>
  183. <table style="width: 1200px; height: 500px;"><tr><th style="width: 180px; height: 500px;">
  185. <div class="navi"><center>
  186. <a href="#MM" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">Ministry Main</a>
  187. <a href="#MTS" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">Meet the Staff</a>
  188. <a href="#AP" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">Available Positions</a>
  189. <a href="#GC" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">Guild Currency</a>
  190. <a href="#FAQ" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">FAQ</a>
  191. <a href="/guilds/guild.phtml?id=4180479" class="nav" style="border-radius: 5px;">Guild Home</a>
  192. </center></div></th>
  200. <th width="1105">
  201. <div style="width: 1100px; height: 500px; overflow: hidden;">
  203. <div id="MM" style="overflow: auto;">
  204. <div class="page">
  206. <h3>The Ministry of Magic</h3>
  207. <br><center>
  209. Welcome to the Slugg Club Ministry of Magic! The Slugg Club was officially founded on February 6th, 2019 by <a href="/?user=pvaaux">Paige</a> (pvaaux), <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=Jennifer_oneill">Jennifer</a> (Jennifer_oneill), <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=horses_rock_1963">Pemily</a> (horses_rock_1963), <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=laneysux"> Laney </a>(laneysux), and <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=celeste_esther"> Katy</a> (celeste_esther). It is currently staffed by Paige, Pemily, Katy, <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=jiujiteira">Joslin</a> (jiujiteira), and <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=painted_dreams87"> Heather</a> (painted_dreams87).<p>
  211. </p><center>
  212. <img src=""></center><br>
  214. The Slugg Club is <b>an 18+ traditional Harry Potter guild.</b> That means that members partake in Hogwarts classes and other magical activities. Upon joining the guild, you will be sorted. In many ways, this guild is a continuation of <b>Patronus</b> which was shut down in February 2019. We received permission from the founder of Patronus, <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=vampirewithfangs">Taylor</a>, to use her original coding as a base for certain pages. To find more information about who does the graphics and coding for the Slugg Club, visit <a href="/~slugclubministry#FAQ">the FAQ page</a>.<p>
  216. <img src=""><br>
  218. There is a sorting "mini plot" that will determine your house and wand, though your personal preferences are also taken into consideration! If you have not received the first mailer to this plot within 24 hours of joining the guild, please Neomail a staff member or slugclubguild. Members also compete monthly for the house cup, and the winners receive a trophy! In addition to earning house points, completing classes and activities also earns you <i>guild currency - galleons.</i> Galleons can be spent at Diagon Alley to purchase items to show off in your dormitory. You will progress through the years each active month that you are in the guild. You must have earned at least 350 points in the previous term in order to become the next year in the next term.</p><p>
  220. <img src=""><br>
  222. All classes and activities are member-hosted. We encourage participation from all new members! If a class that you really want to teach is taken - we will try to make accommodations within reason! There are also endless ideas for activities - as these are entirely member based. Whether you want to learn more about the wizarding world, roleplay as a student at Hogwarts, make friends, improve your account, or (most importantly)- <b> have fun playing online in a relaxed, safe environment with other like-minded adults,</b> The Slugg Club is the guild for you!</p><p>
  223. <img src=""><br></p><h4><i>The Slugg Club does not ask for nor does it accept member donations of any kind. Those of you who wish to contribute to the guild in this way may do so -only- through the Hungry Hungry Hippogriff and Ministry Munchies once per week in return for House Points and Galleons. See FAQ for details.</i>
  226. <br><br></h4></center></div></div>
  237. <div id="anch" style="overflow: auto;">
  238. <h2>anchors</h2>
  239. <div class="page"><center>
  240. <table style="width: 100%; height: 100%;"><tr><th><a href="#MTS">Meet The Staff</a>
  241. </th><th><a href="#AP">Available Positions</a>
  242. </th><th><a href="#GC">Guild Currency</a>
  243. </th><th><a href="#FAQ">FAQ</a>
  244. </th>
  245. </tr></table></center>
  246. </div></div>
  257. <div id="MTS" style="overflow: auto;">
  258. <div class="page">
  260. <h3>Meet the Staff</h3><br><center><br><br>
  261. The Slugg Club Staff is your most valuable resource for what ever your Slugg Club needs may be! Hover over each staff member's icon to see their name and which house they belong to. Click on the icon to neomail that staff member or, alternatively, click the link at the bottom of their description. Each staff member is in charge of her own house, with the Headmistress filling in anywhere that she is needed. If you have any questions about how the guild works or what you should do next - message your head of house.
