MH - S01 E13

May 19th, 2019
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  1. [20:31] <Darkling> The girls have been in what appears to been some time frozen plane of the forest that the fae have cooked up for their seeming personal torment.
  2. [20:31] <Darkling> Elisa has taken the time to pluck as many floating leaves out of the air and made a floating ball of them.
  3. [20:32] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy huffs, stalking toward Tina.
  4. [20:32] <Avaline> "Got any ideas, anyone? A little outside my area of expertise here." Avaline says nervously.
  5. [20:33] * Tina_ 's eyes widen as Billy stalks closer. "What?"
  6. [20:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> Hands come down on the hipster's shoulders, squeezing tight as the wolf-girl leans in to whisper.
  7. [20:34] <Tina_> A skeptical look crosses her face for a split second. "Seriously?"
  8. [20:35] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Why not?" She backs off with a shrug.
  9. [20:36] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmh?"
  10. [20:36] <Avaline> "Are you thinking of ritually sacrificing someone?"
  11. [20:37] <Darkling> "That's a little extreme."
  12. [20:37] <Tina_> "It's just..." She stops herself. "No, nothing like that."
  13. [20:38] <Avaline> "Ritually making out?"
  14. [20:38] <Billy_Blackfeather> "No."
  15. [20:39] <Avaline> "I'm at a loss."
  16. [20:40] <Billy_Blackfeather> "You'll see," Billy says, looking at Tina with an impatient tap of her foot.
  17. [20:40] <Tina_> She stands, looking around. "Well, we know that we've got some pretty awesome creatures out there. They're all like, really magical and powerful. Maybe they want us to let them know how much we need them, how we couldn't do this without their help?"
  18. [20:42] <Avaline> "Billy seems to be powerful. But she's only half a wizard, tops."
  19. [20:43] <Tina_> "No, not Billy. I meant the...the Fairies."
  20. [20:43] <Darkling> "Uhm..." Elisa looks around. "Oh, you're trying to lure them out?"
  21. [20:43] <@Mr_Rage> "Hnhn~ Fair Folk, Tina. That is proper and polite term, as they deserve."
  22. [20:46] <Tina_> "O-oh, right of course, Fair Folk. We should only speak of them in titles that are worthy of their magnificence."
  23. [20:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> "T-that's right Tina. Only the highest respect for the masters of nature and my benevolent overlords," Billy followed up with fists on her hips. That twitching eye couldn't be healthy.
  24. [20:50] <Darkling> "Please come help us of Fair Folk!" Elisa holds up the jar with the heart in it whispering "This better work 'cause I feel a little ridiculous."
  25. [20:52] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi giggles, putting a little more oomph in it. "Fairest of All Lands, the noble folk, take pity on my clumsy friends and I. We are, after all, foolish human children." Where did her accent go?
  26. [20:54] <Avaline> "I don't think I have it in me to grovel." Avaline mumbles.
  27. [20:54] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy's gaze falls on Avaline.
  28. [20:55] * Tina_ turns towards Ava with a pleading sort of look in her eyes.
  29. [20:57] <@Mr_Rage> You probably don't want to hear what Izumi's eyes are promising Ava.
  30. [20:58] <Avaline> "Hi, Fair Folk! I think you're all pretty cool!"
  31. [21:00] <Darkling> A cool breeze blows through the clearing, all the leaves that were frozen float away.
  32. [21:00] <Darkling> "Well, did that mean something?"
  33. [21:00] * Tina_ shrugs. "HAve we pleased you? Will you help us?"
  34. [21:02] <Darkling> The jar holding the heart is suddenly lifted out of Elisa's hands and a squeal escapes her mouth as she falls over. Standing over her holding the jar is a gnarled looking creature. Was it the same one as before? Too hard to tell.
  35. [21:03] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Finally," she grunts.
  36. [21:03] <Avaline> Avaline takes a long and appreciative look at the thing.
  37. [21:05] <Darkling> It examines the heart, turning the jar this way and that, appraising it.
  38. [21:07] * Tina_ watches the creature, eyes wide.
  39. [21:08] <Darkling> Its other hand reaches down and twig-fingers pick up the jar of dirt.
  40. [21:10] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi puts hands to her hips, resisting the urge to cluck her tongue. Fairies are so theatrical.
  41. [21:12] <Darkling> It finally nods, or you think it does. Its head was not quite distinguishable from its torso, and more of a mass of wood.
  42. [21:12] <Avaline> Avaline gives it a thumbs up.
