Jun 15th, 2014
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  1. The Concept:
  3. [4:35:05 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: sure
  4. [4:36:27 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: but no like the point is in an infinitely scaling wipe old humans should get the piss kicked out of them forever
  5. and new humans..?
  6. They're scaling kings.
  7. It's literally, mechanics wise, old humans would be forced to oocly and icly pass the torch to new, who become supreme gods of what the fuck.
  8. [4:46:14 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: I literally want HT4 to come out like the moment the req is obtained for it and barely compete with SHT
  9. and lose to SHT like 2 days later
  10. [4:46:21 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: in a
  11. [4:46:28 PM | Edited 4:46:32 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: 'new humans are the future'
  12. [4:46:33 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: moment
  13. [4:46:47 PM] Maki: ...
  14. [4:46:53 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: yes
  15. [4:46:54 PM] Maki: wait is this a rework for humans or 1/16
  16. [4:46:55 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: i know
  17. [4:46:56 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: it's insane
  18. [4:47:03 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: Old Humans.
  19. [4:47:08 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: This is -how they were- Maki
  20. [4:47:11 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: they had -no scaling-
  21. [4:47:15 PM] Maki: ...yes blue
  22. [4:47:20 PM] Maki: ...that's not old HT
  23. [4:47:24 PM] Maki: old HT has much less add
  24. [4:47:26 PM] Maki: and much less mult
  25. [4:47:29 PM] Maki: 1.15 per form
  26. [4:47:37 PM] Maki: thats 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
  27. [4:47:38 PM] Maki: ROFL
  28. [4:47:43 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: exactly
  29. uh
  30. i'm literally suggesting an add-whore race
  31. [4:47:46 PM | Edited 4:47:48 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: nigga
  32. [4:47:51 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: that's what i'm saying
  33. [4:48:01 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: i know it sounds outrageous
  34. [4:48:03 PM] Maki: so you don't want humans to scale
  35. [4:48:06 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: but i want 'scales piss, the race'
  36. [4:48:08 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: old humans
  37. [4:48:10 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: as in
  38. [4:48:13 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: this rare
  39. [4:48:19 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: specifically designed for nostalgia
  40. [4:48:20 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: yeah
  41. [4:48:26 PM] Maki: ...
  42. [4:48:28 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: i don't want them to compete with new humans absolute endwipe
  43. [4:48:40 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: i want them to get blown out of the water like everything else
  44. [4:48:44 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: because -that's- cool
  45. [4:48:51 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: did you not see
  46. [4:48:54 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: my suggested stat mods?
  47. [4:49:01 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: They're the old, unbuffed ones.
  48. [4:49:08 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: Maki, I legitimately.
  49. [4:49:10 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: Do not want.
  50. [4:49:24 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: To get to endwipe and be the final hero as an old human.
  51. [4:49:31 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: It should be..
  52. Joseph Joestar.
  53. [4:49:33 PM] Blusuke Higashikata: The race.
  55. Third Eye -verb- and not Third Eye Ascension will be the name of the game. Throwback-Class Humans, instead of Ascensions, HT, and SHT, will instead have High Tension 1-4, just like the old and gold days. High Tension 1 will suck dick, HT2 will be good, HT3 will be amazing and, upon coming out, HT4 will be absolutely amazing....and scale abysmally. It will not be stronger than Super High Tension.
  57. The point of power, their pinnacle, is HT3.
  58. HT4 is a last resurgence before passing the torch to New Humans.
  60. Old/Throwback/Blue Human Stat Mods:
  62. 3x Strength.
  63. 3x Endurance.
  64. 3x Speed.
  65. 2x Force.
  66. 1.75x Resistance.
  67. 2.5x Offense.
  68. 2.5x Defense.
  69. 2.5x Recovery.
  71. Slightly more hit/dodge than humans, who have 6.18. Oldmans have 7.5. Flavor/style was, this is because BACK IN THE DAY!!! You could get much higher speed on everything due to speed being 1.1 per point and speed modules being 1.2x. It's also because Humans did have 3 base speed at one point. Mechanics/balance was, it's to make up for the fact it loses to humans in Str/End/Force/Recovery.
