COM3D2 features

Nov 2nd, 2018
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  1. COM3D2 is kind like a sequel but also an expansion for CM3D2. You can play it just fine without having CM3D2 installed but having it installed will let you transfer your maids from CM3D2 to COM3D2 and port all the DLC costumes to COM3D2.
  3. Note, this guide assumes that you already know about the CM3D series (specifically CM3D2), so if you don't know any of the games, it's better if you first check the wiki for CM3D2 here http://wiki.anime-sharing.com/hgames/index.php?title=Custom_Maid_3D_2 and later check this list.
  5. From the story perspective, your Uncle once again tricks you into taking charge of another Empire Club filled with debt, so you will need to make it successfully or you risk losing your old club.
  7. ■Base game (COM3D2) new features:
  9. -You start the game with 3 maids, and each maid has a fixed personality (you can still edit the maid appearance) unique to COM3D2, meaning that there are 3 new personalities added: Pure (Muku), Serious (Majime) and Rindere. Note that even though you can create other maids with these personalities, later on, only the three you get at the beginning appear in story events.
  12. -Ability to build facilities: You can customize your club by building facilities where your maids can work and/or also unlock these facilities as a place to do night service. Note that for facilities to be considered to be in operation, you need to have maids working on the facilities (the games tells you how many maids need to work on that facility), and if you have fewer maids that the required amount working there, the job will automatically fail.
  15. -Guest mode: New feature that lets you experience being serviced by your maids from the point of view of a customer of the empire club (Basically like the VIP events from CM3D2, but with the theme of being serviced by the maids as a customer). You can access guest mode from the main menu (before starting a game) after which it will ask you for a save file from where to load the maids.
  17. -While on this mode you can choose to play as either a customer or the master (that makes the maid serve him like he was a
  18. customer)
  20. -You need to have the proper facilities built in order to view the events. For the customer, it's Hotel, Soapland and SM room
  21. while for master it's Hotel, Spa and SM room.
  23. -New events for this mode are unlocked like this: For customer's events, it's based on the favourability of the maid toward the
  24. customer (increases by 4 for each session with that maid) and the number of times that maid has been called. For master's
  25. events, it's based on the current relationship the master has with that maid in the main game.
  27. -Events have a certain amount of required stats that the maid need to reach in order to do them, also some will have a different
  28. dialogue in some parts depending on maid disposition (e.g. masochist, loves anal, etc)
  31. -Casino: After you have built the casino, you will be able to access it at night. There you can play games available using the special currency you buy with the money you get from the main game, and with the special currency, you can buy unique items from the casino shop. Games available are only Blackjack and Slot machine for now. You can also have one maid work as the dealer for the blackjack minigame.
  34. -Events menu: Now most of the minor maids events (like the relationship change events) will be available from here now, instead of randomly happening during the day (in the case of daytime class level and pre/after night service scenes, these will continue to be triggered once the requirements are met for it, while main story events will happen at the beginning of a day.
  37. -New relationship events: All the personalities of COM3D2 get their own unique series of events that show how the master and the maid deepen their relationship.
  39. -The events are available to do from the events menu at any time you like.
  41. -There are a total of 13 events, unlocked at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130 impresion.
  43. -You can't do a higher impression event if you still haven't done the previous one (e.g. you can't do the 40 impression event if
  44. you haven't done the 30 impression one).
  46. -The maid status will change to trust after 30 impression event and to lover after the 80 impression event.
  48. -The events are unique to each personality. The events of a Pure maid won't be the same as the events from a Serious maid.
  51. -Rhythmic minigame: New minigame added with the Idol route (more info below). You can access the minigame from the dance section at night.
  54. -Idol route: Main story route of the game. While wondering what to do to attract more customers to the empire club, the master receives two tickets from a customer for a concert held by another empire club's "idol maid". Being curious about idol maids, the master invites one of the maids to go to the concert, while looking at the presentation done by the idol maid, both the master and the maid accompanying him get captivated. After the concert is over, the maid tells the master her motivation to be like the maid that was on stage, and ask him if it's possible for her and the other 2 maids to do that, the master having been captivated by the idol maid too and seeing the determination of his maid, decides to support her, in order to attract more customers to the club.
  56. -In order to progress in the main story, your maids (the three you create at the beginning) need to have the required stats in
  57. singing and dancing. In case you don't meet the requirements the game will tell you so and can try again later once you get the
  58. required stats.
