Hafnium Exchange Vuln Detection - KQL

Mar 5th, 2021
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  1. let networkEvent = DeviceNetworkEvents
  2. | where ActionType == "InboundConnectionAccepted" and InitiatingProcessFileName =~ "System"
  3. | extend netTimestamp = Timestamp
  4. | project DeviceId, DeviceName, netTimestamp, RemoteIP, RemotePort; //Grab a table of all accepted inbound connections, projecting the Timestamp for further manipulation
  5. let shellWrite = DeviceFileEvents
  6. | where ActionType == "FileCreated" and FolderPath has "inetpub" and FileName has_any (".php", ".jsp", ".js", ".aspx", ".asmx", ".asax", ".cfm", ".shtml")
  7. | project DeviceName, DeviceId, Timestamp, FileName, FolderPath; //Grab a table of all created files in inetpub, with a file extension ending in ".php", ".jsp", ".js", ".aspx", ".asmx", ".asax", ".cfm", ".shtml". Projecting timestamp for further manipulation
  8. DeviceFileEvents
  9. | where (FileName =~ "applicationHost.config" or FileName =~ "administration.config") and FolderPath contains "inetpub" //Grab all instances of updates to the IIS applicationHost.config or administration.config
  10. | join shellWrite on DeviceName, DeviceId
  11. | join networkEvent on DeviceId, DeviceName
  12. | extend time_diff = datetime_diff('second',Timestamp,Timestamp1) //create a time differential column for shellWrite and config update
  13. | extend netTimeDiff = datetime_diff('second',Timestamp1,netTimestamp) //create a time differential column for networkEvent and the shellWrite
  14. | where (time_diff <= 60 and time_diff >= 0) and (netTimeDiff <= 10 and netTimeDiff >= 0) //differential filtering for networkEvent and shellWrite
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