No Pinch Hitter (Little League thread)

Dec 30th, 2014
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  1. >Day No Pinch Hitter in Equestria.
  2. “But I didn’t do anything!”
  3. >Cheerilee grabs you and pulls you back toward the classroom.
  4. >”Don’t lie to me. I saw what happened.”
  5. >You look up to see Applebloom sneaking away.
  6. >She did this and now you’re taking the blame!
  7. >Scootaloo tries to say something, but Sweetie Belle pulls her aside.
  8. >You try to resist your teacher.
  9. “But, Ms-”
  10. >”I said that’s enough, Little League,” she says as she gives you a slight shake.
  11. >It’s no use.
  12. >Applebloom and her friends got away with something again.
  13. >They’re always causing trouble.
  14. >No wonder Diamond and Silver don’t like them.
  15. >They always act like victims.
  16. >Sweetie Belle especially is always pretending to be the teacher’s pet.
  17. >You’ll get them for this.
  18. >Cheerilee lets go of you as you arrive at your desk.
  19. >She waits for you to sit down.
  20. >”Now, are you going to tell me why you did that?”
  21. “I didn-“
  22. >”Little League, why won’t you ever accept responsibility for what you do?”
  23. “It was Applebloom!”
  24. >”Applebloom? She’s one of the sweetest fillies in class.”
  25. “I’m telling the truth!”
  26. >Cheerilee shakes her head.
  27. >”I’m going to have to tell your mother if you don’t admit it.”
  28. >You take a deep breath to shout it wasn’t you.
  29. >Cheerilee sees this and you can already hear her getting angry.
  30. >And if your Mom hears that you got in trouble again...
  31. >She might…
  32. >She might not let you play baseball anymore.
  33. >It’s the one thing she holds over your head.
  34. >Even more so now that Dad left.
  35. “Please don’t tell my mom.”
  36. >Cheerilee opens her mouth to shout, but closes it suddenly, chomping the words away.
  37. >”Uh… well… so you admit you were wrong?”
  38. >You look out the window to see Applebloom peeking.
  39. >She’ll get her’s.
  40. “Yes, Ms. Cheerilee,” you lie.
  41. 1/11
  42. >Your teacher leans back with some relief in her eyes.
  43. >”That wasn’t so hard was it?”
  44. >You clench your teeth.
  45. “No.”
  46. >Cheerilee smiles at this.
  47. >”Good. Alright, I won’t tell your mother, but you will have to stay after class for detention.”
  48. “Detention!?”
  49. >That wasn’t part of the deal!
  50. “You said I’d be fine if I admitted it.”
  51. >Cheerilee looks confused as she tries to remember what she said.
  52. >”No, I only said that I wouldn’t tell on you. You still have to learn that your actions have consequences.”
  53. “But… but…”
  54. >”That’s enough, Little League. It’s only for the rest of the week.”
  55. “Four days?!”
  56. >You stop yourself from arguing.
  57. >That won’t solve anything.
  58. >You just sit there moping as the end of recess bell rings.
  59. >
  60. >
  61. >Time seems to fly by, and before you know it the end of school bell rings.
  62. >All the other ponies rush out of class.
  63. >In a moment only you and Silver Spoon are left.
  64. >Cheerilee clears her throat.
  65. >”Alright, detention is for a hour. Do your homework quietly, and no talking.”
  66. ”Yes, Ms. Cheerilee,” you and Silver say in unison.
  67. >Your teacher just smiles and starts looking over her papers.
  68. >A quick glance to your left and you see Silver looking at you.
  69. >You give her a confused look.
  70. >She furrows her brow before lifting an eyebrow.
  71. >You shrug to her, not understanding.
  72. >Silver puts a hoof to her chin in deep contemplation.
  73. >Finally she has it.
  74. >She points at you, then at the ground, and then she makes an exaggerated shrug.
  75. >You think she’s trying to ask why you are here.
  76. >You point at yourself, then make your hoof walk across your desk.
  77. >At the edge, you flip your hoof and make it appear to fall.
  78. >Finally you point over at Applebloom’s desk, and pretend to laugh while poorly covering your face.
  79. >Silver nods in agreement.
  80. >You point at her, and raise an eyebrow.
  81. 2/11
  82. >Silver looks toward the teacher.
  83. >Satisfied that she can get away with it, she looks back at you.
  84. >With a hoof Silver points at Scootaloo's desk, then points at herself.
  85. >She taps her chest twice to indicate that her left hoof is her, and she repeats it for Scootaloo.