  60. -In some parts of the route, there will be maid battles using the rhythmic minigame, where you will need to hit the beats that
  61. appear during the song just as the ring gets as close as possible to the circle to get points (note: you don't need to follow
  62. and click where the circles appear, all you need to do is click anywhere on the screen or press z to hit the beats). Your maids
  63. need to get a higher score than the opponent to win and progress in the story. In the case you don't like/aren't good with
  64. rhythmic games, you get the option to determine the result of the battle depending on the maid's stats instead.
  66. -During the main story, you will get the option on which activity to focus on, Idol, Restaurant or Club. After choosing which
  67. activity to focus on you will enter a mini story where you will meet a Unique maid (more info below), after the end of that
  68. mini story you will recruit that Unique maid, then on the next day you will get asked another activity to focus on. You can
  69. focus on each activity twice, meaning you can recruit 2 Unique maids from each activity(the second one from idol is a special
  70. case that gets recruited after you finish the main story). The activities you didn't choose to focus on are available to choose
  71. later on after you finish the current one you are focusing on.
  73. -The more you progress in the story, the higher your club grade will be.
  75. -You unlock more dances as you progress the main story.
  77. -The days that main story events are triggered are skipped, so it isn't a bug if you see your game going for day 3 to day 5 for
  78. example.
  81. -Unique NPC maids: Unique maids are NPC maids you get from the main story, these maids are somewhat like the ones from CM3D2 but with some changes.
  83. -Once you finish their mini-story, you recruit them permanently to your club.
  85. -You can have them work in any of the facilities you built like your maids, however, they can't do any training actions or night
  86. service.
  88. -Each unique maid gets 8 relationship events unlocked as you increase her impression that is available from the events menu,
  89. with 5 of them giving you a question with multiple answers where if you answer correctly, their impression will increase.
  90. (Note: Unlike the maids' relationship events, these won't change the relationship with the unique maid).
  92. -After you are done doing all the 8 events, you will unlock their H-event.
  95. -Facility NPC Maids: Facility maids, or extra maids, are NPC maids you can recruit from the events menu after you meet certain requirements (for example, building a casino, build a soapland, progress in the story, etc). They are like Unique maids with the exception that they don't have relationship events or H-event.
  98. -New feature in night service: When your maid gets to 300 sensuality (new bar that replaces and 200+ (red bar) you can go into "Estrus mode" (or go into heat for a better name), where all the maid's dialogue becomes lewder, get a bit different animation, and the mind meter doesn't decrease, (instead, the sensuality meter will decrease and when it reach 0 you will need to go to the next skill or end the night session).
  101. -New skills categories: Blindfold (the maid will bear a blindfold while doing the skills), Aphrodisiac (you will use an aphrodisiac on the maid, making her body carve for sexual stimulus), Drunk (same as CM3D2, just that this time it has its own category and don't need to get the maid drunk before going to the room), Virgin (non-penetrative skills for virgin maids) and Confession (Free maid only skills where you make the maid confess on what kind of sex she has with the customers depending on the skill)
  104. -New before and after night service scenes: These scenes will happen when at 2000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 milestones in the night stats (Lust, Pervert, Masochism and Service). In these scenes the maid will comment on how they are getting use to the kinds of thing the master do to her (for example, at 2000 lust she will comment on still being embarrassed about doing lew things, but starting to enjoy them, while at 8000, she will comment on how she has got addicted to sex and wants you to have sex with you more).
  107. -Personality specific H-events: Each personality of COM3D2 gets 2 Pure Love H-events that can only be done with a maid with that personality and in a lovers relationship. In addition to the 2 Pure love H-events, there are 5 H-events you can do, however since these aren't personality specific, you can do it with any maid (note, some will require for the maid to be in a trust relationship, no higher or lower).
  110. -Personality specific H-events: Each personality gets one unique skill in each category which is the same as another in the same category but with a different dialogue and a new command.
  113. -NTR route: After getting your maid to lovers relationship, you will get at the start of the next day a visit from a certain customer (customer will be different for each personality) that will show a strong interest in your maid and plans to get closer to the maid. Later, your Maid Secretary will approach you and warns you about the customer that is showing an interest in your maid, you can either choose to take measures against him, preventing him from getting closer to your maid in any way which will prevent the NTR route, or choose to do nothing, thinking that it's nothing to worry about which will start the NTR route.
  115. -After NTR route is started, you will get a series of events happening at the start of the day (in the case you still haven't
  116. finished the main story, it will be halted until the NTR route is done) where the customer gets closer to the maid.