  43. [21:18] <Darkling> It proceeds to take its time looking at each of the girls in turn. Hollow eyes taking each in for a lengthy moment.
  44. [21:19] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy waits, growling softly in her impatience.
  45. [21:21] <Tina_> Tina tries not to stare too openly.
  46. [21:21] <Darkling> "Everything is, ah, in order." It says in a slow rumbling voice.
  47. [21:22] <@Mr_Rage> "Wonderful!"
  48. [21:24] <Darkling> It looks at Billy, expectantly maybe? Those black hollow eyes have no expression at all.
  49. [21:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy steps forward, looking up at it.
  50. [21:26] <Darkling> "You now will, ah, receive." It sets the jars down slowly. "The, ah, seed you so require."
  51. [21:27] <Avaline> Avaline struggles to keep a straight face.
  52. [21:28] <Billy_Blackfeather> Not sure what to say the wolf-girl just waits.
  53. [21:31] <Darkling> It closes its hands over one another and shuts thsoe black eyes and goes motionless.
  54. [21:32] <Billy_Blackfeather> She shifts awkwardly from side to side, looking back at the others a couple of times.
  55. [21:33] <Darkling> You can hear a faint hum, something resonating around you. he air grows still again, leaves floating slower in the air as they fall around you,
  56. [21:33] <Darkling> and the light seems to draw away, the sun hiding behind a cloud.
  57. [21:35] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi draws a breath, shifting uncertainly.
  58. [21:36] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hrnnn." That didn't look good.
  59. [21:37] <Darkling> After awhile the clearing begins to brighten up again, the static feeling in the air dissapating.
  60. [21:38] <Darkling> The fae creature opens its eyes again and extends its arms to Billy. "Here you, ah, are, child of the moon."
  61. [21:38] <Darkling> Its hands open up revealing a green pod the size of a golf ball inside.
  62. [21:39] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy reaches out slowly and plucks the seed free of the fae's hands.
  63. [21:39] <Avaline> "Child of the moon. Has a nice ring to it."
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  65. [21:43] <Darkling> "You will, ah, know what to do next." It begins to turn away slowly.
  66. [21:44] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I will?" She looks up from the seed to the fae. "What about the curse?"
  67. [21:47] <Darkling> It keeps turning and starts walking away to the edge of the clearing without a word.
  68. [21:47] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy growls, gritting her teeth.
  69. [21:49] <Darkling> All at once, everyone feels heavy and their muscles weak.
  70. [21:49] <@Mr_Rage> "Ghf--"
  71. [21:49] <Darkling> Elisa falls to the group with a thud.
  72. [21:51] * Tina_ sits down on the grass with an 'oof.'
  73. [21:52] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy looks around, desperate for something to bite or break in defiance. Eventually she's down too.
  74. [21:53] <Avaline> Avaline sits, then lies down and stares at the sky.
  75. [21:55] <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  76. [21:55] <Darkling> It must be near midnight when everyone wakes up in the clearing.
  77. [21:55] <Darkling> There's a moon high in the sky. Looks like it's getting close to a full moon again.
  78. [21:56] <Avaline> Yaaaaawn. "What a nice moon."
  79. [21:56] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl groans, squirming, untangling herself from the girl adjacent. "Feel like sparrow roost in my head."
  80. [21:56] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy climbs to her feet with a sour expression, checking her hands for the seed.
  81. [21:57] <Darkling> It is there, and the jars are sitting in the middle of their little circle as if no one has moved.
  82. [21:59] <Tina_> "Uhnnn." Tina sits up slowly. "Guys...I think my mom and dad are gonna be worried."
  83. [21:59] <Billy_Blackfeather> The swarthy girl lets out a sigh, stuffing it into her pocket. "They can wait, we're doing this now."
  84. [22:00] <@Mr_Rage> "Don't worry, can blame me," Izumi assures Tina with a nod.
  85. [22:00] <Avaline> "Yeah... could be messy."
  86. [22:00] <Darkling> "Right now?"
  87. [22:01] <Tina_> "The quicker we do this, the better. They're right."
  88. [22:03] <Billy_Blackfeather> "You know where it is."
  89. [22:08] <Avaline> "Tina! If this goes south I have something important to say before we die!"
  90. [22:08] <Darkling> "You don't think we should try and prepare a little better?"
  91. [22:09] * Tina_ looks over at Ava confused before turning to Elisa. "What do you think we should bring Eilisa? Would a gun even work on a demon?"
  92. [22:11] <Darkling> "Something more than what we've got? I would still feel safer with a conventional weapon than no weapon at all."
  93. [22:12] <Avaline> "You should take lots of photos of me. That is all."