  262. <p>
  265. </p><center>
  266. <a href="">
  267. <img src="" title="Gryffindor Head of House Pemily. Resides in Gryffindor."></a></center><p>
  269. </p><p></p><center><b>Pemily</b><i> is in charge of Gryffindor students and their galleons, oversees Witch Weekly, and is the Sr. Caretaker.</i><br>Gryffindor students may contact Pemily if they are having any issues with work being graded, would like to know how many house points you have earned, or if they think their galleon total on their trunk is incorrect. Pemily is also the staff member to contact if there are any questions about Witch Weekly. While Kai (<a href="">sayok0</a>) is the editor in chief for Witch Weekly and most things should be directed to him - there may be some questions that he does not know the answer to. In addition to this, Pemily assists Miche with her caretaker duties directly (though any and all complaints and suggestions are discussed by staff and the caretaker as a whole).<br> - <a href="">Neomail Pemily</a><p>
  271. </p><center><a href="">
  272. <img src="" title="Hufflepuff Head of House Heather. Resides in Hufflepuff."></a></center><p>
  274. <b>Heather</b><i> is in charge of Hufflepuff students and their galleons, the Grumpy Grindylows, and all member-hosted activities.</i><br> Hufflepuff students may contact Heather if they are having any issues with work being graded, would like to know how many house points you have earned, or if they think their galleon total on their trunk is incorrect. Anyone who has questions about the Grumpy Grindylows should also direct those questions to Heather. Last, but certainly not least, all activity hosts will send Heather their questions and concerns about their activities, and Heather will be in contact with all activity hosts before the term starts to ensure that the activity will still be ran. If you would like to run a new activity, contact Heather!<br> - <a href="">Neomail Heather</a></p><p>
  276. </p><center><a href="">
  277. <img src="" title="Ravenclaw Head of House Katy. Resides in Ravenclaw."></a></center><p>
  279. <b>Katy</b><i> is in charge of Ravenclaw students and their galleons, potion brewing, Dobby and Winky, and Dumbledore's Army.</i><br>Ravenclaw students may contact Katy if they are having any issues with work being graded, would like to know how many house points you have earned, or if they think their galleon total on their trunk is incorrect. Anyone with questions pertaining to helping Dobby and Winky, or if you have found their clothing item - you should contact Katy as well. Anyone who has questions about potion brewing or wants to brew a potion should contact Katy. Anyone interested in joining Dumbledore's Army or having questions answered should also contact Katy.<br> - <a href="">Neomail Katy</a>
  280. </p><p>
  282. </p><center><a href="">
  283. <img src="" title="Slytherin Head of House Joslin. Resides in Slytherin."></a></center><p>
  285. <b>Joslin</b><i> is in charge of Slytherin students and their galleons, the Hogwarts professors, paying position-holders with galleons, and the monthly 1-np auctions.</i><br>Slytherin students may contact Joslin if they are having any issues with work being graded, would like to know how many house points you have earned, or if they think their galleon total on their trunk is incorrect. All professors and anyone who is interested in becoming a professor will send Joslin their questions and concerns about the class(es), and Joslin will be in contact with all professors before the term starts to ensure that the class will still be ran. If you would like to teach a new class, neomail Joslin. Anyone that has questions about how many galleons a position pays can contact Joslin, or if they hold a position and think they were not paid for the month. Lastly, Joslin is in charge of making sure all the auction items are put up and that the winners receive their galleons for winning an auction. You may also neomail her with any questions that you have pertaining to the auctions.<br>
  286. - <a href="">Neomail Joslin</a></p><p>
  288. </p><center><br><br><br><a href="">
  289. <img src="" title="Headmistress Paige. Resides in Hufflepuff."></a></center><p>
  291. <b>Paige</b><i> is in charge of assisting the other staff members with their houses,  taking care of the Hungry Hippogriff, and making sure all new members get acquainted with the guild.</i><br>
  292. While Paige does not oversee a specific house - she is still the Headmistress and more than willing to help you in any way possible. If you have questions about anything pertaining to the guild, not just her particular oversight, feel free to direct them at the Headmistress if you would like!<br>
  293. - <a href="">Neomail Paige</a>
  295. </p><p></p><center><a href=""><img src="" title="Founding Slytherin member Laney. Resides in Slytherin."></a></center><p>
  297. <b>Laney</b><i> is in charge of the Hospital Wing, Patroni, and Animagi</i><br>While Laney is not technically a staff member, she is still a valuable asset to the Slugg Club team. She oversees our random events, patronus conjuring, and animagus forms. If you have any questions about those things, you may direct them to Laney!<br>
  298. - <a href="">Neomail Laney</a>