  73. Third Eye Changes:
  75. Seeing as the Third Eye VERB and Third Eye ASCENSION are now things, meaning both exist, and seperately? We can make this further seperate old and new humans. Make Third Eye -not- take a buff slot, and..
  77. Make Old Human TE give the same stats as Third Eye Ascension, with a catch.
  78. It cuts anger down to 127.5%.
  79. This frees them up to have...
  80. Nerfless Cheetah Stance as a nod to how it used to be back then/synergy with how goddamned fast these niggas are. With the anger loss and lower base stats/recovery, they're DEFINITELY below humans, and this, while an advantage, is far from a tremendous one, and it's also really damned cool.
  82. Flavor/Style:
  84. HT1-4 would each shake the screen, for a total of 4 'why does that even shake the screen it's not even strong's.
  85. They gotta have the old icons too, boss!!! My zeta rip!!! I want that huge willowy, ghost-like aura shit HT3 had, all of those ridiculous sparks, the works.
  87. Their Transformations and Requirements:
  89. Each HT would cut recovery by 0.9x.
  91. HT1. 1m requirement. (Roughly 33k Base Per Mod.)
  92. 1.15x BP Multiplier, 1.25x stats.
  93. 1m add.
  95. HT1 was always abysmal. It was always the most 'why' transformation. An old human never went HT1 and saved the goddamned day. It was just a reason to finally raise your head: a reason to finally think the sun was shinin'. This transformation marks a long period of inferiority to virtually everything, just as you were before you transed..
  97. But damn it, you look good with that pink hair. Cheer up, kid, things get better soon.
  99. HT2. 5m Requirement. (Roughly 50k Base Per Mod.)
  100. 1.15 BP Multiplier, 1.25x stats, cumulative with the previous one of course!
  101. 11m add.
  103. SSJ1.5 era in full swing and DT got'cha down...have no fear, Old Humans have hit their stride. Their pinnacle is coming up, and they're looking better than ever. Less recovery, less stats than full humans, but thanks to that juicy add, they sure as hell got raw BP over them -when it's first attained-. Key note there. With barely -half- the BP mod of full humans, they, as they should, will be outscaled viciously.
  105. Damn them sparks is fly!
  107. HT3. 30m Requirement. (Roughly 250k Base Per Mod.)
  108. 1.15 BP Multiplier, 1.25x stats, stackin' on up.
  109. 35m add. Roughly 55m BP upon attaining, so much of it being add that their BP rises almost -unnoticeably- with buffs.
  110. Incredibly mild(LET'S SAY MAZOKU DT) health drain, no energy drain.
  112. Humans would sit at 25m by this point if they got blue ascension at 250k base per mod(they don't, they get it at 300k for some odd reason, but 300k is literally the day after 250k base per mod, so we're going to roll with it,) so half the BP, but with higher recovery, and, again, vastly better scaling and response to enablement. Old Humans have a 1.9 BPM by this point. New? A -5.- Within a couple days of HT3's unveil, it no longer beats, but instead only matches, Blue HT. Continue onward and Blue HT beats it into the ground in all likeliness.
  114. But when it's -first- coming out?
  116. This is what it means to have started from the bottom and rise. The power of this transformation upon it coming out is enough to place it firmly in the top tier of SSJ2.5: it hands almost every other trans of this era losses. This is everything they look forward to the entire wipe, just like the old and gold days, their aura becoming massive as they amass enough multi-colored sparks to have come straight out of a Zeta rip. But as all good things must, as time goes on, It will get outscaled due to abysmal BP mod/anger/recov, it's shine will fade, and from that, they'll take one last shot..
  118. The king of bullshit. The 'how the fuck did you win that' transformation. The '-it doesn't even make sense you have 2.1 BP and 2.44x stats how are you not one-shot' transformation.
  120. High Tension Four. You can't abbreviate this shit, baby, no way, you do it a dishonor. 100m requirement. Who gives a shit what base per mod that is, it's endwipe!
