Final of first script (sfw)

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  1. Going to write this fairly free-form, but it should make sense in the end. Contains cannabis use, feel free to.remove if you aren't comfortable with that. Actions are put between two "*", for example, *kiss*.
  4. Feel free to use the lines as guidelines only and switch them up or change them however you like if they sound better another way.
  6. I love when audios have some ambient silence before the end with some whispered sweet nothings type deal cause its much easier to sleep, I'll do my best to include it! Before you even read the script, I want to thank you for you time :)
  8. Scene set is a rainy evening after a soccer match.
  10. Main character is returning from a soccer game in which they've played well, but without many actual specifics as to cover many games (haha). Voiced character is a girlfriend, not new, but someone close and caring.
  12. My one tip, feel free to pepper the script with more pet names such as baby, babe, cutie, and as many l bombs as can fit naturally lol. I will write in as much of this as possible but it's the most difficult part for me to fit in.
  14. Story
  15. Scene 1:
  16. (Characters enter house/apartment)
  17. "You must be really tired, baby. I don't think you could have run more than you did, or fallen down for that matter *laughs*"
  18. "You really impressed me though, you really are the coolest. I know a lot of girls have told you this over the years and you won't listen, but it's attractive baby, you're attractive *kisses* I'll prepare a shower for you, just go change out of those muddy clothes first! *optional giggle*" (teasingly scolding, not seriously)
  20. Scene 2
  21. (Right before mc takes shower)
  22. "Alright, it's almost warmed up babe, and no; I'm not gonna get in with you tonight, you need to actually focus on getting a shower! *laugh*"
  23. "Well where else am I gonna go? Of course I'll be here when you get out, you don't need to worry. I'll get your bed all comfy and ready for us to cuddle, and I'll get netflix started up on the tv."
  25. Scene 3
  26. (Right after mc takes shower and puts (some) clothes on)
  28. "You sure took your time cutie...I like those boxers though, come here and get into bed with me, I've been waiting much longer than a girlfriend should I'll have you know! (Jokingly snobby)"
  30. "But seriously come here, I've got a warm cup of your favourite tea sweetheart, you know how calm it makes you feel, plus maybe i help a bit? (Said sarcastically but cute, you get the gist) (few seconds pass) is it good? Yeah? I'm glad, you really deserve to relax. You're my very favourite, you know that right? (said with a loving sigh or something lol)
  33. "Rest your head on my chest, you drank most of the tea and you look so sleepy baby! *lip kiss* *face kisses* you're just too cute when you're sleepy!"
  34. "There you go, is that comfortable? *face kiss*You sure look comfortable *giggle*, you just make me wanna kiss you when you're like this" *various kiss noises for a while followed with* "mmm, I love you so much. You did so good today, it was like you pushed yourself even more because i was watching, and it really was impressive watching you dribble the ball and pass it around. You deserve to rest *kiss*, you're my little superstar *giggle/contented sigh* followed by *mouth kisses for a while*.
  35. *cuddle noises and sighs leading into scene 4*
  37. Scene 4: "getting sleepy? I can tell baby, your eyes keep closing. Cuddle up closer, it's okay if you fall asleep. God, I really love you. I love these days that we spend together. You're perfect for me, you're everything I could want and more. (slight pause as if a response) I'm glad you feel the same cutie *kiss*, I'd be kinda surprised if you didn't after this long! *giggles* just try and sleep now, come on. Hold me tight, just like that. *contented sigh*"
  39. "I love you"
  41. Pauses as listener falls asleep
  43. (Whispering)"sweet dreams baby"
  45. End.
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