  299. </p><p></p><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></center></center></div></div>
  310. <div id="AP" style="overflow: auto;">
  311. <div class="page">
  313. <h3>Available Positions</h3><br>
  314. All of our classes and activities are hosted by our members! We love all of the creativity that is brought to the Slugg Club by our members imaginations and highly encourage them to get involved by becoming a professor or activity host. Read more below about the professor and activity host positions to see if they are something you would be interested in, then neomail the questionnaire found below to Joslin or Heather to earn your credentials! Visit the <a href="/~slugclubministry#GC">Guild Currency</a> page to see how much each position pays.<br><br><center>
  316. Teaching a class or hosting an activity requires having content for each of the 4 weeks per term available on time for the start of each week (the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of the month). You can update your class/activity weekly or put everything up at once in time for the new term (the 1st of the month). You can award participants up to 25 House Points and 5 Galleons for each week. Extra credit is allowed, up to a maximum of 5 House Points and 1 Galleon per week. You cannot award one person more than 30 House Points and 6 Galleons per class/activity per week. If you are teaching a class, please keep your lessons within the subject you teach. For example, if you teach Care of Magical Creatures, your lessons shouldn't cover potions or charms unless necessary to teaching about a creature (and even then, just a brief mention; keep the focus on the creature). Your classes should be canon as well (material accepted as officially part of the story) unless it's clearly a departure. For example, assigning homework to create your own potion is completely fine, claiming that Harry is the Half-Blood Prince is not. If you miss 2 or more weeks of content in a term for your class or activity (such as having content for weeks 1 and 2 but not for 3 and 4) without notifying Joslin (for classes) or Heather (for activities), your class or activity will not be held for you for the next term. Instead, it will be first-come, first-serve for anyone who is interested.<br><br><textarea>
  317. 1. How many House Points and Galleons can you award for a class or activity per person per week?
  318. 2. Can you award extra credit? If yes, how much?
  319. 3. How often do you need to update your class or activity?
  320. 4. If you are teaching a class, what are the rules for the kind of lessons you can have? (Hint: There are 2 rules!)
  321. </textarea><br><br><a href="">Neomail Joslin</a> the questionnaire and which class you'd like to teach to become a Professor.<br><a href="">Neomail Heather</a> the questionnaire and a description of the activity you'd like to host to become an Activity Host.
  322. </center><br><center>
  323. <img src=""><br><b>PROFESSOR POSITIONS:</b><br>
  324. Charms<br>
  325. Astronomy<br><br>
  326. If there is another class that you can think of not currently offered by another Slugg Club member and would like to teach it,<br> or if you would like to teach one of the above classes, <a href="">Neomail Joslin</a>. Classes may become available that aren't yet listed here. Always feel free to ask about them!<br><i>Please note that new classes will not start until the following term.</i>
  327. <p></p><p>
  329. <img src=""><br><b>ACTIVITY HOST POSITIONS:</b><br>
  330. If you have an idea for an activity that you would like to host please <a href="">contact Heather</a>. These can range anywhere from a Harry Potter reading club to a cooking club, or even something entirely different! If you can think it up and get members involved - it can be an activity.<br><i>Please note that new activities will not start until the following term.</i></p><br><p><img src=""><br><b>STAFF POSITIONS:</b><br><i>No current openings.<br><br><br><br></i></p></center></div></div>
  341. <div id="GC" style="overflow: auto;">
  342. <div class="page">
  344. <h3>Guild Currency</h3><br>
  346. Guild currency is earned by participating in classes, activities, and plots within the Slugg Club, as well as by holding positions within the guild, winning a monthly auction, and experiencing a random event! As we are a traditional Harry Potter guild, our guild currency is <i>galleons</i>. The amount of galleons you are able to earn is directly correlated to the amount of work you want to put in! You can earn up to 5 galleons per assignment that you complete, but you might lose galleons if you lose points on said assignment.<p> <b>In addition to galleons, you also earn <i>house points</i> for each assignment that you complete. You can earn up to 25 house points for each assignment. As a rule of thumb - you earn 1 galleon per 5 house points. House points are not used for purchases, but the member of each house with the most house points at the end of the term is offered the position of prefect for that house for the next term. All members of the winning house also receive a trophy.</b>
  347. </p><p>
  350. </p><h3>Currency Earning Positions</h3><br>
