Setting Up Traps, My Boi

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  1. [Rion] nods his head to Soba who says he's gonna take the top of the area. The teen then proceeds to analyze the area around him, thinking of where it was most likely to people to pass through... well, honestly that didn't matter as this place was quite narrow so anywhere was good enough to put a trap using explosive tags.
  3. Identifying a few good spots, Rion digs inside his bag and pulls out a small metallic box. Taking a few steps forward hte would then walk up to the middle of the road and turns over one of the floor tiles. Opening the small metallic box, it's inside reveals several paper tags ready for his use, now he just needed to plant them.
  5. Taking one of them, the teen put's it on the ground. After that he also takes a pencil and Ink and begins to write a few seals across the tag. They were pretty basic one's but it would allow him to make this a tag that could be remotely activated. He would just need to give the control of it to one of the guards at a later date.
  7. As he's done with that trap, he picks up the floor tile he had previously removed from that spot and carries it back to it's original position rather carefully, wanting to make sure no accident was caused with the explosive tag no matter how unlikely that was to happen. Better be safe than sorry after all.
  9. After he puts the tile back in it's place, he uses the suimen technique to go up the small passage's walls and finds a few holes along it. He would do the same thing there. Taking a few explosive tags, write a few more seals on them and plant them inside these holes or in positions that it looked like would cause a good ammount of rocks or even a landslide to happen.
  11. It might seem quite a bit like an easy job to do, but it wasn't exactly true. The teen wasn't yet used to the Suimen technique so going along the wall to plant a few explosives proved to be somewhat difficult, but not dangerous as his control of chakra was good enough that he didn't end up falling during the process.
  13. Finishing planting a few tags along the wall, the teen hops down to the ground and decides to take a break for now. He would sit on top of a large rock that was along the road in the small passage and wondered how Soba was going on with his traps. Considering that, the teen would go up to their location and see if they needed any help.
  15. [Soba] nods his head in Rion's direction, it seems that their daily quota when it came to traps with four. Both of them were underneath the south-east mountains nearby the gate of Sunagakure. While his friend worked on the walkway setting up more elaborate traps like tile explosives, Soba himself was going to be the one to set-up traps on the top of the mountains.
  17. He pulls out his backpack which was filled with explosive traps, hand-shovels, and poison from the armory. For now he'd start setting up hole traps. He walked over to the digging spot and then started to work underneath the hot desert sun. This didn't bother him of course, he was actually quite happy for once.
  19. To be on a mission without having to focus on thoughts of anything else, leaving his bleak and dreary emotions behind to look forwards to a brighter day. One thing that was in the back of his mind that troubled him was the idea of going to war. The boy already wasn't prepared, but without his hardened persona anymore the thought of it just made his heart rate increase ten fold.
  21. After digging out one hole he would slowly start to place sharpened tools, like Kunai and Shuriken laced with a trace of Wolf Leader poison. Then after covering it with some camouflaging sand-paper he'd get back up and sigh. The boy looked back down to see what Rion was doing and smiled, "Good job! Lets keep it up!"
  23. He turned his attention backed to his own traps and then went to hole number two, taking out his small shovel and starting to dig. After doing this for quite a while, he'd wipe the sweat off his brow and decided to take a small break walking over and taking a few swigs of the refreshing water which he so longed for.
  25. Then he started to set up more traps, this time hiding explosive tags underneath the sand. He started to get to digging finding many good places to hide traps, sometimes covering up areas where traps would be useless. He lifted up the first explosive tag and infused it with chakra before placing it carefully under the sand.
  27. The boy would move onto trap number three, which was on the mountain side. He'd go to his pack and then started to scavenge through it before taking out his rope and hook. He set it up carefully on the side of the mountain and slid down, being experienced to this. Now though, he'd weave a single handsign and his feet started to ignite with chakra.
  29. "Suimen!" is what he activated, letting him get a better grasp onto the mountain side so he could place traps with much more ease. He'd stuff some into crevices and took a page out of Kiyoko's book. Sometimes setting them up within the dens of certain animals and serpents to ambush the forces after being triggered by the explosives.
  31. Sometimes he'd even set up traps to where if activated would explode and send poisoned shuriken right out of them towards the troops below. He of course was careful when doing this, making sure not to touch himself or even step on the wrong trap. After taking these precautions to set up traps he'd climb back up slowly.
  33. He'd finally have reached the top of the mountain, and swung himself onto off a sigh of relief. His breaths taking up the space in his lungs as he reached for his backpack and got out some water. He took a flask and uncapped it before taking it all down and finally getting ready to go.
  35. [Rion] would've come back down to the passage after checking up on how Soba was doing and if he needed any help. The teen then walks around and begins to plant tags around the place again, but this time he focus on the ground as he doesn't want to exaggerate when it comes to causing a landslide or rocks to fall and block the passage.
  37. Once again the teen would go up to one of the floor tiles on the ground and carefully remove it. As he puts the tile to the side, he once again takes out that metallic box he carries inside his bag and pulls out another paper tag which he plants on the ground, and then starts writing a few seals on it just like he had done before on that first trap.
  39. After doing that a few more times, and pretty spending a good ammount of his chakra to set those things up, the teen stops and takes a look around the area, thinking he had done enough for now and that his ammount of traps was good enough to protect the passage if somekind of enemy every came through it. Taking out a water bottle from his bag, he downs half of it.
  41. He then proceeds to wait for his friend's return from wherever he was so they can return to the village.
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