HM:StH NG+ Azure Swallowtail Notes

Jul 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. NG+ Azure Swallowtail notes
  3. [Updated 3 Sep 2020]
  6. - 12 Pink-Cat Mint flowers
  7. - Full watering can (at least one square remaining)
  9. NOTES
  10. - Intro+gift both Lyla and Kurt. Kurt should only be gifted on Thursdays when he is at Lyla's garden.
  11. - Gift Lyla until 9, Kurt until 3.
  12. - Trigger CS1 on any non-Tue/Thu. Gift Lyla no more than 8 times before this, and gift her on this day.
  13. - Trigger CS2 same day as CS1. Double-talk to Lyla when she starts walking inside, then enter at 9am to trigger the CS.
  14. - You must trigger CS3 by Summer 15, so you must not trigger CS1+2 any later than Summer 12.
  15. - No matter when CS3 triggered, trigger CS4 on the day of Summer 18. Fill the watering can, then plant+water the Blue Mist seed.
  16. - Reset for rain on both Summer 19 and 20, as well as perfect, full-rain rainy season.
  17. - Summer 27: Walk to Goddess pond to get the bloom cutscene.
  18. - Summer 30: Walk to Goddess pond to get the butterfly cutscene.
  19. - Fall 7 or later (fair weather): Walk to Goddess pond to complete the ending.
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