  94. [22:14] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmh. If it make Elisa feel better, maybe we bring baseball bat? Just in case? Or one of Billy's presents." A grin.
  95. [22:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Do we have to go back that way to get to the spot we're looking for?"
  96. [22:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> She looks right at Elisa now.
  97. [22:16] <Darkling> "I just don't feel safe doing this in the middle of th night without anything."
  98. [22:17] * Billy_Blackfeather growls, pulling at her hair as she walks off to pace around.
  99. [22:20] <Tina_> "It almost makes me wish we could get some catholic priests to deal with it."
  100. [22:22] * firecass (~androirc@52E486E.DF599BD3.82CCAB0C.IP) has joined #MHL
  101. [22:24] <Darkling> "If you want to go now we will, but I think it's a bad idea to rush this."
  102. [22:25] <Billy_Blackfeather> "We're going. I'll bite and rip and tear at it by myself if it comes to it."
  103. [22:29] <Billy_Blackfeather> There was clear determination in each step Billy took leading the girls through the forest. She'd gonned enough into out of Elisa to take the lead and, with a grimace of determination, stomp her way through the night air.
  104. [22:30] <Darkling> Elisa hasn't stopped pestering her, saying she was going too fast, her feet hurt, trying to tell her they were going the other way. All in all, trying to slow them down or deter her from reaching their destination.
  105. [22:33] <Tina_Wagner> Tina was starting to wonder whether or not fighting this demon was really going to be a way to keep her promise, especially if someone got hurt or killed along the way. She stared at the ground as she marched thinking harder than she usually did. How were they supposed to kill this demon?
  106. [22:34] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy finally stops and grabs for Elisa.
  107. [22:35] <Avaline> AvaAvaline seems to be having her doubts as well, gradually taking on more of a nervous look as time passes. "Demons are serious business."
  108. [22:36] <Darkling> "Eep!"
  109. [22:37] <Billy_Blackfeather> Something like a roar escapes from Billy as she yanks the girl in close, looking her in the eyes. "Whats the big idea? This is what we've been working toward and now you get cold feet?" She growls, waiting for an answer.
  110. [22:38] <Tina_Wagner> As the leader of the group stops, Tina walks forward without noticing. She bounces off the girl in front of her and lands face down on the ground.
  111. [22:38] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi glances back, extending a hand for Tina.
  112. [22:39] <Tina_Wagner> The girl doesn't move, out cold.
  113. [22:39] <Darkling> "I.. I I just. I'm worried."
  114. [22:40] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Now of all times?!"
  115. [22:40] <Avaline> Avaline goes over to Tina, sitting down beside her. "Hey, Tina. You alright?"
  116. [22:40] <@Mr_Rage> --right, more pressing. "Billy." Izumi puts hands to her hips. "Deep breath. Let her speak."
  117. [22:41] <Darkling> "Pretty sure now is the best time to be worried. You know. Demon and all."
  118. [22:42] <Billy_Blackfeather> "We have what we need, what's the problem?" She grits her teeth to assert some amount of self control.
  119. [22:42] <@Mr_Rage> "Not like any of us own Malleus Maleficarum." That's for witches, Izumi, not demons. "We just be guessing anyway."
  120. [22:43] <Darkling> "This is all new to me! Werewolves and demons and tree things! It's got me freaking out just a little bit!"
  121. [22:44] <Avaline> "Wow... TIna's passed out."
  122. [22:44] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Tell me where to go and you can go home."
  123. [22:45] <@Mr_Rage> Switching back to Tina, the Japanese girl bends over, checking for a pulse, smacking her cheek a little. "She hit her head that bad?"
  124. [22:45] <Avaline> Avalina goes on checking on Tina's pulse, then checks her heartbeat.
  125. [22:47] <Darkling> "You can't do this on your own. Especially not rushing in."
  126. [22:49] <Billy_Blackfeather> Her grip tightens, Billy leaning in until their foreheads threaten to touch. "It's my curse. Every delay is another day I have to live with it. I want a taste of life without it."
  127. [22:50] <Darkling> "A taste of life. Then don't rush it. You could kill yourself."
  128. [22:50] <Avaline> "Good news is Tina's still alive. Bad news is... she has no idea how hot my medical skills are." Avaline says with a sigh.
  129. [22:51] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Can't be cursed if you're dead either." She straightens up.
  130. [22:54] <Darkling> Elisa goes to say something, and thinks better of it, her lips tightening into a thin line.
  131. [23:00] <Darkling> She crosses her arms and breaks eye contact with Billy.
