Keyblade Tier 3 Application

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  1. Key: Aethirian
  3. Character Name: Aretain Valorcall
  5. Skill: Keyblade Tier 3
  7. Reasoning:
  8. 1.  Aretain laments the fact that he wasn't strong enough from stopping Tony from killing Bloo.
  9. 2. As a result, Aretain doubles his efforts in his training and strives to grow stronger and unlock more of the power of his keyblade.
  10. 3.  Given the recent discovery on the recent mission, Aretain begins to fully understand exactly what kind of threat Demons truly represent.
  11. 4. Now faced with the threat in High Hops, he doesn't want a repeat of last time where a friend or even more than one friend dies before his eyes, with him unable to do anything.
  12. 5. Anyone with eyes or instincts can feel the threat that Saul represents to High Hops and even potentially the rest of the world.   Aretain's duty as a knight is to protect and serve.
  13. 6.  Of course, to defeat such a foe would serve to cement the name of Valorcall in the history books in at least some fashion.
  14. 7.  Whether it be Saul or his allies, Aretain is ready to battle.
  16. Moment: Saul, Mori and Sui Choi show up in High Hops, lighting the Saint Temple on fire in the process.
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