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Jul 20th, 2020
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  4. It's a peculiar place that I remain
  5. Inside a lonely box of misery and pain
  6. My voice echos off the walls and into oblivion
  7. Screams that nobody can hear and a soul trapped within
  8. Knocking at a door that will never be opened
  9. I must sit here politely, arms crossed and hoping
  10. I cannot smile, the only thing I can do is frown
  11. When there's no other direction I can go but down
  12. Trapped in this cage I continuously claw at the seams
  13. Only being able to escape to a paradise within my dreams
  14. Deafening silence, beckoning the light to surround
  15. When there's only ever darkness all around
  16. Grasping for something that's too far away
  17. Holding tightly onto joy just hoping it will stay
  18. For now I must remain still and composed
  19. Others shall not see the sadness exposed
  20. I will paint on a smile and wear it as my mask
  21. Say that I'm okay if anyone should ask
  22. I will stand guard inside the prison within my mind
  23. Hoping one day that peace is what I will find
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