  132. [23:01] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Now, which way?"
  133. [23:01] <Avaline> "We've got a girl down here."
  134. [23:03] <Darkling> Elisa kneels down beside Tina as well.
  135. [23:06] <Billy_Blackfeather> With a growl Billy stalks back toward Tina and the girls. "Alive you said?"
  136. [23:08] <Avaline> "So far. Just passed out out of the blue I think."
  137. [23:09] * Tina_Wagner gasps loudly and then screams, flailing to grab the girl closest, tears streaming from her eyes.
  138. [23:09] <@Mr_Rage> "!"
  139. [23:09] <Billy_Blackfeather> A reddish brown hand clamps over her mouth to muffle the screaming.
  140. [23:10] <Darkling> Elisa falls backwards startled.
  141. [23:11] <Tina_Wagner> "MMf!" Tina struggles for a second, wild-eyed before she realizes where she is.
  142. [23:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy frowns, removing her hand from Tina's mouth. "Have a good nap there?"
  143. [23:16] <Tina_Wagner> She took a deep breath before looking into Billy's eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... well, faint."
  144. [23:18] <@Mr_Rage> "And the screaming?"
  145. [23:18] <Tina_Wagner> "That either."
  146. [23:18] <Darkling> "What was that?"
  147. [23:19] <Avaline> "Sorry, Tina. What was that all about?"
  148. [23:19] <Tina_Wagner> "I think I talked to another Fairy."
  149. [23:19] <Avaline> "How did it go?"
  150. [23:20] <Tina_Wagner> "He said that we'd get the weapon we need to fight the demon when we did the blood ritual."
  151. [23:20] <Avaline> "Good to know, but creepy at the same time."
  152. [23:21] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Are you good to continue?"
  153. [23:22] <Tina_Wagner> She nodded, standing slowly. "Yeah."
  154. [23:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> Her gaze finds Elisa.
  155. [23:26] <Darkling> "Fine. It's this way."
  156. [23:26] <Darkling> She gets up off the ground and starts to stomp away.
  157. [23:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> A glance to the others before Billy follows.
  158. [23:27] <Avaline> Avaline gets up and moves along.
  159. [23:27] <Tina_Wagner> Tina looks confused but follows off after Avaline. "Did I miss something?"
  160. [23:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Better keep up Izumi," the wolf-girl calls over her shoulder.
  161. [23:32] <Darkling> In a short amount of time Elisa has led the to the edge of a clearing that expands out into a bog. The air reeked of sulfur and menthane, the ground soft and sucking at their shoes.
  162. [23:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy bites back a gag.
  163. [23:33] <Darkling> You can see quite plainly the corruption of the forest. Trees are felled into the bog and crumbling away. Mushrooms the size of small dogs are sprouting up everywhere, and a thick brown haze hovers a foot off the ground.
  164. [23:34] <Avaline> "Smells nasty here. Like brimstone and... gross."
  165. [23:34] * Tina_Wagner stares silently, holding a hand to her head.
  166. [23:35] <@Mr_Rage> "Foofh," Izumi covers her nose.
  167. [23:35] <Billy_Blackfeather> With a grimace Billy pushes ahead, walking toward what looks like rusted front end scoop of a bulldozer.
  168. [23:36] <Avaline> Avaline trudges along.
  169. [23:38] <Darkling> Some large bubbles sprout off to the side of the path they take, occasionally popping and letting off a horrid stench. They manage to reach the bulldozer which is nearly submerged in the muck.
  170. [23:38] <Tina_Wagner> Tina is there with the others, a pained look on her face.
  171. [23:39] <Darkling> "I almost lost a shoe is this mud." Elisa complains.
  172. [23:39] <Billy_Blackfeather> "We need a place to do this."
  173. [23:40] <Darkling> They were on a little mossy knoll by the bulldozer, the most solid land they could see.
  174. [23:43] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Guess this'll do."
  175. [23:43] <Avaline> "Hope so."
  176. [23:45] <Darkling> Elisa pulsl the jars out of her bag and sets them down.
  177. [23:49] <@Mr_Rage> "Ready?"
  178. [23:49] <Avaline> "I'm good."
  179. [23:49] <Darkling> "I guess."
  180. [23:49] * Tina_Wagner nodded.
  181. [23:50] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy grunts, opening the jar of dirt. She kneels down and makes a small pile of it, deep enough to plant the seed in.
  182. [23:52] <Billy_Blackfeather> She pulls the seed from her pocket and after a quick examination plants it. "Now we all hold the heart."
