Combat Flow

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  1. Start of Combat
  2.       |                                 |-Player can roll to dodge(DC6, Normal action)*
  3.  Enemy Rolls------------ Enemy Succeeds-|
  4.  |                                      |--Player can roll to oppose(DC equal to enemy roll, negates PC damage,
  5. Enemy Roll Fails---Take CA damage       |-Player does action, takes damage*   does damage in return to enemy)*
  6.  |                                        
  7. Player rolls
  8.  |----------------------------------------|
  9.  |                                        |
  10.  Roll succeeds                          Roll fails
  11.  |                                        |
  12.  Calculate Damage*                       Take CA damage
  14. *End of combat turn; calculate damage, repeat at Enemy Rolls. When an NPC and PC both attack each other and roll high enough to render the other helpless, both are rendered helpless.
  15. An NPC or PC can recover from helplessness by rolling, being assisted by an ally, or when an NPC fails to attack them while they are helpless.
  17. Standard DC is 5, can be raised or lowered
  18. Damage calculation works thusly-
  19. Rolling a natural 10 does double damage
  20. Natural 10 and positive roll modifiers do damage equal to dice roll(10=10 hits, 11=11 hits, 12=12 hits, etc.)
  21. Rolls that are naturally under 10 but become equal or greater than 10 thanks to multipliers do normal damage. (10=5 hits, 11=6 hits, 12=7 hits, etc.)
  22. Lowered crits do double damaged, but only of what they normally rolled (9=8 hits, 8=6 hits, etc.)
  23. Autocrits do 10 hits, always.
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