  121. Some Super Saiyan 3 Health Drain, but -no- energy drain.
  122. The last stack of 1.15x BP and 1.25x stats, and nigga, damn those mults look pretty.
  125. Believe it or not? With all of this add?
  126. At 500k base per mod...131m~ BP. Humans? 150m. Over 100m of the Old Human's BP is add. 50m of the New Human's is. This means that after buffing up?
  128. The New Human curbs it.
  130. They are outBPed by Super High Tension and never. Ever. Can compete with it again. Period. They are wholesale annihilated by it and the scaling on SHT is -4 times- better...
  131. But that's alright.
  132. They make one last triumphant grasp, and don't you dare underestimate the bullshit that these niggas are capable of. This transformation brought down Gods with half this add, and never forget it.
  134. You will believe a multi-color spark, pink Goku haired human with 1/10 your BP can fly.
  136. Old Human vs. New Human balancing scheme:
  138. Base: New = Old
  139. SSJ1: New > Old
  140. SSJ1.5: Old > New for awhile
  141. SSJ2: New > Old. 5 BPM new vs. 1.9 BPM old. Mult over add OP
  142. SSJ2.5 Old > New
  143. SSJ3 and the rest of forever: New > Old
  145. At SSJ1, as defined by 25k Base Per Mod:
  147. 1.4 BP Mod, 1m add, and 1.25x stats vs. 2.5x BP Mod, 3.5m add, and 1.25x stats.
  149. At SSJ1.5, as defined by 50k Base Per Mod:
  151. 1.65 BPM, 11m add and 1.56x stats vs. 3 BP mod, 3.5m add and 1.56x stats.
  153. At SSJ2, as defined by 150k Base Per Mod:
  155. The same, -however-, the higher BP mod will have just completely taken over the add in effectiveness. 16m~ will be the Throwback Human's BP, and 18.5m the New Human's, with the New Human also having superior recovery and mult BP being more affected by buffs.
  157. At SSJ2.5, as defined by 250k Base Per Mod:
  159. Once again, this is using if Blue Humans theoretically got it at 250k, since they get it at 300k which is LIKE THE SAME DAMN SHIT WHY IS BLUE ASC REQ NOT 250K HOLY SHIT
  161. 1.9x BPM and 41m add vs. 5x BPM and 3.5m add.
  162. 1.95x stats vs. 1.95x stats.
  163. 2.27 recovery vs. 3.
  165. Roughly 55m BP upon attaining, so much of it being add that their BP rises almost -unnoticeably- with buffs. This is vs. 25m, drainless, with more recovery and no health drain. Say both use a 1.5x BP buff. The Throwback's BP goes from 55m to 58.5m~. The Newman's? 25m to 36m~. This is a key factor to remember in balancing these two. That and that in -a day-, with high endwipe gains, the odds will turn completely.
  167. Also, say a new human gets say, Spiral Energy. It responds to this enablement 10x better than Throwback does, being entirely add. The Throwback goes from, I shit you not, 55m~ to 64m~ with 2x BP Spiral Energy. The Newman? 25m to almost 50m. Old humans wouldn't benefit as much from enablement short of...bladed flurry, etc etc.
  169. At SSJ3, as defined by 500k Base Per Mod:
  171. HT4 is meant to have been attained earlier than this and had, hopefully, two or three days to shine, because...
  172. SHT at 500k base per mod will rip out it's heart and feed it to it on a platter.
  174. 137mish HT4 vs. 150m SHT.
  175. 2.1x BP Mod, 117m add, 2.44x stats vs. 10x BP Mod, 50m add, 1.95x stats.
  176. 1.96x recovery vs. 2.4.
  177. SSJ3 Health Drain vs. Drainless.
  179. And there you have it. SSJ3 era is when they become inferior. Forever.
  180. It's passing the torch to a new generation and accepting a place as the absolute worst scaling thing out there.
  182. High add and no mult means they shrug off hits and keep fucking going, get worn out, drained, and fight almost as well as they did at the outset. Health drain, high speed, low anger yet higher initial power is everything they're about.
  184. Twice as bright?
  185. Half as long.
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