  183. [23:53] <Darkling> Elsia makes a small disgusted sound, but doesn't argue.
  184. [23:53] <Avaline> "And don't be surprised when we start to burn." Avaline sighs and reaches for the heart..
  185. [23:53] * Billy_Blackfeather all but tears the lid off the container and lifts the heart out.
  186. [23:54] <Tina_Wagner> "Right." Tina puts her hand on the heart. "We're in this together."
  187. [23:54] <Darkling> Elisa takes a hold of it and clamps her eyes shut.
  188. [23:55] * Billy_Blackfeather looks to Izumi.
  189. [23:55] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl extends her hand to touch the heart likewise.
  190. [23:57] <Billy_Blackfeather> A nod once everyone is touching the heart and she applies pressure, trying to coax it into bleeding onto the dirt.
  191. [23:57] <Darkling> Each girl feels a stabbing sensation in their hands, though if they react or try to jerk away they can't. The heart itself begins to pump and beat in their grip, oozing a steady flow of blood to the ground.
  192. [23:58] <Avaline> "Ow!"
  193. [23:58] <@Mr_Rage> "Ngh!"
  194. [00:00] <Darkling> As the pile of dirt soaks the blood up the heart begins to shrink and wither until the girls are holding each others hands.
  195. [00:01] <Darkling> The next moment there's a flash of fire springing up from the dirt and arcing itself across the girls. It doesn't burn or singe as it travels over them and back into the ground.
  196. [00:04] <Avaline> "Wow. So... looking for a weapon, right? Maybe we can breathe fire now?"
  197. [00:04] <Tina_Wagner> "I think the power is friendship."
  198. [00:05] <Darkling> "Are we summoning Captain Planet?"
  199. [00:06] <Tina_Wagner> "Ooh! I call heart!"
  200. [00:06] <Darkling> The dirt pile at their feet starts to move, bits of it rolling down as a pale white-green stalk starts to srpout from it, rising up.
  201. [00:07] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy's hand leave the group as she squats down to watch it grow.
  202. [00:07] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi takes an idle step back.
  203. [00:09] <Darkling> Well, there is definitely some magic at work more than just pretty dancing fire. The stalk continues to grow at an astoudning rate, sprouting branches off of itself and growing silvery leaves. Soon it is a six foot tall sapling.
  204. [00:11] * Tina_Wagner stares up at the tree, still holding Ava and Elisa's hands. "Oh wow."
  205. [00:11] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl whistles.
  206. [00:14] <Darkling> "Now what?"
  207. [00:14] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy reaches out to touch the tree.
  208. [00:15] <Darkling> The tree seems to respond to her immediate presence, a branch swaying out and greeting her hand, slicing her palm open.
  209. [00:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> A yelp of surprise and she pulls her hand back.
  210. [00:16] <Billy_Blackfeather> She looks at her hand then back at the tree with a smirk.
  211. [00:17] <Tina_Wagner> "What was that?"
  212. [00:17] <Avaline> "Blood for the blood ritual!"
  213. [00:17] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy wiped her hand off on her leg before unbuttoning her shirt.
  214. [00:18] <Darkling> "Um.."
  215. [00:19] <Avaline> "No, this makes perfect sense."
  216. [00:20] <Billy_Blackfeather> The shirt comes off leaving the girl bare from the waist up. She wraps it around her left hand, pulling out the knife they'd giver her with her right.
  217. [00:21] <Darkling> "What are you doing?"
  218. [00:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Getting the weapon Tina mentioned." She goes for the branch that cut her, holding it as she started to saw through its base.
  219. [00:23] <Darkling> The branch almost plies away right in her hand, as if the tree was giving it to her.
  220. [00:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Well, that was easy." The knife goes away as she examines the branch.
  221. [00:26] <@Mr_Rage> "Careful, seem pretty bloodthirsty," Izumi teases, hooking her thumbs.
  222. [00:26] <Darkling> It's a long branch, seemingly longer than when you first touched it, reaching the same height as yourself Billy. It's shaft is straight and the tip flattened out and bladed.
  223. [00:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Haha, totally cool. Look at this thing!" She grins, imaging the end piercing the reek demon.
  224. [00:27] <Tina_Wagner> "So...Not friendship then?"
  225. [00:28] <Avaline> "Don't worry, Tina. Friendship is still magic."
  226. [00:28] <@Mr_Rage> "Weaponized friendship. Like Love-Love Beam."
  227. [00:28] <Billy_Blackfeather> Still bare chested she spreads her arms out to her sides and shouts, "Come out and face me!"
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