  118. -After some events, an NTR H-event will be unlocked which you must do first before continuing the route. There are a total of 4
  119. NTR h-event that can be unlocked.
  121. -The NTR route is different for each personality, and only the three maids created at the beginning of the game can start the
  122. NTR route.
  124. -You can only have 1 NTR route active (you must first finish the one you are on before starting another).
  126. -If you have NTR block ON, the NTR won't appear.
  129. -NTR Block: Blocks all NTR content from the game. You can choose to have it on at the start of a new game (can't change settings later on). It blocks the following:
  131. -Swapping, Group and Confession skills.
  133. -NTR route.
  135. -Customer character in Guest Mode.
  137. -Maids can't work at the SM and Soapland facilities (Note: this may cause some H-events to be unable to start since they may
  138. require these facilities to be in operation.)
  141. -My Room creation: You can create a new room to your liking, editing its size, walls, floor and furniture (note: this room can only be used for the purpose of screenshots with maid posing, so you can't use this room for night service).
  144. -CM3D2 Link: By having CM3D2 installed, you can link it to COM3D2 by having CM3D2 updated to the latest version and applying the compatibility patch in http://com3d2.jp/update/ (the second one). By linking both games you can:
  146. -Use all the costumes, hairs, accessories, etc in maid edit from CM3D2.
  148. -You can create maids with Innocent, Tsundere and Kuudere personality in COM3D2 or instead, you can transfer the ones you have
  149. to your club by loading your CM3D2 save file. Transferred maids will keep Impression, class levels, skills unlocked, some of
  150. her stats (it will be reduced to 1/3 after transfer), traits, dispositions, contract type and relationship before transfer.
  152. -Transferred maids get to access to all COM3D2 features excluding New relationship events (they have the same they had in
  153. CM3D2), personality-specific H-events, personality-specific skills, NTR route and Guest mode.
  155. -8 new H-events for the CM3D2 maids: 2 for maids at trust status, 2 for maids at lover status, 2 NTR and 2 for free maids (the
  156. last 4 won't appear if you have NTR block on)
  158. -Innocent, Tsundere and Kuudere trio story: After you transfer your maids, 3 new events will appear in the events menu (1 for
  159. each personality type) that you must do with the maids you want to do the events). After choosing the maids, a new event will
  160. appear that will start the CM3D2 trio story. During the event, you will be presented with a choice between supporting the CM3D2
  161. trio (COM3D2 main story will be halted and you will see the CM3D2 story events at the start of the day) or to continue to
  162. support the COM3D2 trio (nothing changed except that the CM3D2 story events will be available from the events menu).
  164. -Switch to CM3D2 office: At the beginning of a day, you will be able to access your office in CM3D2 from the "switch to CM3D2"
  165. button. Here you can access most of the content of CM3D2 however, it will have some of the improvements of COM3D2 and some
  166. restrictions:
  168. -Only the maids that you have transferred will appear here.
  170. -VIP events that came from collaboration DLC won't appear on this mode.
  172. -You can't hire NPC maids from CM3D2.
  174. -You can't go on a date with your maid.
  176. -Marriage is disabled.
  178. -Honeymoon is disabled.
  180. -Vacation mode is disabled.
  182. -VIP events need to be done again for them to appear in free mode.
  184. -Anything you do here won't be saved to your CM3D2 save file.
  187. ■COM3D2 also has a lot of improvements and changes in comparison to CM3D2 which are the following:
  189. -Removal of Night classes levels and maid examination: Now instead of levelling night classes to learn new skills, the maid will unlock a night class and all the skills of that class if she meets the requirements at the end of a night service session (mostly stats requirements, but a few have requirements like be a personal maid or be a free maid).
  192. -Removal of the Mind meter, being replaced by the sensuality meter used for the "Estrus mode" (Go into heat).
  195. -Skill level lock: You can lock skills by clicking on the lock next to the skill so its level doesn't increase.
  198. -Maid stats lock: Like with skills, you can lock the maid stats by clicking on the lock in the stats menu so that the maid's stats won't change while doing skills.
  201. -Improved skills animations.
  204. -Added voice lines for when you start a skill and for all cum actions (e.g. cum inside, cum outside, make her cum, etc)
  207. -Maid h-traits (masochism, sadistic, likes semen, etc) are now learned by using a red skill that it's unlocked after the maid stats reach a certain amount.