  86. >Silver dances her hooves across her desk.
  87. >She and Scootaloo were fighting.
  88. >Her hooves move to her throat, and she exaggerates being choked.
  89. >”Argh, Argh,” she croaks while throttling herself.
  90. >Then the Scootaloo hoof punches her in the face, and she reels out of her chair.
  91. >A hoof reaches out on it’s own and grabs the desk.
  92. >Silver’s eyes open widely in fear, begging for forgiveness, as she clings to the desk for her life.
  93. >She makes that smug look that Scootaloo always makes, before hitting the hoof holding the desk.
  94. >Silver mimes screaming, and backs away from her desk, pretending to fall.
  95. >She goes too far though, and backs into another chair.
  96. >The instant the seat squeaks you both know the jig is up.
  97. >”Get back to your seat, Silver Spoon.”
  98. >You try not to laugh at Silver as her face turns red.
  99. >”Yes, Ms. Cheerilee.”
  100. >The teacher watches both of you for a few seconds before returning to her work.
  101. >You and Silver both smile at each other.
  102. >Her story wasn’t very believable.
  103. >You’ve never seen Scootaloo hit another pony.
  104. >Oh well, the CMC caused both of you to be here.
  105. >Silver pulls out some paper and starts working on her homework.
  106. >You look out the window instead.
  107. >There will be time later for homework.
  108. >You see a bunch of stallions hanging around the park.
  109. >Some of them look like they’re drinking.
  110. >Half are wearing grey jerseys with a pink heart on them.
  111. >The other half are wearing blue with a pirate symbol.
  112. >One of them stands out from the others.
  113. >He’s not a pony.
  114. >You watch as he flexes, and swings the bat a few times.
  115. >A pony says something to him and tosses him a can.
  116. >The not pony grabs it with one hoo- one hand and drinks it in one gulp.
  117. 3/11
  118. >He crushes the can before throwing it into a garbage bin.
  119. >His team mates circle around him, and he leads them in some kind of cheer.
  120. >They all shout in unison before going to their places.
  121. >The tall not pony is the pitcher apparently.
  122. “Ms. Cheerilee?”
  123. >Your teacher looks up lazily.
  124. “Who’s that?”
  125. >She looks to where you are pointing.
  126. >”That’s Big Mac. He’s Applebloom’s brother.”
  127. >You shake your head.
  128. “No, the really tall one at the pitcher’s mound.”
  129. >Cheerilee looks again.
  130. >”Oh, that’s Anon. He got here a few months ago. I think he said he’s a hyooman, from Urth.”
  131. “A hyooman?”
  132. >Cheerilee just shrugs before returning to her work.
  133. >You look back longingly at the game.
  134. >If only you were out there playing instead of being stuck here.
  135. >You watch as Anon winds up before every pitch.
  136. >He always flicks his wrist just right so the ball sails over the plate.
  137. >Stallions always play slow pitch softball.
  138. >They aren’t athletic enough to play a real sport like baseball.
  139. >In fact you could probably beat these guys.
  140. >
  141. >You imagine yourself at the plate.
  142. >Anon looks at you with worry in his eyes.
  143. >He looks to his left, and Big Mac gives him the slightest nod.
  144. >His arms moves on their own in a long arc before throwing a knuckle ball.
  145. >You hit it squarely in the center of your bat and it flies past the fence.
  146. >The crowd goes wild cheering, “Little League! Little League!”
  147. >You, of course, give them a gracious wave as you trot around the diamond.
  148. >If only…
  149. >
  150. >Wait a second, is that Lyra?
  151. >You look closer at the mint green pony in the stands.
  152. >It is!
  153. >Why is your cousin at a beer league game?
  154. >Anon waves at her, and she returns the favor.
  155. >Lyra’s never mentioned hanging out with a hyooman.
  156. >Well, she mentioned hanging out with a stallion.
  157. >She said that he was tall, and loved playing sports.
  158. >You think harder trying to remember what else she said.
  159. >Lyra mentioned that he made her laugh, and was really cool.
  160. 4/11
  161. >But she never said anything about him being a hyooman.
  162. >What if they’re dating?
  163. >
  164. >You imagine Lyra sitting on Anon’s lap, laughing at a witty joke.
  165. >She lays her head on his chest and lets out a contented sigh.
  166. >Anon wraps a strong arm around her and pulls her closer.
  167. >Lyra protests just enough to be proper, but not enough to put Anon off.
  168. >He just smirks at this.
  169. >A hand moves to brush Lyra’s hair as he looks deeply into her eyes.