  351. Holding any type of position in the guild will also earn you galleons monthly. Activity holders and professors are the only positions who earn extra house points - because their payment is equivalent to earning an Outstanding every single week in their own class/activity for the entirety of the term. Prefects earn extra galleons, as do the Heads of each house and the Headmistress herself.<p>
  352. </p><center>
  354. <i>activity holders and professors</i><br>
  355. 20 Galleons & 100 House Points<p>
  357. <i>prefects</i><br>
  358. 30 Galleons & No House Points</p><p>
  360. <i>the caretaker</i> <br>
  361. 50 Galleons & No House Points</p><p>
  363. <i>Heads of House and the Headmistress</i><br>
  364. 75 Galleons & No House Points
  365. </p><p>
  366. </p><h4>Galleons may be spent in <a href="/~slugclubshops">Diagon Alley</a> to buy things to put in your personal trunk<br>
  367. And in <a href="/~zilean">Honeyduke's</a> to purchase graphics</h4><p></p><center><img src=""><br><br></center></center></div></div>
  381. <div id="FAQ" style="overflow: auto;">
  382. <div class="page">
  384. <h3>Frequently Asked Questions</h3><br><center>
  388. <b>How are houses chosen?</b><br>
  389. Your sorting questionnaire is taken into consideration as well as your preferences (if you provided them). You will not be sorted into your least favorite house.<p>
  392. <b>How are the HOHs and headmistress chosen?</b><br>
  393. When there is an availability on staff, positions are advertised and applications are collected and discussed with current staff members to come to a conclusion. If there is any disagreement with a certain staff member, you are more than welcome to bring it up with other staff members and the caretaker by going to <a href="/~tuskaninny_spottedd_">The Caretaker's Office</a>.</p><p>
  397. <b>How are the prefects chosen?</b><br>
  398. The student that earned the most points in each house in the previous term is offered the position of prefect for the following term.</p><p>
  401. <b>How do I "rank up" in the guild?</b><br>
  402. While no one is barred from doing anything in the guild without seniority, the school years are determined by actual seniority within the guild. Starting out, everyone is a first year. You have to earn 350 points in the term in order to go up to the next year the next term. This means no one can become alumna without being in the guild for at least 7 months.</p><p>
  406. <b>How do I become a professor or host an activity?</b><br>
  407. Neomail <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=jiujiteira&subject=Professor+Question">Joslin</a> for questions on how to become a professor, and <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=painted_dreams87&subject=Activity+Host+Question">Heather for questions on activities. Becoming a host is as simple as having an idea and relaying that idea to staff.</a></p><p>
  410. <b>How long is each term?</b><br>
  411. Each term lasts one month. The term starts on the first of the month, and updates are on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and term ends on the 28th giving us a nice couple day break before the start of a new term.</p><p>
  414. <b>I have a suggestion or a complaint - where do I go?</b><br>
  415. All suggestions and complaints will be handled by the Caretaker and discussed with the staff. The reason for this is to have a member outside of staff's opinion. Use the Complaints and Suggestions box on <a href="/~tuskaninny_spottedd_">The Caretaker's Office</a> page to send a formal request.</p><p>
  418. <b>I want to do more to help the guild- where should I start?</b><br>
  419. There are plenty of ways to get involved and we can always use an extra set of hands (and an extra wand!) You can help The Slugg Club grow by coming up with your own unique activity to offer to hogwarts students, or even take a more laid-back approach and bump the guild ad board every time you remember to. If you're not sure of where to start still, and want to know where we need the most help, you may neomail any staff member and they will point you in the right direction!</p><p>
  422. <b>What are Galleons used for?</b><br>
  423. Galleons are used to purchase items from your trunk from <a href="/~slugclubshops">Diagon Alley</a> or to purchase graphics from <a href="/~zilean">Honeydukes</a>!</p><p>
  426. <b>What does 25/5 mean?</b><br>
  427. You can earn up to 25 house points and 5 galleons in (most) activities and classes. Therefore, most professors will shorten this to 25/5 when grading your assignment.</p><p>
  430. <b>What is HHH and MM and what are donations to the Slugg Club used for?</b><br>
  431. The <a href="/~thecastle#hungryhippogriff">Hungry Hungry Hippogriff (HHH)</a> is an activity that is available to do once per week for Galleons and House Points. By feeding the Hungry Hippogriff (sending one of the items asked for to slugclubguild), you will earn your currency as well as help supply the Ministry Munchies shop. The <a href="/browseshop.phtml?owner=slugclubguild">Ministry Munchies (MM)</a> is an activity that is available to do once per week for Galleons and House Points. By purchasing an item from Ministry Munchies you will earn your currency as well as help fund the <a href="/~thecastle#auctions">1np auctions</a>.