  210. -Added a short scene that occurs when choosing the deflower skill, where the maid comments on her thoughts of losing her virginity. Dialogue varies depending on if you are in a lovers relationship with the maid or not.
  213. -More ways to edit the maid in the Maid edit menu.
  216. -You can have up to 40 maids working at the same time in the schedule.
  219. -Assignments no longer restricted depending on the time. You can now assign the maids to do night service/h-events during the day or to work/training during the night.
  222. -Trainee maids are no longer automatically assigned to night service.
  225. -Each personality gets their own unique personal room.
  228. -You can choose which maid to supervise during the day and night assignments from the schedule menu by clicking on the "commu" button.
  231. -You can choose the place you want to meet the maid before doing night service, with the options being the Bar, the Cafe or the Restaurant.
  234. -Pre-night service conversation is no longer started based on a choice of random topics depending on the relationship. Instead, the conversation will depend on the place you selected to meet her at and the current relationship with the maid.
  237. ■COM3D2 has a lot of DLC that has been released so far since its release. Here is a summary of what DLC has been released:
  239. -Collaborations with various VN titles, which adds costumes and hairstyles of the heroines of that title, alongside the ability to built a cafe themed to that title where if you supervise the maids working there, the will comment of the VN that the cafe is themed of (Limited to Pure, Serious and Rindere maids only, also each maid get 3 different events depending on how much she has worked on the cafe). There is also an exception in which a collaboration added an H-event instead of a themed cafe (NTR H-event, in the case NTR block is on, the event won't appear).
  242. -H-events DLC for Pure, Serious and Rindere: A total of 6 Vol. have been released so far and each vol adds 1 Pure love H-event and 1 NTR H-event for each of the three personalities. Some things to note about these DLC are the following.
  244. -Pure love H-events are personality-specific events, meaning that there are a total of 15 Pure love H-events.
  246. -Pure love H-events can only be played by maids in lovers relationship.
  248. -There is no timeline for the Pure love H-events.
  250. -The first 4 NTR H-events are a continuation to the NTR route. In order to play the events, the maids must first do the 4 H-
  251. events from the NTR route in the base game.
  253. -On the 4th NTR H-event, a choice will appear where one of the choices will lead to the normal end and the other to a bad end.
  254. Both choices will conclude the NTR route.
  256. -The bad end will lead to a game over, moving you to the title screen. The normal end will continue the game as normal.
  258. -Starting from Vol. 5, the NTR H-events will be for free maids.
  260. -If you have NTR block on, you won't see the NTR H-events.
  263. -Season Pack DLC: Each of these DLC adds a "facility" (with a mini-story tied to it) that you can assign your maids to. While I said "facility" it's more on the gameplay point of view, there places aren't part of the Empire club and the maids are only visiting these places. In order to progress in the mini-story tied to the facility you need to have you main (the ones created during the beginning) Pure, Serious and Rindere maids work there, where the more they work there, the more you progress in the mini-story (they also have 3 individual events from supervising them while assigned there). Note that this DLC has content only for Pure, Serious and Rindere maids.
  265. -Summer pack DLC: Adds some swimsuits costumes, Pool facility and Pool route. Pool facility assignment will be about letting
  266. your maids take a break at the pool. Pool route is a mini-story where your maids take a break from their duties, going to a
  267. pool to relax.
  270. -Autumn pack DLC: Adds Shrine maiden costumes, Shrine facility and Shrine route. Shrine facility assignment will be about having
  271. your maids helping at the shrine renovation. Shrine route is a mini-story where your maids work to revive an abandoned shrine,
  272. working to renovate it.
  275. -Winter pack DLC: Adds some snow related costumes, Ski Resort facility and Ski Resort route. Ski Resort assigments will be about
  276. your maids having fun at a Ski Resort. Ski Resort route is a mini-story where the master, who got too stressed from too much
  277. works, end up running aways and somehow he ends up in a Ski Resort where later he is found by the maids who came looking for
  278. him, after which they decided for everyone to take a break in the Ski Resort before returning to the Empire Club.
  281. -Karaoke DLC: Like in CM3D2, this DLC adds a karaoke room where you can go with your maid, In this room, you can order food, drinks and have the maid sing for you (Compatible with VR). Note that DLC is only available for Pure, Serious and Rindere maids, with the DLC personalities requiring an additional DLC to use this feature.
