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Sep 12th, 2020
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  1. Clips from Choco's Apex stream on the 7th of September 2020, 15:30 JST:
  2. Choco getting upset
  3. Choco making questionable decisions
  4. Choco being cute
  5. Choco scolding Rev for being a cold cunt
  6. Choco gets punched by her teammate and wants revenge
  7. --
  8. Clips from Choco's morning ARK stream on the 7th of September 2020, 9JST:
  9. Good morning Choco
  10. Stretching Choco
  11. Choco telling off her spino for leaving its post
  12. Yawning
  13. Yawning
  14. Choco talking about Ui coming over and what Achan is like
  15. Choco's Dino wanders off
  16. Yawn
  17. Sleepy Choco comes back from her break
  18. Choco talks about how a lot of the "girl" cosplayers she thinks are cute actually turn out to be men, also that those men tend to be more girly than real girls.
  19. Choco gets asked if she likes crossdressers, in reference to the above clip, (女装), yes she does. No she isn't lying
  20. Yawn
  21. Choco wants to get a massage for her sore muscles
  22. Choco stretching
  23. "Choco seems sleepy" from the chat
  24. Choco struggling to stay awake
  25. Yawn
  26. Choco "Spinosaurus" Yuzuki, from the ARK psychology hospital, signing the fuck out.
  27. --
  28. Clips from Choco's Apex Endurance stream on the 8th September, 23 JST:
  30. Choco nicks all the loot like a goblin
  31. After that Choco tries to give rev the helmet but he doesn't care, this team later went on to go 2nd place with less than 200 damage and 0 kills
  37. Choco fails to stealthily save her squad's banners
  39. Choco's model spaces out for a minute and also what the fuck is that gibraltar doing?
  43. Choco confuses her weapons (I can't remember exactly what happened here)
  46. Choco beats the shit out of an enemy wraith
  48. Choco is impressed with her squadmate's aim
  49. Choco wants Lifeline's skin. Shortly after this she says if this skin wasn't from a past event she would have gambled for it...
  51. Honestly what the fuck was this Bangalore doing?
  52. Pathfinder puts up a good fight, Choco was impressed with this guy but they didn't get far after this
  53. Superchat reading and sign off
  54. --
  55. Clip from when Ui and Rion called into Rion's 250k and 2 year celebration Totsumachi on the 7th September:
  57. and the rest of the call here
  59. Original stream with the call timestamped
  61. Choco talking about the cockroach she had to deal with all the way back in July, link to original stream, Ui mama cooking collab, 7th September 21:40JST:
  63. --
  64. Clips from her dealing with said cockroach
  68. --
  69. Clips from Choco's Chocosuba stream on 12th September 7JST: stream link
  70. Shubaaru
  71. Subaru futon dive
  72. Choco tells people to throw superchats to tease Subaru so she tickles her in revenge
  73. Choco hits 240k subs live
  74. Subaru and Choco do voices
  75. Choco compliments Subaru's massage capabilities and offers her a job
  76. Choco talks about when Ui came over and they went for a massage
  78. Talking about Coco's thigh tweet
  79. Subaru gave a shirt to Choco to sleep in
  80. --
  81. Clips from Subaru's OhaSuba/ChocoSuba stream on 12th September 10JST: stream link
  83. Subaru talks about her body cream
  84. Subaru asks Choco about what happened at the gariben event and Choco talks about it
  85. Red carpet, superchats
  86. Choco does a Mel impression and Subaru attempts to do one as well
  87. Subaru and Choco talk about the Ark collab
  88. Talk about the Ark collab again and they both compliment what each other did.
  89. Choco and Subaru talk about gen 2 and why you don't see them together very often
  90. Choco rates Subaru's new room, girly/10
  92. Subaru wants to visit Choco's place
  93. Choco talks about when people come over to hers, they always sleep like a log
  94. Subaru and Choco relate over singing practice and how for somethings you will always just be bad at them
  95. Luna late at night, shamelessly stolen from:
  96. Subaru wants to do Chococooking with Choco and they talk about what they should make
  97. Subaru talks about Mio
  98. Choco and Subaru talk about first impressions of one another. Apparently starting out Choco asked if it was OK for her to do ear licking ASMR. Yabee
  99. Subaru's announcement, talking with Subaru!
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