  432. </p><p>
  435. <b>Where are the classes and activities located?</b><br>
  436. The classes and activities are all linked on <a href="/~thecastle">The Castle</a>, though members can choose to host their own activities on private pet pages.
  437. </p><p>
  439. <b>Who does the graphics for the Slugg Club?</b><br>
  440. Graphics for the Slugg Club are mainly created by Joslin, Heather, and Paige. However, members are encouraged to share graphics whenever they would like, and there have been member-submitted layouts. Most of the images in Diagon alley (and therefore the trunks) is taken from the Harry Potter wikia page as well as Pottermore. Our profile icons are created by each individual member using lunaii dollmaker. The Ministry page, Diagon Alley, and the Common Rooms all use base codes originally by Taylor (vampirewithfangs).</p><p>
  444. </p></center>
  446. <br><br></div></div>
  450. </div>
  451. </th>
  452. </tr></table></center></div>
  457. <div style="background: #ffffff; width: 1022px; margin-top: -20px;">
  458. <h2>  Mission Statement</h2>
  459. <div class="extra">
  461. Welcome to Slugg Club! This is a new Harry Potter related guild that we are excited to get up and running. With Slugg Club, we hope to start fresh and create an entertaining and friendly environment for all. The purpose of this post is to let our members know what we intend with the guild and to provide an open forum for feedback and ideas. If there is anything you don't agree with below, please say something! This is not dictatorship and we want your ideas!<br><ul><li>First and foremost, we plan to make this guild as democratic as possible. While we will have staff (currently Paige, Pemily, Laney, Joslin, Heather and Katy) planning and executing ideas, we will be always be looking for member ideas and feedback. Not only will we always be looking for it, but we will always actually be listening and willing to discuss. We have already decided to create a page that will always be open to submit to whenever a member has a complaint, concern, an idea, or just general feedback. We want everyone to feel as involved as they would like to be. There will be no major changes without first getting  majority member approval.</li>
  463. <li>That being said, we understand that real life will always come first, as it should. We believe that you should be able to be involved with planning and hosting as many activities as you would like to handle. If you submit late every once in a while, it is okay. If you have to take a break at some point, it is okay. These things will not bar you from holding positions in the future. That being said, it is suggested you only take positions that you have the time to take responsibility for, just for the sake of process.</li>
  465. <li>We have a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy. Staff will be held accountable to this as well. While we hope for no altercations, this is not 100% realistic. If anyone is made uncomfortable for any reason, we encourage you to reach out to a staff member or the caretaker, so that the incident can be reviewed and action can be taken. This does not mean that someone would instantly be banned (depending on the severity), but open communication would have to take place. We want this to be a welcoming environment. We don't want anyone feeling like they can't speak up and be themselves in fear of being judged or ignored.</li>
  467. <li>As for the format of the guild, we plan on gravitating towards a Traditional HP Guild. Meaning that it will be Hogwarts and House Cup based, rather than Ministry based. We hope to have professors write their own activities and classes each term. This is to keep it interesting and to encourage professors to do as they please with their classes/ activities/ offices. We want you to have the liberty to do what you want.</li>
  469. <li>This bit is still in planning, but plots will be a fun activity presented as often as possible. We want to steer away from making everything a click through process. This may mean less plots, but it may also mean more exciting and intricate plots. We don't want any ideas getting shot down because they are "too much work" if there are members willing to put the work in. While many will be HP themed, we don't want you to just be clicking through the books, we want you to enjoy experiencing member inclusive activities. Furthermore, nothing will be rigged. If there is a votable event, it will be purely based on votes, not the preference of the staff. That means if someone wins 3 things in an event, they win them fair and square based on member feedback or the process in place, not by staff favoritism.</li>
  470. </ul><br>
  472. Of course we have a lot of planning in the works, but we look forward to getting everything rolling and creating a whole new environment to play in. Thank you all to our wonderful members for supporting the creation of The Slugg Club.<br><br>
  474. All my love,<br>
  475. Katy, Ravenclaw HOH
  477. </div></div>
  479. <center><i>Original coding by Taylor (vampirewithfangs)</i></center><br></div>
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