  284. -Skill pack DLC: Just like in CM3D2, these packs add Night Classes that unlocks a set of skills, but the skills acquisition will be like the COM3D2 night classes and the skills will also have the COM3D2 night service new features and improvements. Something to note about the skill pack DLC is that starting from Vol.21, the DLC pack will only add skills to the base games personalities (Pure, Serious, Rindere, Tsundere, Kuudere and Innocent), with all the DLC personalities requiring a additional DLC to get the skills, with KISS reason for doing this is because the size of the skill packs would be too big otherwise (of course, the prices of the DLC will be changed taking into account this so the price would remain the same according to the contents).
  287. -CM3D2 Personality transfer DLC: These DLC will let you create or transfer your maids with the Yandere, Onee-chan, Genki and Sadistic personality to COM3D2, with them being able to access to the same contents that Tsundere, Kuudere and Innocent can, but instead of a trio main story, each personality get their own unique series of events regarding her transfer to the club, showing how they are dealing with the new environment, their interactions with the COM3D2 maids and their reaction to being able to be with their master again (requires the maid to be a transferred one and to be in lovers relationship with the maid)
  290. -Personality add-on DLC: COM3D2 has 3 personalities released so far, Silent, Koakuma (Little devil) and Oshitoyaka (Graceful Elder sister). These personalities have access to all the content that the COM3D2 personalities have in the base game like their own unique relationship events, personality-specific skills, personality-specific H-scenes, Guest mode and NTR route. There are some things to note:
  292. -Each personality get their own story events, that deals with them being a newcomer to the club and how they try to get along
  293. with the other maids.
  295. -In Guest mode, instead of using the customer character from the base game a new customer is added for each personality that is
  296. tied to it, so that customer doesn't have any events with maids with another personality. Also, no events are available for the
  297. master in guest mode.
  299. -They only have access to the skills available in the base game.
  301. -You must select which maid you want to appear in all the story related events (you can't change this later on).
  303. -NTR route and Guest mode won't be available if you have NTR block on.
  306. -DLC Personality H-events and skills add-on: As mentioned before, since DLC personalities has only base features on them this DLC will add 4 Pure love H-events, 4 NTR H-events, Yotogi skills Vol.19 and Vol.20, Karaoke mode and GP01 features. Some things to note about these DLC are:
  308. -GP01 Features are included in Oshitoyaka and later personalities DLC (since Silent and Koakuma already had theirs added).
  310. -Just like the H-events DLC for the COM3D2 trio, the Pure love H-events don't have a specific timeline and are only available at
  311. lovers relationship.
  313. -The NTR H-events are a continuation to the NTR route, so you must have watched the 4 previous events to do them.
  315. -Silent NTR-events are a bit different. There are two determinant choices, one in the second event and another in the fourth
  316. event. During the second event there is the choice of letting her elope (removing her from your maids (?) or having her stay
  317. (continue NTR route).
  319. -During the 4th NTR event, you will get a choice where one leads you to a normal ending and the other to a game over bad ending.
  321. -If you have NTR block on, you won't see the NTR H-events.
  323. -So far only Silent and Koakuma add-ons have been released.
  326. -GP01 Append disc: GP01 is to COM3D2 what the Plus, Act 2 and Act 3 expansion were to CM3D2. The GP01 Append adds the following features:
  328. -New Night Service system: 3 skill categories will be the focus for this which are Harem, Netorase (basically NTR that is encouraged by the protagonist) and Swapping. The new system consist consist of a story focused night service where instead of choosing which skills to do, you will see events that will lead to a position that you will be able to play as a night service skill.
  330. -For Harem skills, you convince your maid to let you have harem sex with her and another maid, during which you will get to
  331. choice between focusing on just on of them (and have the other be jealous) or pleasure the both equally (by changing who to
  332. focus on when they ask), getting different events depending on your choice.
  334. -For Netorase skills, you convince the maid to have sex with another man and after doing it make her report everything she did
  335. with the customer while you do the same things he did to her.
  337. -For the Swapping skills, you convince the maid to have swapping sex with another couple where they will swap partners (which
  338. skills are used will depend on the couple and the choices made during the event section) and at the end you will hear the maid
  339. impression of the swap. The couples available for swapping skills are:
  341. -Kento, one of the members of the empire club and his girlfriend Yarima Miki, a carnivorous (in a sexual meaning) woman
  342. with a high libido.
  344. -Tomohiko, one of the oldest and most important members of the empire club and his maid Minazuki Chiri, whose service
  345. techniques are top-class (incidentally, she is the younger sister of one of the facility maids you can hire).