  170. >She closes them, daring Anon to do anything with her little body.
  171. >Without waiting for permission, Anon reaches –
  172. >
  173. >”Little League!”
  174. >You are snapped out of your daydream to your teacher trying to get your attention.
  175. “Uhh, yes, Ms. Cheerilee?”
  176. >”Detention is over. You can go home now.”
  177. >”Yeah, let’s go,” Silver adds.
  178. “Alright, see you tomorrow,” you say as you collect your books.
  179. >”Bye.”
  180. >
  181. >
  182. >The next day after class.
  183. >Both you and Silver are in detention again.
  184. >Only a few more days before you are free.
  185. >As if on cue, Anon and his friends gather around for another game of softball.
  186. >No, this looks like it’s just practice.
  187. >You wonder if they always play after school, or if this just started.
  188. >Your team only plays on weekends, so it makes sense that you’ve never seen them before.
  189. >Anon goes up to bat, and a pegasus pony is pitching.
  190. >You think his name is Soarin’.
  191. >His first pitch is awkward and doesn’t even come close to the plate.
  192. >Anon shows how to arc the ball before resuming his stance.
  193. >Soarin tries again, and this one looks slightly off, but Anon goes for it anyway.
  194. >He hits it, and narrowly misses Soarin’s head.
  195. >Another pony dives for it, but misses.
  196. >He recovers, grabs the ball and throws it to first just as Anon touches base.
  197. >Safe.
  198. >You watch in awe for the next hour as Anon continues to do well.
  199. 5/11
  200. >
  201. >
  202. >Later that day.
  203. >”Oh, hey Lily. I wasn’t expecting you today,” Lyra says as she opens the door.
  204. “Yeah, Mom wanted to do stuff so she told me to come here.”
  205. >You wait expectantly for Lyra to invite you in.
  206. >After a moment she takes the hint and opens the door a little.
  207. >It’s cool having an older cousin.
  208. >She has her own place and can do anything she wants.
  209. >Her roommate is a little mean though.
  210. >”You want something to eat?”
  211. “No, thanks. I’m not hungry.”
  212. >”Suit yourself.”
  213. >Lyra plops down on the couch.
  214. “So… whats new?”
  215. >”Not much. Anon and I hung out yesterday.”
  216. “Oh, that’s that stallion you’ve been dating?”
  217. >Lyra smiles at this.
  218. >”No, no… were not dating… yet. He hasn’t built up the nerve to ask me out.”
  219. >You pretend to smile as you sit next to your cousin.
  220. “Why not? You’re really cool and stuff.”
  221. >”Yeah, but Anon’s different…”
  222. “Different?” you ask while trying to hide that you already know her secret.
  223. >Lyra clears her throat.
  224. >”I get the feeling that he isn’t used to dating… mares…”
  225. >You offer her a blank stare.
  226. “You mean...,” you say before leaning closer, “he’s gay?”
  227. >”What?! No. He’s… ugh,” Lyra looks away.
  228. “It’s okay Lyra,” you say as you place a reassuring hoof on her shoulder. “You can tell me anything.”
  229. >After a couple moments she nods.
  230. >”He’s a human.”
  231. “A hyooman?”
  232. >”A human,” she corrects. “He’s kind of like a monkey.”
  233. >You scratch your head to pretend you didn’t know.
  234. >”Yeah, he’s different, but he’s soooo dreamy. Like when he takes the ball in his hands…”
  235. >Lyra talks about Anon for about an hour or so.
  236. >She tells you about where he came from.
  237. >How they met.
  238. >When they got drunk and they cuddled on a couch.
  239. >That one time where she was so close to actually kissing him.
  240. >And best of all, that Anon is the second best softball player in Ponyville.
  241. 6/11
  242. >You could tell he was good, but you didn’t know that the Amateur Beer League had a ranking system.
  243. >All in all, Anon sounds like the perfect guy.
  244. >
  245. >
  246. >The next day after school.
  247. >Anon is nowhere to be found.
  248. >You’ve watched for the entire hour, but nothing.
  249. ”Silver?”
  250. >”Hmm?”
  251. “How often do those softball players come out?”
  252. >She offers a shrug.
  253. >”I don’t know. I never watch them for more than a minute or two.”
  254. “Why not?”
  255. >”Because if I don’t do my homework here, then I won’t do it at all.”
  256. >You nod in agreement.
  257. >It’s so hard to do school stuff at home.
  258. “Some of them are kind of cute.”
  259. >Silver looks to see if the teacher is paying attention.
  260. >”Really?”