  347. -Senshuu, a weakling boy in glasses and his girlfriend Kohinata Haruno, a big-breasted sly girl that likes teasing and
  348. healing play.
  350. -Harem, Netorase and Swapping skills are only available for maids in lovers relationship
  352. -Netorase and Swapping skills won't appear if you have NTR block on.
  355. -Empire life mode: A new mode that will let you see the daily life of your maids in events you can trigger from a map.
  357. -Empire life mode is an alternative to the usual schedule system, by activating it, the scheduling system will be disabled.
  359. -Up to 20 maids can be active during Empire life mode.
  361. -You can't choose in which facilities the maids should work in, they will instead assign themselves to one.
  363. -You will be able to see random events by clicking on the maid icon in the facility map.
  365. -There are pair and trio events where the maids interact with each other. There are pair events with any combination of
  366. personalities excluding the same one (e.g. Rindere x Rindere), and as for which personalities have trio events you can check it
  367. here https://pastebin.com/nfrJmAXc
  369. -Events that lead to an H-event can occur too in Empire life mode, with 2 involving the master and 6 involving customers.
  371. -Most of the events that involve customers will only happen with Free maids, with only one NTR one that involves a Personal maid
  372. (you get two chances to avoid the NTR if you start the event). Also if you have NTR block on no events will trigger.
  375. -Club route: A new main story route that will focus on the empire club activities. Only the COM3D2 trio (Pure, Serious, Rindere) and the CM3D2 (Tsundere, Kuudere, Innocent) will be involved in the club route, with each trio having their own plot.
  378. -Maid edit expansion: You will be able to edit the ear, eyebrow, cheek contour, nose and sclera colour in maid edit.
  381. -More parts for My Room customization.
  384. -New dance.
  387. -Pole dance and Pole dance stage facility: After you build this facility, you have your maids do Pole dance for you and to work in the Pole dance stage facility.
  390. -GP01 has content available for Pure, Serious, Rindere, Tsundere, Kuudere, Innocent, Yandere, Onee-chan, Genki and Sadistic personalities. Any personality released in the future won't have GP01 content included, instead, it will be included in their H-event &
  391. Yotogi skil add-on.
  394. ■Upcoming DLC: These are DLC that KISS is planning to release in the future (Only confirmed to be released ones).
  396. -A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure Personality Add-on DLC: Next personality to be released after getting the most votes in the second personality poll (for more information about this personality, you can check it here https://pastebin.com/bpApwRDK)
  397. Release date February 22.
  399. -New dance for Innocent personality alongside with a mini-story focused on her (note this is only available for COM3D2).
  401. -GP02: Like GP01 it will be a expansion which will add new features. It's still in development but what is planned to be including in it is:
  403. -Private maid mode: You will be able to assign one maid to exclusively serve you. She will remain at your side, cleaning the
  404. room, giving you a massage, etc.
  406. -Marriage: Just like in CM3D2 you will be able to propose to your maids in COM3D2. For now, other that the ceremony being held
  407. at a different place, no other changes have been confirmed in comparation to marriage in CM3D2.
  409. -No other features confirmed for now but since it's still in development they still want for it to have more new features.
  411. -Oshitoyaka and Maid Secretary personalities H-event and Yotogi skill Add-on.
  413. -Spring Seasonal Pack.
  415. -More collab DLC.
  417. -More H-event DLC.
  419. -More Yotogi skills.
  423. ■While there are a lot of new things and improvements in COM3D2, there is still a lot that it still lacks in comparison to CM3D2 like:
  425. -All the Yotogi skills DLC from Vol.1 to Vol.18 (Only the CM3D2 can use these skills).
  427. -No date with maid assignment.
  429. -No marriage (for now, planned to be available in GP02).
  431. -No Honeymoon mode.
  433. -No vacation mode.
  435. -You can't most of the CM3D2 dance, only some of them that have been ported to COM3D2.
  437. -You can't access the NPC maids from CM3D2.
  440. Among other things, so if you want to do any of these, you can only do it in CM3D2 for now.
  442. Now regarding the question on which one is better the answer will depend. COM3D2 suffers from a severe lack of content in comparison to CM3D2 (to no surprise considering it has been years since CM3D2 has been out), but what little content it has is without a doubt better than CM3D2. There is also the fact that a lot of the charm that COM3D2 has is all the story and relationship events, which shows more of the maids personality and even has some character development for them, but unless you know Japanese, use the google translate plugin or use translation aggregator, chances are you won't be able to enjoy it a lot.
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