  261. “Yeah, tomorrow I’ll point the good ones out.”
  262. >Silver leans back in her chair, imagining going out with an older stallion.
  263. >
  264. >
  265. >Friday after school.
  266. >It’s your last day of detention.
  267. >Cheerilee is busy with her papers, but she seems to be thinking about her weekend more than anything.
  268. >She doesn’t even get mad if you and Silver whisper to each other.
  269. “There.”
  270. >”The one on third base?”
  271. ”No, the tall human. That’s Anon.”
  272. >She ignores you and points at a pony.
  273. >”What about the blue pegasus?”
  274. ”Soarin? He’s old.”
  275. >”He is not.”
  276. “Look at the bags under his eyes.”
  277. >”He’s just tired from working too much.”
  278. >You shake your head.
  279. ”My cousin Lyra really likes Anon.”
  280. >”Really?”
  281. 7/11
  282. ”Yeah, she told me about how they’re always hanging out and stuff. Also how she wants to kiss him.”
  283. >”No.”
  284. “Yeah, but he’s a guy, so you have to be really direct with them.”
  285. >”So, she tried to be all subtle or something?”
  286. “More like she was too scared to go for it.”
  287. >You and Silver laugh.
  288. >Ms. Cheerilee clears her throat and scowls at you before returning to her work.
  289. “Anyway, he sounds really cool, so I’m going to go hit on him.”
  290. >”Won’t your cousin be mad?”
  291. >You smile at your friend.
  292. “That’s the point. How funny would that be when I get a kiss from Anon before she does?”
  293. >Silver thinks it over for a minute.
  294. >”And then you would have an older coltfriend. Think about how cool you would be.”
  295. >
  296. >You imagine yourself at the spring formal.
  297. >All of your friends are dateless and alone, but you are with Anon.
  298. >He’s in his best tux, and you of course look awesome as always.
  299. >Your song comes on.
  300. >The one that played the first time you kissed.
  301. >”Would you like to dance, Lily?” Anon asks.
  302. “Only if it’s with you.”
  303. >You take his outstretched hand and move to the dance floor.
  304. >It’s a slow dance, so Anon picks you up and you both start making out.
  305. >With lots of tongue.
  306. >And all of your friends don’t want to watch, but they have to because they can’t look away.
  307. >
  308. >”Little League?”
  309. ”Uh, yes, Ms. Cheerilee?”
  310. >”I’m letting you both out early today. Enjoy your weekend.”
  311. >”Alright!” Silver smiles.
  312. “Thank you!”
  313. >You and Silver run out to the field.
  314. >It only takes a moment to find Lyra and to sit next to her.
  315. “Hi, Lyra.”
  316. >”Hello.”
  317. “Who is winning?”
  318. >”The Casanovas, by two runs.”
  319. >”Which team is that?” Silver asks.
  320. >“The grey one’s with the heart logos.”
  321. >”Oh. Hey look there he is,” Silver starts waving, “Hi, Soarin! Hi!”
  322. >Soarin looks around awkwardly before returning the wave.
  323. 8/11
  324. >”He waved back,” Silver giggles.
  325. “She likes him,” you whisper to your cousin.
  326. >”What about you? Do you have eyes for one of the players?” Lyra asks, half joking.
  327. “Mmmm, maybe…”
  328. >You all sit watching for the next two innings.
  329. >
  330. >Finally, Anon throws the final pitch.
  331. >Casanovas 5, Mustangs 4.
  332. >The players do the customary high hoofs before drinking together.
  333. >Lyra gets up to congratulate Anon and the others.
  334. >”This is our chance,” Silver whispers.
  335. >You nod, and follow your cousin.
  336. >”Hi, Mr. Soarin. I thought you were really good out there,” Silver Spoon says as sweetly as possible.
  337. >”I do try. Anon deserves all the credit though.”
  338. >Silver sits next to him as he grabs another beer.
  339. >”Wow, you’re like really strong too.”
  340. >She starts leaning on him and complementing his technique.
  341. >You ignore the rest of their conversation.
  342. >”Soarin’s right. You were the best player out there,” Lyra tells Anon.
  343. >”Well,” Anon smirks, “I am the second best amateur softball player in Ponyville.”
  344. >He takes a beer from the cooler.
  345. “If you’re so good, why don’t you play baseball?”
  346. >”Baseball? I could, but I like playing this just for fun,” Anon shrugs.
  347. >”I’m the best baseball player in Ponyville, and I say that you’re no good,” you lie.
  348. >He gives you a confused look before turning to Lyra.
  349. >”Who’s your friend.”
  350. >”She’s my cousin. You can ignore her.”
  351. ”I bet that I could hit any one of your pitches out of the park.”
  352. >Yeah, you probably could,” Anon laughs.
  353. >”Little League, stop it,” Lyra insists.
  354. ”I bet you don’t play baseball because you know that any filly could beat you.”
  355. >”Lily!”
  356. >Anon puts his beer to the side.
  357. >”So, let me get this straight. You really think you can hit a home run?”
  358. ”I don’t think. I know.”
  359. >Anon just smiles at this.
  360. >”Alright. What are the odds?”
  361. 9/11
  362. >You put a hoof to your chin to pretend to think.
  363. >The truth is, you already know what you want.
  364. ”If you win, then I have to cheer you on all season.”
  365. >”And if you win?”
  366. ”You have to kiss me.”
  367. >”What?!” Lyra protests.
  368. >”Like a classy kiss, or a freaky one?”
  369. >”Don’t tell me you’re actually considering this.”
  370. >Anon turns to whisper to her.
  371. >”It’s not like she can win.”
  372. >You pretend not to hear.
  373. ”Hmmm, freaky. Also you have to be my coltfriend.”
  374. >Anon laughs at this.
  375. >You feel your cheeks burning red.
  376. ”This is serious!”
  377. >”Alright, alright. You’re on.”
  378. >He gets up and walks to the pitcher’s mound.
  379. >Lyra just glares at you as you pick up a bat.
  380. >”Are you ready?”
  381. >You tap the plate twice, before getting into position.
  382. >Anon takes a deep breath as he sizes you up.
  383. >He makes an exaggerated circle before throwing the ball underhand.
  384. >It floats toward you.
  385. >You’re not used to hitting something so slow!
  386. >Wait for it.
  387. >Now!
  388. >You swing as hard as you can, but the ball hits an edge and is a foul.
  389. >Anon tries to hide a smirk.
  390. “Hey! Don’t throw softball pitches. Throw fast, like baseball.”
  391. >He holds up a second ball so you can see.
  392. >”I only have softballs, but if you want me to try, I can give it a shot.”
  393. >You give him your most determined face, and nod.
  394. >”Alright…”
  395. >He moves his fingers over the ball, deciding what to throw.
  396. >Finally he decides, and he lifts a leg.
  397. >He lunges forward as he throws, and you have to swing immediately.
  398. >Even with your quick reaction, the ball hits the cage behind you.
  399. >You could barely see it.
  400. “That was just a lucky throw.”
  401. 10/11
  402. >”Sure,” Anon smiles.
  403. >Anon winds up suddenly.
  404. >You lift your bat.
  405. >This is it, Little League.
  406. >If you miss the next pitch, then you’ll never get to be with Anon.
  407. >Then Lyra will have him all to herself.
  408. >You’re going to have to sit next to Silver as she tells you how cool her older coltfriend is.
  409. >Anon watches you closely before unwinding.
  410. >He frowns before offering, “I’m going to make a slow pitch.”
  411. >What?
  412. >He thinks so little of you that he’s going to tell you his next move.
  413. >To him you’re just a little filly.
  414. >You’re going to show him.
  415. >Embarrass him in front of all of his friends.
  416. >All you have to do, is knock it over that fence.
  417. >Anon winds up again.
  418. >Time slows down, and he lunges forward.
  419. >The ball sails toward you.
  420. >You can feel your heart beating.
  421. >This is it.
  422. >Wait.
  423. >Wait…
  424. >Now!
  425. >You swing with all your might.
  426. >As soon as you make contact you know you’ve done it!
  427. >Anon’s jaw drops as he watches the ball fly in the air.
  428. >One second, two seconds, three!
  429. >Its almost at the fence!
  430. >No!
  431. >It’s not fast enough.
  432. >Your heart sinks as the ball touches the fence.
  433. >You can recognize that familiar sound.
  434. >It wasn’t enough.
  435. >You throw the bat aside in anger.
  436. >Oh well.
  437. >At least now you get to spend time with Anon.
  438. >He walks up slowly.
  439. >You can tell he is slightly impressed.
  440. >He crouches in front of you to gloat.
  441. >”You’re really good. You had me worried for a second.”
  442. >You look away from him.
  443. “Yeah, but close isn’t good enough.”
  444. >He looks at you for a few seconds before taking off his hat.
  445. >”You’re right…”
  446. >He puts his hat on your head.
  447. >”But there’s always tomorrow.”
  448. fin
  449. 11/11
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